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Un/promote the user above


Cinccino and the frightening Imperial power!
Dec 8, 2021
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This game is similar to the ''ban the user above'' but insted of banning you have to think a reson to PROMOTE (make mod, admin or anything, etc) or UNPROMOTE (the opposite), they don't need to be mod/admin/whatever to be unprometed.
Have fun!
None of this is real.
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Promoted to Webmaster because you live in Spain and the next Gen is in Spain, we need an expert in Spanish culture and history at the helm :cool:. But you will be unpromoted when the next one is announced :confused_emoji:.
Promoted to Bulbanews Photographer for interest in that topic
Demoted from Bulbanews Writer so you can focus on writing for your school newspaper. It's sounded like you seem to have time for both whem you talk about it but I wanted to demote someone since everyone's mostly promoting people right now.
Demoted from Dream Oracle to Nightmare Oracle
Promoted to Staff Snap Superstar (I might look for the shots you took!!)
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