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Up vs. Down, Version 96: And Time Shall Halt! (Dio Brando vs Sakuya Izayoi)

Game Start!
Apr 8, 2016
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Disclaimer: While I'm glad being here again and I miss this place a lot, please note that I cannot guarantee 100% activity. I'm a really busy man nowadays and I spend more time on Discord than here, so I might not be able to oversee the game much. Anyway...

Hello, folks, and welcome to the 96th installment of Fun & Games's number one number battle ever: Up vs Down! It's a weird feeling that the very first thing I post again in this forum is an UvD game, but hey, whatever works! Now then, what do we have in store for this game?

The competition is all about TIME!

We have time travelers, we have time deities, now what's next? Time stoppers! In this battle, we pit two famous characters that have one thing in common: the ability to stop time. Yep, you guessed right, our two belligerents are:

Representing Team Up, we have Dio Brando, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's cunning and charismatic time-stopping vampire who is the archnemesis of the Joestar family...


Representing Team Down, we have Sakuya Izayoi, Touhou Project's rather lovely maid who can prove to be extremely dangerous, because, like Dio, she has a huge knack for knife-throwing, and of course, she can grind time to a halt...

With that out of the way, why don't we explain the rules of the game?

  1. All Bulbagarden Forums and Fun & Games rules apply.
  2. The game starts at 250, and depending on their team, they can increase or decrease the count by 1.
  3. Dio Brando's Devoted Servants must count up to 500, while Sakuya Izayoi's Flowering Butlers and Maids must count down to 0.
  4. No ping-ponging. Before posting again, please wait until at least two people have posted after your last post.
  5. To keep track of who joins which team, please ping me @MassiveShock11 so I can update this post and list your name under your team.
  6. And most importantly... have fun!

Dio Brando's Devoted Servants
@Vast Darkness

Sakuya Izayoi's Flowering Butlers and Maids

With all of that out of the way... let the number games begin, and may the odds be in your favor!
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Darkness ≠ Evil
Aug 21, 2017
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Us unavailable underground users unknowingly uncovered "up". Understandably, underground "up" undermines underground users unknowingly uncovering "up". Unexpectedly, ultimate underground users undermine "up"'s undermining.

(Translation: I don't care, I just wanna go up, and I'm going to make three sentences with only "u" words to say that)

Purple Poison Pupa
Nov 20, 2016
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You’re going down! Because I’m going down! And you’re not going down! So you are going down! You got that down?