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Mafia U-Choose Mafia [SIGN-UPS]

Mar 1, 2015
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Hello TWR, and welcome to my latest game, a game based on the mafia variation U-Pick. This is a game variant where you choose what character you want to be, the world is your oyster and the sky is your limit in a game like this.

Now this is my first game in a while, so please bear with me. We will be using a 9-player setup, and in advance due to the smaller nature of the game, some characters or roles may be weaker than you expect, whether for balance reasons or otherwise. I would like this to become somewhat of a recurring series of games, and I think the best way is to start small, with the intention of more players and themes in the future, potentially. So if you wanted to be a world destroying villain... I'm sorry but they'll be no world destroying here!

The Rules are a standard ruleset, with some U-Choose / U-Pick specific rules included at the bottom.

I'll be looking for 9 players to start this game. The game will not start until one of the other two games currently in progress have finished. Due to this, if the game was popular enough that people would sign up past the 9 player limit, I would allow more people to join, but only up to a limit of a couple more. (TBD) Subs and Spectators are welcomed and allowed. I would like to point out that this is a role madness game, so balance issues may arise but I'm hoping to avoid this. This game is not intended to be bastard, but there may be some elements here and there that could seen as bastard. (Although I do doubt this would happen)​

1. All BMGf and TWR rules apply.

2. Not posting in 48 hours means you get an activity prod from me, if you dont post for another 24 hours after this, I will be forced to sub you out or unfortunately modkill you.

3. This game will be No Outside Contact (NOC), this means you may only talk about the game in this thread, no PMs, Discord etc. (Unless specified otherwise)

4. The game follows a 24 hour night, and 48 hour day cycle.

5. Do not loophole abuse, if you aren't sure on something PM me before you post anything elsewhere. You are allowed to tag me to say "Are we allowed to talk about ____" In thread. Attempting to do something that you should know is wrong will be punished accordingly.

6. No quoting anything in your Role PM, you may only paraphrase. This includes discussing win-cons

7. Role and name claiming are both allowed.

8. The game will use a standard voting system, which means whoever has the most votes at the end of the day phase will be lynched, regardless of how many people voted.

9. Votes should be done in the format of VOTE: (Name) and UNVOTE: (Name), this both makes it easier for me to find and is just a little cleaner to read, in my opinion.

10. Most importantly, try and have fun!

U-Choose specific rules

9. On sign up, you must send me a message with one or two flavour names, preferably two but if you really want to be a certain one then one name only will do. An example could be Ganondorf & Wikipedia. This doesnt have to be done instantly, if you want to claim a space and have a think about what you want to be. Though earlier would be better.
9a. Sending a character based solely to be their alignment in game won't work, as alignments are randomised with random.org, hence nameclaiming being allowed. So no sending Dr Eggman just so you can be mafia!

10. There isn't really a limit on what you can be, if you want to be a news article on something extremely specific, so be it. Do use common sense and don't send anything that breaks the rules of the forums though!

11. It would be beneficial to send a wiki page or something similar if you are a character, that way if I don't know them I have an easy access to do some research.

Example Role PMs for U-Choose:

Art is an explosion!

Dear Calvin ツ

You are Deidara, from the series Naruto Shippuden.

You are an S-Rank missing ninja, originally hailing from the Hidden Stone Village, Iwagakure.

Your speciality is using explosive clay that is molded by mouths on your body (mainly your hands) into whatever shape you want. Though mostly you tend to turn your clay into animals like spiders and birds. You possess the Explosion Release kekkei genkai, allowing you to explode your clay on command.

You also have your strongest ninjutsu, which you call your “Ultimate Art”, used as a last resort you can turn yourself into a bomb by devouring your clay. This leads to a large blast radius, at the cost of your own life.

Because of this you are the Bomb. Any kill targeted on you will succeed, but will take the life of the targeter aswell.

You are sided with the Mafia, you win when you control more than half the votes.

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All cards on the field are destroyed!
Jan 3, 2020
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I'll sign up, will hopefully send my character or characters later today.
♡ scion of light ♡
Oct 18, 2011
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Ohh, I'm a sucker for being able to submit a character. In please! Gonna have to think a bit on what to submit though!
Save me!
Nov 6, 2018
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8. The game will use a standard voting system, which means whoever has the most votes at the end of the day phase will be lynched, regardless of how many people voted.
What happens in the event of a tie?