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Video games that you love but would never replay

This is a tough question! Thinking of my favorite games of all time, the 10/10 games, yknow, there's a lot that I feel like I'd either drop everything to replay again, or replay the games eventually after some time. I thought about saying something like the Phoenix Wright games, since once you play the story once you've kind of experienced all they have to offer - but, 10 years down the line or whatever they might be fun to replay if I ever forget the story to some large amount. Then I thought to something like Splatoon 2, where there's an updated version that I like just as much, if not more, but that kind of feels like a cop-out.

So I think I'm going to say the original Final Fantasy 7. I love the game to death - love the narrative, story, characters, music, etc. But, with the remake out, it's just so much easier for me to want to play the updated version. Yes, there is reason to replay the original as opposed to the remake - different combat and story - but the visuals in the remake are such an upgrade over the originals that it's one of those rare cases where I just don't think I'd ever touch the original for that alone. Playing the original for the first time I could look past the visuals since the story and world were so intriguing, but now that I know what happens, I don't really feel like playing through the jank.
Both Xenoblade Chronicles DE and 2. Love the gameplay, story, and characters, but god there are some fights and areas I do not ever want to go through again, especially in 2.

Also not sure how much this counts, but while I've technically replayed the main story of Legends Arceus multiple times, I could never go through the hassle of REALLY completing the story by catching all of the Pokemon a second time. I did it once on my main file profile and that's it.
i've got plenty. in no particular order:

  • pokemon legends: arceus: love the game, but considering it took me forever to actually complete the game, not to mention the arduous and time-consuming tasks of trying to get pokedex 10 on a lot of pokemon, it's safe to say that a replay of this won't be happening at all.
  • dragon ball z: kakarot: sunk way too much time into this and reached max level already, so a do-over isn't really something i'm interested in. storyline was fun, characters and battles are fun, but i've no desire to go through that again at any point in the near future, at least.
  • disgaea 5: the whole basis of the disgaea series is that there's an actual fuckton of grinding, to the point of reaching the absurd. to that end, i think replaying all of that and getting max level and reincarnating repeatedly in order to min-max each character is just not happening.
  • ys viii: lacrymosa of dana: love the premise of this game, love the characters as well as well as the plot, but i don't really care about going through the entire thing again. i've done my thing of saving a lot of people on the island reaching end-game, i'm good.
  • tales of berseria: this is kind of weird because part of me wants to replay berseria, but i've also like... reached lv 200+ on most of my characters when i last played this on ps4 and didn't really do a whole lot else but fight random enemies? so i think i've done my duty here.
There are some off the top of my head:

  • Breath of the Wild: While this game is a masterpiece, I have to admit trying to 100% this one was really, really tedious.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2: This game's fun, but the Green Stars as well as the very final Star was a big pain in the neck to get.
  • Donkey Kong Country 3: This is all because of that one level where your controls are reversed.
  • Splatoon: Ah yes, the original Splatoon, being the game that actually made me feel young again. But considering how frustrating Ranked is, plus the inevitable repetitiveness of Turf War and Octo Valley, I'm not going to replay this one. Plus I'm already too used to playing as an Octoling, so...
Bravely Default. Wonderful characters, lovely scenery, and gorgeous music, but god is it tedious. Continuously rebattling bosses later on in particular drained my motivation and made me put the game down for years.
I didn't even finished it, even though i was mostly enjoying the game. But what the game does to extend playtime broke me and made me put it down. Same thing hapened with Bravely Second and in this case i don't know why. I guess the Bravely games are a series that i enjoy but never finish any of its games.

In my case it's probably Dragon Quest 11. Love the hell out of this game and it encapsulates everything i love about Dragon Quest, but damn is it long. The funny thing is that it didn't feel long in the only playthrough i have done, but the thought of having to go through 100+ hours again dissuades me for ever replaying the game. I guess the magic of the first playthrough and the fact i played it during a month of vacation from work helped a ton to make the experience not feel long, but i don't have that anymore if i ever attempt another playthrough. It's been two years and the thought of replaying it maybe crossed my mind once, but what do you know, i might end replaying it in the future regardless.
I think that maybe visual novel style games like Ace Attorney. I don't know, I haven't tested this as I have never replayed an AA game or any other game in the style. But it just seems to me like a lot of the appeal is lost on the second time as you know every twist that is coming, I could be wrong.
I think that maybe visual novel style games like Ace Attorney. I don't know, I haven't tested this as I have never replayed an AA game or any other game in the style. But it just seems to me like a lot of the appeal is lost on the second time as you know every twist that is coming, I could be wrong.
I like visual novels. My favorite part is finding out about a visual novel, then going on Wikipedia to learn more about it…only to find out it’s from 2005 or something and then if it had an anime it’s from 9 or more years later…I just want the nostalgia! Why does it torture me?!

Anyway, I’d probably never play the Trails/Warriors of the Cold Steel/Sky series (any fans out there?) as I don’t have the system(s) for it
But it just seems to me like a lot of the appeal is lost on the second time as you know every twist that is coming, I could be wrong.
For me it's like reading a regular novel.
If you remember the twist coming (of course not replaying it immediately so you forget certain details) you pick up on all the foreshadowing they lay down that you missed the first time around.
funnily enough Fire Emblem Awakening is my game like that too, I've constantly made new saves on that but I just nyever finish them. In general I just tend nyot to finish replays of RPGs, idk why
batim. Great game and terraria too. But they aren't replay the whole game kind of good
funny you say terraria, as my IRL is on her 5th calamity mod playthrough and she replays unmodded at least once a year.

another one for me would be kingdom hearts 358/2 days, I love the plot of that game, being as emotional as it is and back when KH plots made sense. but the gameplay drags it down for me, and the panels system is a bit too complicated for it's own good, feels like they wanted to one up the sphere grid from FF10 and did so without realizing why people liked the sphere grid.
the Hello Charlotte games specifically because they mess with my head too much. They're a trio of RPG Maker games by an estonian developer called etherane, they mean a lot to me but since they tackle some topics that are very personally upsetting and triggering to me I cannot replay them....at least not right now :'D
Makes me wonder if I should bother finishing it, I think I'm right before the World Tree but sequence broke one of the gems I was meant to get so my quest log doesn't tell me where the next one is because I got them out of order. Veronica is super annoying, I agree.
I keep playing games and then not getting around to finishing them, feels like every Switch game I own. (which is probably like 15 or so unfinished games at this point, some are pretty near the ending too)

Am I wrong? I dunno, but as CynthiaLover already spoiled it, I don't think you're even close to finishing the story, but at the end of the first Act. And, if your problem is Veronica, then, as CynthiaLover also spoiled, soon it will be possible to get rid of her for a long time.

Personally, I really liked DQ XI and consider it to be the best game in the Franchise, as well as one of the best JRPGS of the last decade. I would definitely replay the game, that is, if it weren't so long and time-consuming. Unless I'm mistaken, it took me more than 100 hours to finish it.

Not sure if this counts, I'll explain why in a bit, but Pokémon Conquest.

There is a Pokémon Conquest rom hack in the works, I will definitely check it out when it is ready.
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i can't be 100% certain, but i feel like replaying breath of the wild would be very hard for me. even though tears of the kingdom by all means was not a perfect game, i still enjoyed the gameplay and whatnot a lot more than breath of the wild, even though i like the breath of the wild story a great deal more, so it's a lot more fun to play for me--i actually already had started a second playthrough of totk (though it was mostly for fic reasons, admittedly, i still enjoyed it) when i was still able to play it.

i think also explorers of sky would be hard for me to replay. i've definitely thought about replaying it, especially since i never even completely finished my first playthrough (i was way too underlevelled for dialga and had no patience to grind), but i am horrendously bad at mystery dungeon games so i don't know if i'd have the patience to do all of it again, especially having to do a lot more grinding this time too. also, on the topic of pokémon games, in general i tend to find it very difficult to replay them. i've tried many a time to replay x/y, and i was able to when i was younger, but for the past few years i've been completely unable to replay it to completion; same with sun/moon, which i also really liked. i think i have a bad tendency to reset them over and over again, to the point where the beginning becomes boring and tedious to try to slog through so i don't continue playing even though i hardly remember the latter part of the game.
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