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Unovia's Alpha Sapphire "Forest Ranger & Birch Run"


Author of Pokemon of the Week (Travelin' Dan)
Aug 10, 2020
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  1. He/Him
Forest Ranger.jpg
Welcome to Hoenn!


  1. This is a “Birch Challenge”, which is like an “Oak’s Challenge”, but will only involve the Hoenn Pokedex (as of Gen 6). I have to capture and evolve all Pokemon, but not necessarily before each Gym Leader.
  2. Dupes Clause Is In Effect
  3. In Gyms, I can only use the same number of Pokemon as the Gym Leader, though I can use a full team for training.
  4. There Are 4 Ranks of Scout: Junior Forest Scout, Senior Forest Scout, Junior Forest Ranger, Senior Forest Ranger.
  5. I Can Use All Types of Pokemon, but I have to reach the area and earn the right first.
  6. There will be a Level Cap. The Level Cap is based on the highest level of the Gym Leaders Pokemon.
  7. At the end of each Log, I have to save at the nearest Town or City.
Can I beat the game as a Forest Ranger? Only Time Will Tell! Please show this Run support!
Could you explain rules 4 and 5? I don’t understand.
Rule 4:The Scout System. I just thought that I wanted to have the Camper be the stage before Forest Ranger. Then I just created a stage of Junior & Senior for each.
Rule 5: I thought it would be fun if I couldn't use certain types until "I earn the right", like not being able to use Fighting or Rock Types until I beat Roxanne. I have it all figured out, which ons I can't use when. I am using the Gyms like advancement exams.
Junior Forest ScoutSenior Forest ScoutJunior Forest RangerSenior Forest Ranger
Rank 1 (Levels 1-14)Rank 1 (Levels 22-28)Rank 1 (Levels 28-45)Rank 1 (Levels 46-60)
GrassFireDragonRank 2 (Level 60+)
BugTest: FireDark
DarkTest: NormalTest: Flying
WaterTest: Psychic
FlyingTest: Water
Test: Rock
Rank 2 (Levels 14-16)
Test: Fighting
Rank 3 (Levels 16-21)
Test: Electric
Junior Forest ScoutSenior Forest ScoutJunior Forest RangerSenior Forest Ranger
Rank 1 (Levels 1-14)Rank 1 (Levels 22-28)Rank 1 (Levels 28-45)Rank 1 (Levels 46-60)
GrassFireDragonRank 2 (Level 60+)
BugTest: FireDark
DarkTest: NormalTest: Flying
WaterTest: Psychic
FlyingTest: Water
Test: Rock
Rank 2 (Levels 14-16)
Test: Fighting
Rank 3 (Levels 16-21)
Test: Electric
I see. What do the levels mean? Like, what level your team is as a whole?
Log #1-Starting Out
I was in the back of the moving truck going to the house. My mom freed me, then sent me to set stuff up in my room. Once I did so, I was encouraged to meet May, my next door neighbor, who is an aspiring Forest Ranger too. She departs for her lessons, and I follow her. Eventually, as I leave home, I hear a scream for help. I see Leader Birch with his bag away from him. Looking into his bag, I see three Pokeballs. These Pokeballs house these Pokemon:
Treecko is the top pick for beginning Forest Rangers. Being Grass Type, it is a perfect fit for a future Forest Ranger, especially if you don't have a specification, like me.
Torchic is not recommended for Forest Rangers unless you are specifically being trained in Fire Creation & Management. A lot of girl scouts pick it because it is cute.
Mudkip is not recommended for Forest Rangers unless you want to deal with studies on water travel or cleanliness of bodies of water.

I pick Treecko, save Leader Birch from a wild Poochyena, am allowed to keep it, then am encouraged to meet May at one of her training sessions on Route 103. She ended up picking Torchic (typical Girl Scout), but maybe she wants to learn about Forest Management? Surprisingly, I defeated her, which Leader Birch gave me a gift of a Pokedex and 10 Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with. Leader Birch also gave me my first list of approved Types that someone of my rank (Junior Forest Scout) could get:

Junior Forest Scout
Rank 1 (Levels 1-14)

With the list in my bag, I headed off, getting some Potions and catching a few Pokemon (Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, & Wingull). After I did some research, I put Wurmple in the box due to the uncertainty of the evolution. Maybe I can have some more certainty later on...

I decided to rest on Oldale Town while I trained my team up a bit. In the next Log, we will explore Routes 102, which we were blocked from exploring before due to a science camp studying footprints, and also see the City that lies beyond, which, according to my Scouts' Guide, is Petalburg City. What Pokemon lie there?

Until next time, we will see you!
Log #2-Route 102 & Petalburg City
This Log took me longer than I expected, due to work. Thanks for the views and patience!

Departing from Oldale Town, I arrived on Route 102. On Route 102, I captured a few Pokemon. These are Lotad, Surskit, and 2 Ralts, one male and one female. The Ralts looked to be a bit hard to train, needing to be babied, so I boxed them for a bit while training the rest of my team to Level 7 (Treecko is Level 8). Once I did so, I arrived in Petalburg City, which is the first major settlement I have seen since leaving home.

Looking throughout the town, it was nice to relax for a bit after a few days of constant activities. In the next Log, we will meet up with Dad (Norman) and see what he is doing. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #3-Seeing Dad and Meeting Wally
While I was visiting with my Dad, who is also a Scout Leader, a new camper came rushing in. He name was Wally, and he was wanting help to catch his first Pokemon so he could have one when he moved to the far off town of Verdanturf Town. The boy is sickly, and it is known that Verdanturf has clean air, which is why he is going there with his sister.

Dad gave Wally a Zigzagoon (Level 7) to help him. He also asked me to help him since I have some experience now.

The two of us walked to the nearby grass of Route 102. Wally wasn't sure what to do, and he asked me for advice. Eventually, he runs into a Ralts (Level 5), which was a higher Ralts than I saw. A back and forth ensued, and it was eventually caught.

When we went back into Petalburg, Dad took back the Zigzagoon and Wally was ecstatic with his new capture. Wally departed, then Dad told me to plan for my first Test: Roxanne. I decided to stay with him for the rest of the day, with the test on my mind.

In the next Log, we will go onward to Route 104 and check that out. I saw on my map that there is also a forest (Petalburg Woods), so we will take time to see what Pokemon live there as well. It should get us to the other side of the forest, which is Rustboro City. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #4-Route 104 & Petalburg Woods
Upon leaving Petalburg City, I explored Route 104, where I saw a log cabin where an old sailor sat outside with his Wingull. I battled a few trainers and captured a Taillow. Eventually, I crossed into Petalburg Woods, a sprawling location, and the site of a few captures and a few battles. I captured a Shroomish, Slakoth, Silcoon, & Cascoon.

While in the Forest, I met a Devon Corporation Scientist who needed help being saved from a pirate. In return, the grateful scientist, gave me the Exp. Share, which is going to be very helpful in raising my team, especially because there is a Toggle On/Off feature.

While I cleared the forest, I am not ready to go to Rustboro. Once every Pokemon I have is up to Level 10 (including the two Ralts), I will push onward into the city itself. I don't know the challenge ahead that Roxanne will present, so the next Log will be a study session.

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #5-Test Studying In Rustboro City
With my Pokemon trained up to Level 10, I moved into Rustboro City. There, I met with May, who was surprised at my progress. After she departed, intent to take on the exam, I checked through with the people.

I checked into the Pokemon Center, asking her about any information about the exam, which, while she is unable to help me, directs me to the library in the Pokemon Center, where I look for an information guide. Seeing me unable to find any information, Nurse Joy suggested that I go to the Pokemon School.

In the Pokemon School, I sit and participate in the class, then look through the library, obtaining a book on The Pokemon Gyms of Hoenn. In the first few pages, I discover that the first Exam is in Rustboro City, and that it is Rock Type. This book is going to be exceptionally useful as I go on.

With that said, I began to write a study guide to face the Exam based on the Pokemon I have obtained so far. The book also mentions the weaknesses and strengths of each type.
Rock Type:
Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice

Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water

Pokemon I Can Use:
Treecko, Lotad, Shroomish

Pokemon I Might Use:
Beautifly, Wingull, Surskit

Pokemon I Will Not Use:
Poochyena, Zigzagoon, Dustox, Taillow, Ralts, Slakoth

In the next Log, we will take on the first Exam. If I pass it, I will become a Junior Forest Scout Rank 2. It will take me a few days to prepare. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #6-Test 1-Roxanne
Going into the Elevation Exam, I was introduced to Roxanne, who hoped I would present a strong challenge. To this test, I brought in:

I beat the other test takers with Treecko, setting it at Level 15. I then put Treecko, Beautifly, Wingull, and Surskit in the PC, meaning I would be facing the Exam with Lombre and Shroomish.

Examiner Roxanne opened with Geodude (Level 12), and I opened with Lombre. Lombre struck first with Absorb, which would have taken Geodude down except for Sturdy. Geodude hit with Rock Tomb, causing some damage. Lombre finished with another Absorb.

I kept Lombre out as it was close to turning over to Level 15. She brought out Nosepass (Level 14). I then switched to Shroomish, who took a Tackle. Shroomish reacted by using the ability Effect Spore. Effect Spore may cause Paralysis, Poison, or Sleep. For Nosepass, the effect was Sleep. Shroomish kept using Mega Drain to take the sleeping Nosepass down. I passed!

I am now a Junior Forest Scout Rank 2! Roxanne expanded the list of Types I could capture:

Not everything was good, however, for as I left the Exam Center, I heard a cry for help. There was another one of those pirates running through town, with a scientist chasing after him. The pirate apparently has stolen important papers. The scientist is asking for help, and as a scout, it is my mission to help!

In the next Log, we will stop the pirate as we explore the area around Rustboro City. Until then, we will see you!
Log #7-Stopping Some Robberies
With Roxanne defeated, we changed out our team to go help the scientist from the pirate. During the time that we headed out to hunt down the pirate, we captured Nincada, Whismur, & Skitty, as well as ran into Mr. Briney, the guy who lives in that cottage on Route 104, as he wanted to get his Wingull, Peeko, back, which the pirate had also stolen. During the period of time that I was going around and capturing the Pokemon, I ran into this Hiker, who almost beat me due to a super powerful Rollout. I didn't have the right team for that fight, but I eventually prevailed. Whew! I gave Nincada the HM for Cut from the Cut Master, allowing me to defeat all of those trainers protected by the thorny bushes. I went a bit back to cut through the thorny bushes in past areas.

Anyway, going into the cave after the pirate, I beat him with my Dustox against his Poochyena (Level 13). The pirate ran, giving me both the scientific papers as well as the Wingull. Mr. Briney, being very grateful, promised to ferry me across the sea.

After that was done, I went back to Petalburg Forest to participate in a trade: Slakoth for a Makuhita. Once I caught one, I leveled it up to Level 7 through rematches, then traded for the Makuhita. There is one last building to explore in Rustboro City, that massive business building on the edge of town. In the next Log, we will check out the building and see what happens. Until then, we will see you!
Log #8-Being A Delivery Boy
The last building in Rustboro City is the Devon Corporation, producer of much of the technology in Hoenn. For helping the scientist, I got to meet the President of the Corporation, Mr. Stone, who asked me to deliver a letter to his son, Steven, in Dewford Town. Being the scout that I am, I was glad to help the man.
In order to get there, however, Mr. Briney had to help by sailing across the sea. Departing Route 104 with Nincada and Treecko, I arrived on Dewford. Mr. Briney suggested to go to Granite Cave, since Steven liked to look at rocks.

While I was heading over to Granite Cave, I checked out the Town. It is a small town, but it has a Pokemon Gym, so I will have to use my guide book to determine what type it is. I beat up the few trainers, got a fishing rod, then headed over to the cave, intent on completing my mission.

As I came in there, however, I ran into a queue line, and I was unable to pass. I also caught a Zubat and Geodude while I was there. I then departed, hopeful I would complete my mission soon. In the next Log, we will go Fishing with the new fishing rod I received. Until next time, we will see you!
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