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Volt Tackle Pichu + Fossil Pokemon + Items

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Nov 25, 2011
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Doing a massive giveaway from my Platinum game: 18 Volt Tackle Pichu, 8 various fossil pokemon, and various items.

The Pichus are legit, I transferred the parents and a light ball one of them held from Ruby.

Pichu - Male

Sassy (Loves to eat)
Jolly (Thoroughly cunning)
Jolly (Often dozes off)
Bashful (Likes to run)
Modest (Likes to run)
Adamant (Thoroughly cunning)
Calm (Highly persistent)
Modest (Loves to eat)
Bold (Likes to run)

Pichu - Female

Serious (Sturdy body)
Modest (Very finicky)
Timid (Thoroughly cunning)
Brave (Likes to run)
Brave (Likes to run)
Docile (Likes to run)
Gentle (Likes to run)
Lonely (Very finicky)
Calm (Likes to run)

Fossils (all at level 20)

Aerodactyl (Male; Hardy; Capable of taking hits)
Aerodactyl (Male; Hardy; Proud of its power)
Lileep (Male; Hardy; Likes to relax)
Anorith (Male; Bold; Likes to relax)
Cranidos (Female; Relaxed; Quick to flee)
Cranidos (Male; Lax; Somewhat vain)
Cranidos (Male; Timid; Often dozes off)
Cranidos (Male; Brave; Quick tempered)

Items (evo stones, evo-inducing items, etc.)

Up-Grade x2
Sun Stone x6
Light Clay x2
Moon Stone x2
Oval Stone x2
Fire Stone x4
Water Stone x2
Thunder Stone x3
Razor Fang x2
Protector x2
Shiny Stone x2
Leaf Stone x2
Dusk Stone x2
Dubious Disc x2
Razor Claw x2
Life Orb
Dawn Stone
Everstone x2
Odd Keystone

Gen IV only, I cannot transfer these to Gen V.

My Platinum FC: 4428-0341-9435
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Jun 29, 2013
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I want to trade so bad, but my HeartGold doesn't support my Wi Fi D:
Mantyke's Biggest Fan
Feb 3, 2013
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So you're just giving them away? Could I get that Lileep? :eek: