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VG Weekly Poll #43 Favourite Water-type starter?

Favourite Water-type starter?

  • Squirtle

    Votes: 21 16.2%
  • Totodile

    Votes: 30 23.1%
  • Mudkip

    Votes: 30 23.1%
  • Piplup

    Votes: 31 23.8%
  • Oshawott

    Votes: 18 13.8%

  • Total voters
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Hello Everynyan! Welcome to the forty-third instalment in the Video Games Forum's new weekly series of polls!

Centered around the Pokemon series of video games, these polls will be based on the various different aspects of the popular video game franchise. Every Monday, a Video Games staff member will post a new poll that'll remained stickied up on top of the forum. Suggestions for polls and questions can be sent to Joshawott or Zeb and they could possibly used for new polls (credit will be given, of course).

With that out of the way, here is the poll: What is your favourite Water-type starter, and why?

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Thank you for voting!

-The Video Games Forum Staff
Gangsta's Paradise
Mudkip! I remember when I first played Sapphire I was completely drawn to choosing one. I think it being called the 'mudfish pokemon' is really cute, and I'm also a big fan of Marshtomp and Swampert. I like their typing too and if I could have one in my team, I definitely would. I'm not a fan of Oshawott or Piplup, really, and I just prefer Mudkip over both Squirtle and Totodile, even though those two would come in joint second.
remember me
Piplup has always been the most appealing to me. It's just so lovely and squishy and cute, plus Empoleon can be quite useful in battle. But mainly it's cute.
Comfort ghost
As much as I hate to admit it, Mudkip and its evolutions is my favourite. Swampert is a very bulky and powerful Pokemon and the best Water/Ground Pokemon of all. Immensely useful both in-game (due to no Grass-type leaders in Hoenn) and for the metagame.
Easy Breezy
My favorite is Feraligatr—due to both nostalgia and a great design. It's probably my second favorite starter overall, next to Blaziken.
Garchomp is adorable
I didn't have to deal with Electric types thanks to him, and Grass types were very easy; I loved Mudkip and its evolutions.
The Ninja Trickster
I was the only one who chose Oshawott? I chose Oshawott, not because of Oshawott, but it's evolutions. Dewott looked so cool with its two scalchop and Samurott is just EPIC!
From Leyend to Myth
^ Not anymore.

The reason I chose Oshawott, is mostly because of the samurai concept of the whole line.

I like how it's a little somewhat puny-looking guy with a blade shell, turns into a cool ronin-type of character, and then into a samurai warlord. They are all neat designs too, and like the other Gen V pokémon it shows a lot of personality.
Really, I love the Gen V's starters.

It is also of the few Water types I can say I really, really like at a personal level, not just tolerate.

The rest... Piplup>Squirtle>Totodile≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫Mudkip(z)
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All water starters are great, but Squirtle and I will always have a special thing together. Its evolutionary line was my favorite a very long time, like ten years Squirtle, Wartortle and Blastoise kept my number one favorite pokémon place busy. The whole evolutionary family is just a pure classic, their simple and cute and yet really badass design is something you can't forget. I love it how plain and simple Blastoise's design is, but the same time it looks amazingly strong and epic.
Metagame Hater.
Mudkip. It was my first ever starter (on Emerald) and Swampert is just a beast. I don't like Piplup thanks to the Anime (although Empoleon is awesome), Squirtle line would be better with better stats, Totodile line kinda sucks (especially before Gen IV), and the only one in Oshawott's line is Samurott.
Movie Star
I like Totodile because its the first one I used, so I guess you can say thats abotu nostalgia mostly but also it seems to be a pretty good Pokemon in battle and has a cool design. I also like Squirtle because it is a turtle and turtles are awesome.
It's tragedy on a bun.
My favorite is mudkip based purely on it's water/ground evolutions. I've always preferred having only one weakness (even if it's 4x) and having an immunity over having multiple weaknesses. It's just easier to watch out for that way.