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Underrepresented Ships?

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Blackjack Gabbiani

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Jan 1, 2003
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We all know how it goes. Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it, so to speak. There are ships that everyone likes, yet there exist very few fanworks for it! No explaination, just...a lack of fanworks.

Steelshipping, for instance, has this problem. In an informal poll taken on Serebii, it was the most popular TR ship that didn't involve J&J or B&C. Yet there's very few fanarts and even fewer fanfics! Why is that?

So what are some ships you think get the short end of the stick?
Yeah, that'd be it. People *claim* it's popular, but there's hardly any fanwork for it. Come on, people! Is Bashou's hair that hard to draw?
Mamochan + Kunzite. It's from a different fandom (Sailor Moon), but it's still underappreciated. Everyone likes Shitennou/ Senshi or Kunzite + Zoisite better...
Whether there's a lot of art/fics of Bashou/Buson or not, I've at least seen it talked a lot about, at least here so it's got to be at least a little popular.
Diamondshipping. Yes, it's unpopular, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve its share of fan works. Most (really, all) of the stuff I do focuses on the ship in its teenage years, since I dig all the romance that's possible with precanon.

I could list my various ships of my own creation, but sadly...
Is Diamondshipping Delia/Giovanni or am I remembering wrong?
Yeah, it's from the live play that played over here in the States a while back.

I don't like Giovanni ships, personally, but...*shrugs*
Uh, Bashou/Zanna and Buson/Rion?

What are those two ships called anyway?
I'd say Altoshipping doesn't get much attention. It's popular here and on SPP, but try and find fanfics or fanart for it.
I think Gymshipping (Brock and Misty) is underrepresented. Gymshipping has a fair amount of supporters, but shippings like Pokeshipping and Advanceshipping sort of take attention away from it.
Susushipping. >___> Morty x Will. <33 And Hottieshipping. :D Brawly x Morty.

My favorite ships ever. But although I've found some art featuring Brawly AND Morty, it wasn't shippy. And it has such potential to be adorable!

Multiply that by like 3984923 times for Susushipping. XD They'd be so PERFECT together, and yet....>____>

If anyone says Originshipping I'll beat them. _-_
Kasumi-san said:
ZenShipping = Lorelei/Koga.

Barb created the ship in one of her fics, but I haven't seen any other fics, fanart mentioning it.

I think I'm the only person who cares. But I did find a nice Lorelei shrine/fansite for those who are interested.

Kudou-san said:
If anyone says Originshipping I'll beat them. _-_

Originshipping. *gets beaten*
Well, I'd say that Altoshipping doesn't have very much fan stuff....

And I know for a fact that Pikashipping doesn't have much at all (maybe some fanart though, but I haven't seen any fanfics relating to it).
I'm a SteelShipper too. But I'm so busy supporting DraggirlShipping that I dont have the time. I also support SacredShipping, Matsu-ToukiShipping and SusuShipping sounds pretty interesting.....
I also support the ship between Annie and Oakley. Dont know the name though
Also, I'd be glad to do some SteelShipping fanart. But I'm a lil busy now.
Crystal Clair said:
Also, I'd be glad to do some SteelShipping fanart. But I'm a lil busy now.

I'll be glad to wait!

I think another underrepresented ship is Eldershipping. Everyone, or at least most people, seem to like it, but it winds up as little more than background.
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