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Up or Down Version 98 - Tower Duo Showdown - Ho-Oh vs Lugia

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Jul 12, 2011
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Tower Duo Showdown - Ho-Oh vs Lugia (UvD Version 98)


Hello and welcome everyone :)

This version of up or down will feature the clash of the legendary tower duo, Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Phoenix and Lugia, the Beast of the Sea. In this game you can choose if you have a Heart of Gold and side with Ho-Oh or a Silver Soul and side with Lugia. Once players have chosen their side, their usernames will be added to a list in the original post detailing which side they are playing for. Players cannot change sides once they have made their choice.

  • Game starts at 250
  • Lugia's Silver Souls can only count down with the goal of reaching 0.
  • Ho-Oh's Hearts of Gold can only count up with the goal of reaching 500.
  • Players can choose to play for either team but you cannot change teams after you have chosen.
  • No ping-ponging rule still applies which means you cannot make another post in the thread until at least two other users have made a post since you last posted.
Ho-Oh's Hearts of Gold
@Rainbow Cloud

Lugia's Silver Souls
@dawn dusk

Anyway, time to start:


I'll decide which team I'm going to play for on my next post.
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