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Up Vs. Down Hosting Queue

By all means! I'd recommend having a look at the OP of the past one by Rainbow Cloud as it's well made and simple enough to follow. Just remember to copy across the rules and and change it to the theme you see fit. If you need / want any help with an OP shoot us a message and I can always give a helping hand :)
Vulpix hasn't responded in over 48 hours, and many of the other queue participants have not been around for a long time. ChevyWolf did log on once but hasn't made any posts in over a month.

Would anyone like to take a hand at hosting an Up Vs Down?
Yeah, sorry about that, I hadn't been online since you posted this. Though to be honest I was completely unaware I was still in the queue since we were on UvD 102 when I first returned from my hiatus in July last year and I'd evidently been sitting in the queue for at least three years.

Anyway, I have no plans on participating in UvD in the near future so you can just remove me from the queue if you want.

Edit: looks like I'd been waiting in the queue since way back in November 2019! Up Vs. Down Hosting Queue
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