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Anime Wakfu: Season 4 is coming!

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Dec 9, 2015
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So, around this time last month, Ankama released a trailer for the fourth and final season of Wakfu, take a look!

I'll be totally honest, I'm not super excited for this one. Like, I'm gonna watch it either way, since at this point I'm invested in the characters and wanna see how it all ends, but the trailer just makes it look like more of what season 3 was, which I wasn't really a huge fan of. I loved the first two seasons of fun adventure sprinkled with plot and more serious villain stuff and some great character work. Then season three came along and oops! All of that stuff you enjoyed is gone and we're not even giving you a good villain, but we're sure gonna rub him in your face all the time! It was just so depressing all the time with none of the levity the previous seasons managed to give. Also Oropo was dumb and he literally never did anything that interested me. I can't believe we went from Nox to this.

Anyway, yeah, first 2 seasons were great, season 3 wasn't so great, season 4 just looks like more S3. Discuss.
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Nov 6, 2018
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Hell yes!

I wanted to back this on Kickstarter so much but the exchange rate was horrible at the time and I really couldn't justify it, no matter how much I love this series.
I loved all the seasons a lot, despite any flaws.

Shame it'll be a few years before Season 4 comes out though, what with their expected timeline.