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Unovia's Pokemon Diamond "Nostalgia Run"

Log #30-Route 214 & Valor Lakefront
Going onto Route 214, there are several trainers here, but not much you can do at this point. The only major capture you can make here is Girafirig. In the post game, there is access the Spring Path & Sendoff Spring, where Giratina awaits if you can find it. For right now, the only thing I did here was battle and move onto Route 213.

I would have loved to go to Lake Valor. Unfortunately, I could not visit it, due to two scientists blocking the entrance.

One of them mentioned Cyrus.

I will be going here soon enough.

In the next Log, we will cover Route 213 & Hotel Grand Lake. Until then, we will see you!
Log #31-Hotel Grand Lake & Route 213
Hotel Grand Lake is a nice place. There can be quite a bit to do here, though the majority of the fun is in the Seven Stars Restaurant. This is a great place to build up your team. In the reception area, you can get healed up, so it allows you to train up as needed.

I certainly think I am going to stay here for a bit, because the Restaurant allows for daily battles. I am going to get my team to Level 34 before I move on, though I did move to Pastoria City (See Log #32) before I decided to be here for training.

This area also sits before Sunyshore City, which you cannot access yet.

On Route 213, I found a East Sea Shellos, which is exciting. I had originally intended to switch out West Sea for East Sea, however, my West Sea Shellos is now a Gastrodon, so I don't think I will change it out, since the changes between the two are purely appearance. I did capture an East Sea Shellos (named Emerald), but I don't think I will change out after all. A Gastrodon is a Gastrodon after all.

In the next Log, we will explore Pastoria City & the Great Marsh. Until then, we will see you!
Log # 32-Pastoria City & Great Marsh
Here we go. The Great Marsh, Sinnoh's answer to the Safari Zone. You get 30 Pokeballs and 500 steps. I really wanted to get a Skorupi here, but the rules are a bit complex, considering how random the encounters are (most of the best stuff can only be found if you know where to look, there are 6 areas, and you can only know for sure that a Pokemon you want is available by looking through binoculars on the upper floor).

Way too painful for me (sorry Drapion!), so I am sticking with my Skuntank.

Other than the Great Marsh, there isn't much here. In the next Log, we will face Crasher Wake. Until then, we will see you!
Log #33-Crasher Wake (Gym #4)
It took me a few days, and I am glad for your patience, but now it is time. I used the Restaurant area and the beach area to train up to Level 34. That allowed my Stunky to be Skunktank and Staravia to be Staraptor. With my team ready to go after Wake, I took on the Gym.

My Team:
Caesar (Monferno)-Level 34
Sphinx (Luxray)-Level 34
Josephine (Skuntank)-Level 34
Roosevelt (Roselia)-Level 34
Bubblegum (Gastrodon)-Level 34
Valkyrie (Staraptor)-Level 34

Gym Puzzle: The puzzle in this Gym is a water level puzzle, meaning you have to play with the levels a bit to get to the end. This is the most difficult of the puzzles so far.

Gym Trainers: The trainers are pretty easy to clear. The most difficult element is that they are included as part of the puzzle.

Gym Leader: Crasher Wake is INTENSE! I kept my entire team with me, mainly because of the complexity of the Puzzle. My major battlers here were Sphinx and Roosevelt.

Wake started with Gyrados (Level 27) and I started with Sphinx. Spark lead to an OHKO. Wake changed out to Quagsire (Level 27), who was the real challenge of this fight if you didn't come in with a Grass type (like I did). One Giga Drain lead to another OHKO.

Down to his last Pokemon, he brought out Floatzel (Level 30) and I switched back to Sphinx. Floatzel attacked first (surprisingly faster!), striking with Brine. If Sphinx had taken any damage, Brine would have done more damage. Luckily, one Spark and Floatzel was OHKOed.

I beat Crasher Wake, getting my 4th Badge. Halfway to go!
With my 4th Gym Badge obtained, I was not sure what to do. I saw this Team Galactic grunt who talked about a bomb. After he was cornered, he ran away. I cornered him again, and he continued to run.

The chase to Lake Valor begins.
Barry met up with me and started to battle. He opened with Starly (Level 26). Why does he have a Starly still? That makes no sense. Sphinx OHKOed Starly. Sphinx also OHKOed Ponyta (Level 25), taking Sphinx to Level 35.

Expecting Roselia (Level 25) I sent out Josephine. Instead Prinplup (Level 28) came out. Deciding to stick with Josephine, who used two Night Slashes to one Peck from Prinplup. Finally, he sent out Roselia, and I used my Roselia to battle, leading to a Roselia fight. I eventually emerged victorious, sending Barry packing.

In the next Log, we will go back to Valor Lakefront. Until next time, we will see you!

My area (Southeast Texas) has a hurricane that is poised to strike. Until it passes, this playthrough will be on hold. Please be patient!
Log #34-Back At The Lakefront
My area (Southeast Texas) is still dealing with Tropical Storm/Hurricane Nicholas. Even so, we are resuming the Playthrough.

Continuing to hunt down a rogue Team Galactic Grunt who was talking about a bomb at the lake, I eventually corner him into battle. He uses a Glameow (Level 25) and I easily beat him down. He slowly escaped after I beat him.
Upon arriving at the Lake (which I still can't visit), I ran into Cynthia, who wanted to visit it as well, hearing of a Mythical Pokemon at the bottom of the Lake. She asked me about the Psyduck obstacle on Route 210, gave me the Secret Potion, then departed.

Apparently, she explored Sinnoh when she was younger.

I continued onward, pausing on Route 212. In the next Log, we will explore the Route. Until then, we will see you.
Log #35-Route 212
My area (Southeast Texas) is still dealing with Tropical Storm/Hurricane Nicholas. Even so, we are resuming the Playthrough.

Route 212 is a very rainy route, and as a result, can be challenging for any Fire Types (like Monferno) and is fantastic for Water and Electric Types. There are many trainers here, and it is also home to the Pokemon Mansion & Trophy Garden (which we will explore in the next Log). There is a bog here, similar to the Great Marsh. I am honestly surprised Pastoria did not absorb the marshy part of the route.

We also explored the outside of Mr. Backlot's Mansion, battling the trainers there. We will not go into the house and the Garden until the next Log.

I am going to train my team until Level 40 (Main Team) and my second team in the Garden to about 35.

Until the next Log, we will see you!
Log #36-Pokemon Mansion & Trophy Garden
I decided to take a few days to work on my HM Team to the low 20's, then check through the Pokemon Mansion & Trophy Garden.

There are many battles around the mansion, all of which I decided to use to train my regular team for a few levels, then I went into Mr. Backlot's mansion. There wasn't much to report here except that his Garden is the only place to get Pikachu in the wild in these games and the grass is full of Baby Pokemon.

After I checked out the grass a bit, I decided to move on. It isn't a good place to train, and there is no way to heal up if needed.

Still a curious place. They say he also owns Amity Square.

There is something that bothers me more. The stupid Psyduck on Route 210. I want to get them gone soon enough. In the next Log, we will clear them, then do a bit of exploration, clearing Routes 210 fully, then getting to Celestic Town. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #37-Route 210, Celestic Town, & Route 211
Route 210 is an interesting route. in the first area you can explore, there is the Psyduck obstacle. Once I cleared it, Cynthia showed up, then gave me the Old Charm, which I am to give to her Grandmother. She then departed again.

In the next part of Route 210, there is a deep fog which makes battles really difficult unless you teach a Pokemon Defog. I made sure to bring my Driftloon, which I taught Defog to. There are two areas to use Defog on, Route 210 and a Post Game area, so it didn't make sense to give it to a maor Pokemon.

Defogging the route, I took on the trainers, which weren't too bad, considering I was between Levels 35 & 37.

These battles are good to do to prepare for Fantina.
Arriving in Celestic Town, I explored a bit, then took on a Team Galactic Grunt who was guarding a cave entrance. Going into the cave, I saw an interesting cave drawing which depicted Mespirit, Azelf, & Uxie. After I checked the drawing out, I talked to Cynthia's grandmother, who, exchange for her Charm, gave me Surf! I didn't know where to get it, but I can't use it until I beat Fantina.

Leaving the cave, I run into the blue haired man again, who introduces himself as Cyrus, then pledges to make a new world.

Leaving Celestic Town, one of the oldest towns in Sinnoh, if not the oldest town, I traveled to Route 211, clearing out the trainers there. This would be my last training before my battle against Fantina. I traveled back through Route 210, eventually arriving back in Hearthome City.

In the next Log, we will take on Fantina. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #38-Fantina (Gym #5)
Here we go! Fantina promised we would eventually battle back at Log #23, and today, we are here to collect on that promise! Before we take on the Gym, here are the Party Levels.
My Party:
Caesar (Infernape)-Level 37
Sphinx (Luxray)-Level 37
Josephine (Skuntank)-Level 36
Roosevelt (Roselia)-Level 36
Bubblegum (Gastrodon)-Level 36
Valkyrie (Staraptor)-Level 36
By the time am done with the trainers, my entire team will be Level 37.

Gym Puzzle: This Puzzle is very weak, and in my opinion, not appropriate for the Ghost Type Gym. The Puzzle in Platinum was far better. A Math Puzzle that is solved using the Poketch? Really?! I intentionally got the answers wrong the first time through so I could battle all of the trainers.

Gym Trainers: Overall, this group of trainers can be difficult, and they give a lot of experience. One of the last trainers even has a Drifblim and Gengar. Good prep for Fantina.

Gym Leader: Fantina has some pretty bulky Pokemon. I took the opportunity to lower my team to just Josephine and Sphinx for this battle, leaving me a little bit of a disadvantage, but it really wouldn't matter.

Fantina opened with Drifblim (Level 32) and I opened with Sphinx (Level 37). Sphinx started with Spark, which brought Drifblim down in a slow OHKO because of its bulk. Drifblim got a hit in through its ability, Aftermath. Aftermath activates when a move that makes contact (like Spark) hits, costing a quarter of health. Luckily, because Sphinx had not taken damage before this, it was still left with a largely green health bar. Tricky, tricky Drifblim!

I was not sure which Pokemon she would go with, but she sent out Mismagius (Level 36), signalling to me that she wanted to quickly end this fight. I sent out Josephine (Level 37). Mismagius was faster, striking with Shadow Ball. Josephine used Night Slash, leading to another OHKO, taking out her main attacker.

In her last gasp, she sent out Gengar (Level 34), and I kept in Josephine. Gengar attempted to Spite down Night Slash, but a resultant Night Slash was another OHKO.

Completely beaten, she gave me the badge. 5th Badge down!
Upon leaving the Gym, badge in hand, Cynthia showed up. She thanked me for getting the charm to her grandma, talked about the Sinnoh myths, acknowledged that she underestimated Team Galactic, then encouraged me to go to Canalave Library.

We will be there soon enough Cynthia (Log #46).

With the ability to Surf, we will be able to go back and check out some previously unexplorable areas. In the next Log, we will discuss some of those areas. This week, I will be working on building my HM Team up before we move on, since I will be IRL working all week. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #39-Surfing Sinnoh
Now with Surfing possible, I gave Surf to Gastrodon, Fly to Starraptor, and Shadow Claw to Infernape. Then I traveled back to some old spots. These were Valley Windworks, Eterna City, Route 211, Route 208, 209, 214, 213, Pastoria City, and Route 212.

Valley Windworks
Here, I got TM 24, Thunderbolt.

Route 208
Battled the Fisherman I couldn't access before.

Route 209
Collected TM 19, Giga Drain.

Route 214
Collected the Rare Candy.

Route 213
Battled a few trainers here.

Pastoria City
Gathered the Mystic Water.

Route 212
Collected TM 84, Poison Jab.

We end this Log outside of Fuego Ironworks. In the next Log, we will explore it. Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #40-Fuego Ironworks
Off of Route 205, we found the Fuego Ironworks.

Inside of Fuego Ironworks, there is a string of warp panels! If you have been watching these playthroughs, you would know that I HATE WARP PANELS with a PASSION!

Nonetheless, there are some good battles and some nice rewards, mostly TM 35, Flamethrower.

After I cleared it out, I flew to Jubilife, collecting some Poketch Apps, ending this Log on the beach coast of Sandgem Town, looking out to Route 219.

In the next Log, we will explore Routes 219, 220, & 221. Until next time, we will see you!
Log #41-Route 219, 220, & 221
Heading south from Sandgem Town, I traveled through the three Routes of 219, 220, and 221, which are all Water Routes. There were many different trainers, and this was a great location to train up before I headed to Canalave City. There were several islands in the area that had very strong trainers, providing for a challenge.

By the time I got to the area that will become Palpark (which was still under construction), my team was very worn out, and I flew back to Jubilife to heal and move on.

In the next Log, we will explore Canalave City. Until then, we will see you!
Log #42-Route 218 & Canalave City
From Jubilife City, I traveled west across the water of Route 218, eventually landing on the shore of Canalave. I explored the city, eventually crossing the bridge to the other side of the City. There, I ran into Barry, who wanted to battle.

Barry comes into this battle with 5 Pokemon. He opened with Staravia (Level 31) and I opened with Valkyrie (Level 38). We exchanged Aerial Aces, and then Valkyrie took it down. He then brought out Ponyta (Level 32) and I stayed in with Valkyrie. While Ponyta got in a Stomp, I struck back with 2 Aerial Aces. This brought Valkyrie to Level 39, with the rest of my team.

I switched out to Caesar (Level 39) when he brought out Heracross (Level 30), which I OHKOed with Flame Wheel. He then brought out his ace, Prinplup (Level 35). He used Aerial Ace against Caesar's Shadow Claw. Three strikes and I beat it down.

Finally, he sent out his Rosalia (Level 32). Caesar did one Flame Wheel to OHKO Rosalia.

I beat Barry and he ran away, clearly upset. Instead of going to the Canalave Gym, I decided to go to Iron Island to train beforehand. In the next Log, we will explore Iron Island. Until then, we will see you.
Log #43-Iron Island
Iron Island.jpg
Traveling to Iron Island, I took my full team to the island, using this as an opportunity to train. There are so many trainers here, which was helpful to get me set up for Byron.

Eventually, I ran into Riley, who had his Lucario. This turned most of the battles to Multi Battles. Lucario was not too helpful here, especially since he was Level 34 when my team was Level 39. That meant most of my attacks that effected 2 Pokemon defeated Lucario as well.

While with Riley, I battled 2 Team Galactic grunts, who traveled there to help push the goals of the Team forward. They were quickly defeated.

Lastly, I collected the Riolu egg on the second visit, then left the Island.

After I left Iron Island, I finished training using the Valor Lakefront Restaurant, then flew back to Canalave City. Before I took on the Gym, I decided to take the Shiny Stone I collected on Iron Island to evolve my Rosalia (Roosevelt) to Roserade, since there are no major moves for Rosalia after getting Petal Dance.

The next Log will be the battle with Byron. His battle will have 3 Pokemon, and I am not sure which Pokemon to bring as my team of 3. Caesar (Infernape) and Bubblegum (Gastrodon) are obvious due to their typings, but who would be the 3rd? It's either going to be Josephine (Skunktank) or Valkyrie (Staraptor). Skunktank gives me an additional access to Fire type attacks (it has Flamethrower), while Staraptor has access to Fighting type attacks (It has Close Combat). It will be interesting to figure that out.

Until the next time, we will see you!
Log #44-Byron (Gym #6)
My Team:
Caesar (Infernape)-Level 40
Sphinx (Luxray)-Level 40
Josephine (Skuntank)-Level 40
Roosevelt (Roserade)-Level 40
Bubblegum (Gastrodon)-Level 40
Valkyrie (Staraptor)-Level 40

Gym Puzzle: The puzzle was an elevator puzzle, going up and down to get to the back, where Byron awaits. It can be a very challenging puzzle, even more so than Wake in my view.

Gym Trainers: It's a very interesting mix of Rock, Steel, & even a Water type user.

Gym Leader: In the last Log, I mentioned how I was uncertain who my 3rd Pokemon would be. I ended up settling on Skuntank (Josephine). This means my choices were Caesar (Infernape), Bubblegum (Gastrodon), & Josephine (Skuntank).

Byron opened with Bronzor (Level 36), and I opened with Josephine (Level 40). I struck with Flamethrower, which took half of its health. It attempted to use Hypnosis, which missed. One more Flamethrower took out Bronzor.

Byron changed to Steelix (Level 36), while I stayed with Josephine, striking with Flamethrower. It did significant damage, and Steelix retaliated with Gyro Ball. Josephine did one last Flamethrower, taking out Steelix.

Down to his last Pokemon, he brought out Bastiodon (Level 39). I changed to Caesar (Level 41). I hit with Flame Wheel, which burned Bastiodon, though it quickly recovered with Rest, then used its Chesto Berry to wake up, setting me at square one again. Striking with another Flame Wheel, Bastiodon slowly took some damage. Bastiodon hit back with Flash Cannon, which barely did anything to Caesar. Wanting to end this battle, fearing a long dragged out fight, Caesar used Close Combat, finally taking out Bastiodon and winning me the battle.

6th Badge down!

Now we have the capability to use Strength outside of battle (finally, we got it back at the Lost Tower), and I intend to push some rocks around. In the next Log, we will do just that. Until then, we will see you!
Log #45-Pushing Some Rocks
After I left the Canalave Gym, I ran into Barry, who wanted me to join him at Canalave Library. First Cynthia, now Barry! Instead, I took a few days to train up my HM Team before I prepared to be ready for the meeting in the library. I got here quite a bit earlier than I thought, especially since I was training up my second team (my HM Team). I trained them up to between Levels 26 and 28. Now, when I am able to, I can spend some time at the Valor Restaurant if I need to. I will when I need to use Rock Climb (Log #51).

Oreburgh Gate.png
I took a moment to go to Oreburgh Gate, where I gathered TM 31 (Brick Break) and TM 70 (Flash). If I want to later, I can go to the Wayward Cave with a Pokemon that can use Flash (like Kadabra) and get TM 26 Earthquake.

For now, it is good enough that I can now use Strength (Bibarel is my Pusher).

With that done, I flew back to Canalave City.

In the next Log, we will go into the Canalave Library (Log #46). I know Cynthia was pushing me to go there. Time to meet up with Barry. Probably Rowan and Dawn will be there too. Hopefully, it will be a good meeting. Until then, we will see you!
Log #46-Canalave Library
Coming into the Canalave Library, I went up to the third story, where Barry met us at the stairs. For once, he did not fine me. I think Rowan beat him down.

Sitting with Barry (who tried to escape), Rowan, & Dawn, Rowan explained about the Myths and the Lake Guardians, stressing that they maintained a balance in the lakes they inhabit. Suddenly, their is a loud BOOM, heard from inside the library. Rowan and the others think that it is an earthquake, but something else feels afoot.
Rowan encourages the group to split up.

Lake Verity: Mespirit
Rowan & Dawn are going back here, since it is near Twinleaf Town, and they are stationed at Sandgem Town.

Lake Valor: Azelf
I don't know why I am the one to go here. I have my 6 Badges, and it would be good for me to go to Lake Acuity, since it is near Snowpoint City, where my 7th Gym would be. Even so, it will be nice for me to finally be able to visit Lake Valor. I have been wanting to do so since I met up with Cynthia near the entrance and I hunted down that Team Galactic grunt who had that bomb. It is time for me to finally pay my respects.

Lake Acuity: Uxie
Barry is supposed to go here. He actually called himself "the hotness". Does Barry somehow have the 7th Gym Badge ahead of me? Rowan said that he needed "someone tough to go". Really? I have beaten Barry every time we have battled. I think I am the tougher one. Still, Rowan slammed Barry for departing the Lab "before getting a Pokedex". something makes me think I will end up saving Dawn as well as Barry.

Then I will be the strongest one...

Rowan warned us to be careful, then we departed the library (the Librarian actually cried I think), where a sailor thought it was a bomb, not an earthquake.

Flying to Pastoria, then heading east, then north, I found myself at the entrance of Lake Valor. in the next Log, we will see what is going on there, then travel to Lake Verity (we can't go to Lake Acuity yet. I hope Barry "the hotness" will be okay). Until next time, we will see you!
Log #47-Visiting The Lakes
Lake Valor
Upon coming into Lake Valor, I see that there is a dry lake bed, and Magikarp flopping around. I defeated a few of the Team Galactic Grunts, then I went into the cave, where I saw a dark blue haired man with his back turned to me. The dude also was wearing a Team Galactic outfit, like a Commander. Who is this dude?
He introduced himself as Commander Saturn, then challenged me to battle. He opened with Kadabra (Level 35) and I opened with Sphinx (Level 40). Kadabra started with Shock Wave, then Sphinx hit with Crunch in an OHKO.

Saturn brought out Toxicroak (Level 37) and I switched to Valkyrie (Level 40). One Aerial Ace took out Toxicroak in an OHKO.

Finally, Saturn brought out Bronzor (Level 35) and I continued with Valkyrie. Two hits of Close Combat ended that battle. Saturn commanded a retreat, and Team Galactic departed. Saturn mentioned about Commander Mars, who is at Lake Verity.

Time for me to go there and save Dawn!
Flying to Sandgem Town and traveling home to Twinleaf Town, I visit Mom, then go to Lake Verity. Professor Rowan meets me, asking me to help Dawn, who is fighting Saturn.

There are a lot of Team Galactic Grunts, all of whom are two grunts against my team. I think they are Double Battles. After I beat them all, I saw Commander Mars, who we last fought at the Valley Windworks.

She opened with Golbat (Level 37), I opened with Roosevelt (Level 40), then switched to Sphinx (Level 41). Sphinx was confused, then hit with Air Cutter & Bite. Sphinx hit with Spark, causing an OHKO.

She switched to Bronzor (Level 37), and I used Caesar (Level 41). One Flame Wheel ended with an OHKO on Bronzor. In a final bid, Mars sent out Purugly (Level 39), and I changed to Roosevelt (Level 40). Roosevelt established Toxic on Purugly. Purugly hit with Slash, striking like a semi truck. Roosevelt did one Giga Drain, leading to a surprising OHKO.

As she departed, Mars mentioned Lake Acuity and Commander Jupiter. Barry is likely fighting her right now. Looks like I stopped Saturn & Mars, at least for now.

After these battles, I decided to take a rest and train up my HM Squad to get to Level 35-40 with them. I will need to use Surf (Floatzel), Strength (Bibarel), Defog (Drifblim), and Rock Smash (Cranidos) to get through this next part, so I have to take a step back. Once my HM Squad is ready, I will go through Routes 216, 217, & Lake Acuity. In the next Log (Log #48), we will go through Mt. Coronet and through these snowy areas, with the goal to get to Snowpoiint City, since I will desperately need to heal.

Once that is done, we will get the regular team and take on the Snowpoint Gym (Log #49). Until next time, we will see you!
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