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Up vs. Down Version 99 - Misfortunate Children


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Dec 19, 2011
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It seems I, Rainami, am once again your hostess for Up vs. Down. I felt it appropriate to theme this one around Lillie and N, in honor of the recent 2nd Anniversary of Pokemon Masters. These characters and their complicated family issues are featured prominently in the games they appear in.

Lillie's Lunar Alliance will be aiding Lillie, a traveling companion in Pokemon Sun & Moon.


She is the daughter of Lusamine, the president of the Aether Foundation. Although the foundation exists in order to assist Pokemon in need, Lusamine herself has a rather corrupt streak, and has been neglecting her children's needs. This eventually causes Lillie to rebel in order to protect Nebby, a Pokemon which the foundation had been experimenting on, initiating the events of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

N's Plasmatic Paladins will be aiding Natural Harmonia Gropius -- better known as N.


He is the former king of Team Plasma, a criminal organization in Pokemon Black & White with the alleged goal of liberating Pokemon from humans. In reality, N was but a puppet leader, which his adoptive father, Ghetsis, being the true mastermind of the team. Ghetsis is a twisted man who manipulated N to achieve his own goals, not caring about being a father to N in the slightest.


1) The count starts at 250. Lillie's Lunar Alliance will be counting up by one with each post, while N's Plasmatic Paladins will be counting down by one with each post.
2) Specify which team you join in your first post, and ping me to let me know. Changing teams is not allowed.
3) Ping ponging is illegal. You must wait until at least two other users have posted until you can post again.
4) Lillie's Lunar Alliance wins if the count reaches 500. N's Plasmatic Paladins win if the count reaches 0.

Lillie's Lunar Alliance
1) @Rainbow Cloud
2) @Max1996
3) @KantoX
4) @Rainami
5) @ReturnofMCH
6) @Toxtricity
7) @Ricketchu
8) @dawn dusk
9) @Jyo
10) @Nicolas721
11) @Arylett Charnoa

N's Plasmatic Paladins
1) @Contrainer

2) @empoemperor
3) @NMLewis
4) @Chidamari Sketch
5) @vmario
6) @MegaPod

Have fun, 'kay?

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