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Bulbapedia Updating the Pokémon Ranger Poké Assist Page


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May 6, 2021
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I've taken an interest in finally updating this page with how Poké Assist work in Guardian Signs. Here's a basic rundown of how they work. In this game, Poké Assist are a combination of a move type, as well as a level assigned to that species of Pokémon. For example, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot all have the Tornado [Forward] Poké Assist, but they are leveled 1, 2, and 5 respectively. This system can be seen much more clearly in the Past missions, where you can upgrade a Pokémon's Poké Assist through all 5 levels. Group/Type effectiveness still applies. In addition, a leveled up version of a Poké Assist isn't as simple as adding more projectiles or increasing power. Level one throws out 1 tornado, level two throws out 2 tornados, yet level five spawns 6 large one's that now circles in place. It's almost like a visual reference is required to understand these moves. So I really just need advice on how to portray this data, I'm more than capable of collecting it, but I really need help just getting this started.

The page itself could also use a face lift and a litter reformatting, since Gaudian signs Poke Assists can't even be neatly fitted into the existing template. It also came to my attention that this more detailed portrayal should also be incorporated into the main Pokémon pages as well.
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