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Up vs Down v85 - Day vs Night (Eeveelutions)

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Green Dragon
Jul 9, 2017
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Hi, and welcome to the 85th version of Up vs Down! And here's your host, Moon Umbreon! And Umbreon, as well as the other Gen II Eeveelution, Espeon, is the theme for this UvD.
  1. All standard Bulbagarden & F&G rules apply.
  2. The Day Eeveelutions aim to raise the count up to 500, while the Night Eeveelutions aim to bring it down to 0. You can only count up or down one at a time.
  3. On your first post, you can choose to side with the Day Eeveelutions or the Night Eeveelutions, but once you've chosen, you cannot switch sides, so please choose wisely! Don't forget to mention me, @Moon Umbreon, in your first post here. That way, I know to add you to the OP.
  4. No ping ponging. Once you post here, you must wait until at least two other members have posted until you can post again.
  5. Have fun!
  6. I may or may not have copied the instructions from my previous UvD... :p
Day Eeveelutions
@Icy Wind
@Dragostea D'Entei
Night Eeveelutions

@Rainbow Cloud
@Moon Umbreon
@Fluttershy of Light

And... Let's start!
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