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EVERYONE: Vivians Promise - (Kanto) - Prologue


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Apr 8, 2022
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For the Weaver family, the day Vivian was diagnosed with insomnia was a rough one. Their child hasn't had a good night's sleep in days and is losing a great deal of energy because of this. They tried a lot of methods, including sleeping schedules, removing naps, music boxes, etc but nothing seem to help. As she grew older, the condition never improved and the girl became sluggish and withdrawn, preferring to be alone instead of interacting with other kids her age. That was until two boys from her class introduced themselves. One wasn't as eager to open up at first, especially to a girl but eventually, they became best friends.

“Viv, come on you’re so slow!” A chestnut-haired boy ran up the hill to where he called home. The duo was visiting the boy’s home as the owner was none other than Professor Oak, and her friend, Gary, wanted to show off his grandfather to his new friends.

A girl with chocolate brown hair, who was behind, gave a huff when she stopped to catch her breath. “Why…are we even…running anyway, It’s not like it’s going anywhere.” Her deep cerulean blue eyes were heavy with fatigue, bags clearly visible.

“Gramps said he is going give us a tour of the ranch and I want to get there before Ashy boy gets there.”

Vivian sighs and continues walking beside her friend. “Ash isn’t even halfway up the hill yet, you kinda left him in the dust back there. Besides, haven’t you seen the place like, hundreds of times, you literally live here.” She retorted.

As they make it to the top the brunette was going to reply before they hear the voice of the boy they were mentioning call out from below. Gary and Vivian turned around, the former laughed with a smirk slowly forming on his lips.

“Snooze you lose again Ashy, this makes ten to one,” Gary said with a bragging attitude, causing the raventte to frown. “With me in the lead of course,” He had to add at the end, earning an elbow to his side. “Oww! What was that for!?” Gary hissed as he glared beside him, only earning a shrug from the girl.

“I’ll beat you next time Gary,” Ash declared as he made his way up.

“You’ve said that last time.”

“I did beat you once though!”

“That was because you cheated by getting a head start!”

While the boys were bickering, the girl groaned and walked into the lab. As the air conditioner breezed over her, she sighed happily, feeling more relaxed. Looking around, she took notice that the inside didn’t appear to be as big as it looked on the outside.

“Hello there, you a friend of Gary’s I assume?” A voice spoke behind her, causing her to jump and turn around quickly. The gray-haired male stepped back, rubbing the back of his neck with a chuckle. “Ah sorry, didn’t mean to spook you.”


The two looked at the entrance and saw Gary looking annoyed as Ash in the back was looking around the room in awe. “Why did you run ahead.”
“You two arguing was giving me a headache…” She deadpanned causing the eldest Oak to laugh.

Before the kids could start arguing, the Professor spoke up again. “Well, it seems like everyone is here now, lets get started with the tour hmm?”

Professor Oak spent the next hour or so showing the youngsters around the lab and the fields outside. Vivian thought she'd be dragged along, but she became fascinated by all the Pokemon around her. Ash frequently asked Gary questions, which delighted the young oak as he got to show off his knowledge. Even though Vivian thought Gary was being an annoying know-it-all, she kept a mental note of everything the Oaks were saying, thinking that it be useful information in the future.

Vivian's condition was well known to Professor Oak, so he was surprised when she expressed sudden interest in the topic and began asking questions of her very own. Furthermore, he noticed the sparkle in her eyes as she admired the kaleidoscope of Butterfree fluttered by, or when a curious Rattatta showed its affection to the girl. Right then and there, he knew he witnessed a potential new trainer in the makings. He will admit he’s curious to see where her journey would take her.


It's a beautiful summer afternoon with no clouds in sight. The cool breeze that passed by occasionally was welcome given that the heat had begun to oppress some. However, the heat could not stop friends and families from getting together this weekend as it’s a special day to celebrate. As pidgeys fly overhead the town's laboratory, you can hear the screeching calls of the local Dodrios, noting their arrival. One of the pidgeys separated from its flock and landed on the shoulder of the elder in the backyard. By the ribbons that decorate the box, their beak is tightly grasping the silk tie. Taking the box from the avian, the elder gave it a small pet, which the bird appreciated before flying away.

“I am so happy that we were able to get the kids together for today.” A woman with long, rich brown hair spoke to a small group of people, whom she considers her friends. Her eyes darted over to the trio that suddenly shrieked in the yard, she smiled contently at what she saw. Two out of the three were screaming playfully as they ran away from a small ravenette boy in what they considered, an extreme game of tag. The pair running had their hands interlocked, the male practically dragging the girl with him as he was faster, not wanting her to lack behind. “I haven’t seen Vivian this active in a while.”

As he observed the children, the senior smiled. “Well, of course, It’s not every day you turn six now, is it.

The woman nods and glances at the box as it was put down on the table with the others. “You know, you guys didn’t have to go all out with the gifts…”

A woman with auburn hair and amber giggles, putting her arm around the other’s shoulder. Kassy, you're like one of my best friends. How can I not spoil the little tike who is a carbon copy of you?"

Kassandra sighs, shaking her head. “I’m grateful for you and the Professor looking out for her but she doesn’t need a lot of stuff Delia. Heck, she probably won’t even play with half of them.”
Delia chuckles. “Well, I know that she will like what Samuel got her.” That causes the Weaver Mother to raise an eyebrow at the older male.

“Don’t give her any hints, she’ll try to take it out of the pile.” He couldn’t help but sweatdrop.

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous, she wouldn’t dare. KIDS!” Delia shouted, causing the group of kids to stop and look over. “Present time, come on!”

During the present exchange, the gifts Vivian received from the two mothers were a lot of clothes, toys, and coloring books, did I mention clothes? However, most gifts from Professor Oak were pokemon related. For example, a Pidgey clock, a purple Nidoran plush, and multiple posters. After her last present was given, she looked confused as to why Ash's mother was so excited over it instead of her. The box was wrapped in white wrapping paper with a red bow. Gingerly, she unwrapped the present. She was confused at first, inside was a basic Pokeball. She poked the ball to see if anything would pop out, but nothing did. She tilted her head up at the professor, completely dumbfounded.

“That Vivian will hold your starter. Whether or not you catch it from the wild, or pick one from my lab, whatever mon goes inside that ball, will be your very first mon.”

“I thought you had to be ten to get a pokemon?” Ash asked the same question she was about to ask herself.

“She won’t be able to use the Pokemon, of course, once caught, the ball will be transported back to the lab and she can retrieve it on her first day as a trainer.”
The kids oh’d and Vivian took the ball out of the box. “Thank you, Professor Oak, I’ll keep it with me always, just in case.”


Three years have passed and the trio is now nine years old. Gary has strayed from the group and to be honest, Vivian could care less. His cockiness and self-centered pride were starting to annoy her. Constantly bragging about how he will be the best trainer in the world and that he already has a head start with being related to great Professor Oak. Ash has the same dream but thankfully he isn’t as loud with it. Gary seemed to have made teasing her his favorite new pass time as every time they ran into each other, he would always make comments that would irritate her. One day, Gary pushed her buttons a little too far, making her run off into the woods.

As she pushed branches from her path, she found herself a small clearing where she could plop down. Stupid Gary…I’ll show him, girl or not I’ll kick his keester.

As she rested against the tree, she noticed a flash of yellow dove behind a neighboring tree in her peripheral vision. Unsure if the creature would hurt her or not, she stayed alert, but soon as she saw the face pop out she relaxed. Its face is kite-shaped with a small, pale yellow snout and two short, pointed ears with pale yellow interiors. The mon tilted its head, its eyes closed.

“Oh…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.” Vivian said as she tried to think of what mon this could be. She hasn’t seen this specific kind at the lab. The yellow creature’s claws were holding onto the treebark tightly, not wanting to move from its spot. When Vivian observed the mons closer, she saw they were worn out and scratched. She looked confused as to why the creature hasn’t run away from her yet, she looked around her surroundings and noticed the tree she was under was none other than the Oran Tree. Realizing what the mon wanted, she picked up a few stray berries and rolled them halfway across the clearing. The mon was hesitant, but slowly came out of hiding and ate up the berries that were offered to it.

“My name’s Vivian, what type of Pokemon are you? I don’t recognize your kind.” The girl asked.

As it began to feel better, its tail swayed a little in response. “Abbrraaaa….” The mon finally said.

“An Abra?” The girl asks again, getting a nod as a response. “That’s so cool! I wonder what typing you are.”

Vivian and the Abra spent the next hour simply chatting, well, the girl was doing most of the talking, while the Abra was listening in. Vivian began to get hungry so she rummaged around in her backpack for something to snack on. While looking through, her hand bumped into the miniature Pokeball and she stopped for a second in thought.

“Hey, Oran…” Vivian started. The mon looked up from his pile of berries with a confused expression at the name. “What, I have to call you something, right?” The mon shrugged and did not seem bothered by the change. “What would you think of being trained by me.” She finished as she pulled out the ball, clicking the button to make it normal-sized. The abra looked surprised.

“I wouldn’t be able to train you for another year…but I was given this ball to pick my own starter, and well, we seem to get along well. So I thought, I’d ask you.” The Abra didn’t move for a few but suddenly got up on its feet and jumped into the girl’s arm, causing her to laugh.

“Well, I will take that as a yes?”, earning a nod from the abra.

“I’ll be sure to visit you often before then too, a whole year is far too long to see my new friend.” The abra nodded again and it pressed its head against the ball. Light engulfed the mon as it shrunk into the ball, the ball shook once before it stilled. Leaves brush around causing the girl to look up as the ball besider her was teleported away. Walking into the clearing was Ash.

“There you are! We were looking everywhere for you.” He exclaimed, picking her up off the floor. “Ignore what Gary says, just watch, you’ll be a ten times better trainer than him.” He says as they walk back to the school.

Vivian smiles as she adjusts her bag back onto her back. “Oh Ash, that’s a promise.”