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Update on car

Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Well, I've got good news and bad news regarding my car.

The good news is that I finally got it back today and it seems to be running fine now. Though I'm still leery of it.

The bad news is... well, for starters, it cost $1400+ to repair it, as the dealer found more problems than the previously known issues (what a surprise...). Secondly, it's not fully repaired. The cruise control is still down and the gas tank cover is still broken. The reason being is that dad had almost secret conversations with the dealer and cut corners in order to lower the cost and didn't tell me or mom about it. If he was worried about cost, he could've just asked me to loan him my credit card to fill in the gaps, but no, he didn't tell us anything and did things his way. And he accuses mom and me of being schemers. At least whenever mom and I scheme it's to benefit everyone, when dad schemes it only benefits himself. While I knew it would be costly, he could've just told us what was going on and mom and/or I would've contributed to the repairs, but he didn't, leaving me with a only mostly repaired car just so he could save himself some money.

*sigh* I shouldn't be surprised he did that, as he tends to do stuff like that, but it is still extremely annoying. Mom even asked him if he's talked to the dealer while the car was getting repaired and largely brushed her off. That's the most frustrating part about the situation, as he won't tell us anything and only does what he wants without anyone else's consent or input. This means my car still needs to go back to the dealer and get the aforementioned repairs finished, since it's still not fully fixed despite both mom and I telling the dealer what needed to be done. If he was so worried about cost he should've just told us and at least one of us would've helped contribute to it, but he instead cut corners without anyone knowing until I actually got my car back. I know I should'd be so critical but it's infuriating that I still don't have a fully functional car because dad decided to cut corners behind our backs and keep us in the dark about the situation. The only good thing about all this is that I finally can get around on my own again without needing to badger my parents for a lift, like to go grocery shopping and such, but I'm still mad that my car is still only about 90% fixed and will need another trip to the dealer to get the final repairs. I hope another round of stimulus checks gets released, as that'll finally solve the issue once and for all and give me a fully functional car, as I don't want it breaking down again or need to take it back to the dealer again.

Well, that's enough out of me. At least I have my wheels again even if they're still not completely repaired. That's all for now.