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Mafia USM Ubers Mafia endgame (Town and Genesect victory)

Cool cat
Jan 20, 2019
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Welcome to my first game in almost three years!

The USM Ubers Metagame is in a state of chaos, with many different opinions with how the tier should change in the future. Should they stay consistent with a minimalist ban list, or ban top threats in order to create a more competitive environment? In the midst of this chaos, a few Pokémon have decided to rise up and centralize the metagame around themselves. Can they be stopped before the integrity of the Ubers metagame is lost forever, or will the metagame suffer an even darker fate?

  • This is a thirteen player game. Days will be 48 hours, nights will be 24. Phase update time is at 10:00 eastern time. If the phase update time has passed, assume the thread to be locked regardless of whether or not I announce it.
  • No nameclaiming, ever. Bolding this because I had issues with this in the past. Role claiming is perfectly acceptable, however.
  • Don't copypaste anything from your role PM, it must be in your own words. Similarly, posting screenshots of your role PM, night results, etc will get you modkilled.
  • Don't edit your posts for any reason, even to correct minor spelling errors. First offense will get you a +1 vote penalty, second offense will be worth a modkill.
  • Modkilled players lose regardless of whether or not their faction wins. Don't make a fool out of yourself!
  • To prove you've read the rules, post a reference to Monty Python in your signup post (don't know one, then you can look one up).
  • Please try to be active. A minimum of three game related posts are required each day phase. If you don't post enough, it will be a +1 vote penalty the first time and a forced substitution a second time. If you find yourself in a situation where following this might be difficult, contact me privately and we can work something out.
  • No outside contact outside of host-approved factional chats.
  • Just because a role (other than your own) is mentioned in a role PM does not necessarily mean that the role is confirmed to be in the game.
  • Vote like this: Vote: Oricorio
  • Ties will result in a No Lynch, except during LyLo when they will be resolved randomly. Voting for No Lynch is a perfectly valid option.
  • "pMyLo" = At least one mislynch will cost town the game, "MyLo" any mislynch will cause town to lose, "LyLo" town must lynch scum to continue. All of these will be announced.
  • Please be respectful to other players.
  • As befitting of a game about some of the most powerful Pokémon, it will be role madness. However, this is not a bastard game - everything happens for a reason.
  • Have fun!

  1. @JaggedJimmyJay (Ultra Necrozma, Mafia Godfather Rolecop)
  2. @Sloonei (Mega Mewtwo Y, Town Miller and 2x JOAT)
  3. @Ereshkigal (Yveltal, Town Tracker and Restless Spirit)
  4. @Max1996 @ReturnofMCH (Lunala, Town 1x Bulletproof)
  5. @novaselinenever (Genesect, Independent Survivor)
  6. @speedchuck (Primal Groudon, Town Neighborizer)
  7. @DekuNut (Arceus, Town Backup)
  8. @TheCapsFan (Dialga, Town Voyeur)
  9. @bulba account (Zygarde, Town 1x Bulletproof Cop)
  10. @Dale @Former (Mega Gengar, Mafia Roleblocker and 1x Silencer)
  11. @Spiritual Mask Salesman (Mega Rayquaza, Serial Killer and forced N1 Commuter)
  12. @AussieEevee (Marshadow, Mafia 1x Ninja, 1x Strongman, and 1x Role Thief)
  13. @Calvin ッ (Xerneas, Town Doctor)
  1. @Contrainer
  2. @Officer Snake
MOD: @Elieson

Day 1
Night 1 (AussieEevee lynched, Mafia 1x Ninja, 1x Strongman and 1x Role Thief)
Day 2
Night 2 (Max1996/ReturnofMCH lynched, Town 1x Bulletproof)
Day 3 (Ereshkigal killed, Town Tracker and Restless Spirit; JaggedJimmyJay killed, Mafia Godfather Rolecop)
Night 3 (Dale/Former lynched, Mafia Roleblocker and 1x Silencer)
Day 4 (speedchuck killed, Town Neighborizer)
Endgame (Spiritual Mask Salesman lynched, Serial Killer, Town and novaselinenever won)
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May 5, 2016
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Ah, I had missed the spoiler there. My first D&D character was partly inspired by Tim the Enchanter.
Mar 13, 2019
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I'll also jump in, I hope you're all ready for something completely different.

What is the difference between "name claiming" and "role claiming"? Forgive a tired old noob.
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Far too mouthy for my own good.
Nov 29, 2016
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I'll gladly burn the town to the ground join this game!

And I have a special message for the next players about their chances as Town:

The mill’s closed. There’s no more work. We’re destitute. I’ve got no option but to sell you all for scientific experiments.
Diving Pokémon
Mar 24, 2014
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Nobody expects the Spanish Lycanroc Inquisition! In!

What is the difference between "name claiming" and "role claiming"? Forgive a tired old noob.
Name of the character or the specific role powers you have.
Cool cat
Jan 20, 2019
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Welcome people!

What is the difference between "name claiming" and "role claiming"? Forgive a tired old noob.
Let's say this is a Star Wars themed game, and your role is Luke Skywalker, the cop. Nameclaiming would be saying that you're Luke Skywalker, while rolclaiming would be saying that you're the cop.

I'll play.
Reread the rules, you missed something
Actually a Parent! WA0H!
Oct 22, 2015
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Checking in as your friendly neighborhood M.O.D.

Please proceed with the joining

@Oricorio can you tack me into the OP plzkthx?