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EVERYONE: Vivillon's Poetry 2.0

Pull in all the Magikarps!
May 9, 2014
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Good day! Now that I'm back after forever, I figured I'd make a new thread for my poetry given how long the hiatus was. Anyways, enjoy the magical art that is poetry. I'll try to keep it organized this time, putting links into a table of contents. Here's to a fresh start!

Chpt. 1:
i. War of Emotions
ii. Sedative

War of Emotions

The weight’s been lifted,
Another in its place
The weight of guilt pushing
Upon my innocent self.
What have I done?
It’s not my fault!
I’m not the one who
Should have to take
All this burden and shame!

She’s gone now,
And grief washed in.
But along with this grief
Came… This sense of relief?
No more trips, no more visits.
Just a quiet house to relax
And contemplate what’s next.

A war of attrition
With but a single opponent.
Present or past,
I’ve but one to outlast.
But this war has a flaw,
One that can’t be denied:
I am fighting myself,
So to win is to die.

The only way to win a
War with yourself
Is to make peace.
Release your dove and
Accept it on the other end.
So raise your white flags
And lift them high,
For to surrender to one’s heart
Is a sensation no money can buy.
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Pull in all the Magikarps!
May 9, 2014
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I have to sedate myself,
At your only request.
It's just a few days,
What's the harm in a pill?
To make the pain go away
As the scars heal themselves.

But my mind's fading fast—
I never knew how it'd feel.
You said the pain would go away,
But my entire person does instead.
With your medications for pain,
You claim to make the process better,
But my voided misery would like to contest.

This wasn't supposed to be.
It was supposed to remove the hurt.
No sedation, no fading,
Just a strong and simple painkiller.
But alas! I guess you chose the wrong pill,
And instead of gaining control of my life,
I think I'm losing my will.