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Mafia War Room Mafia: Revelations - Live Life - NEW AGE (TOWN) WINS - Ratings&Etc stuff

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Sep 27, 2010
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War Room Mafia: Revelations
A.k.a. War Room Mafia 6​

Damn, I actually made two trilogies out of this. We have come a long way.

WRM1 - WRM2 - WRM3 - WRM4 - WRM5

Settings: January 2015, long time after the events of WRM 4

“Aw, dammit, even after staring into these records, I can’t figure out the whole story!”
Hitomi slammed her head on the computer desk. For hours and hours she had been typing commands into the device that was evaluating critical information.

Now, it has been a while since the Battle of the New Age. The team New Age won last time. By stealing memories of the remaining Veterans of the battle, they managed to earn lots of information about the brainwave technology developed by early pioneers of The War Room.
However, there remained issues. The information wasn’t enough.
Their memory-evaluating apparatus could not fully process all the information that was stored in the stolen memories. Plus, there was a shortage of the memories used, now that they have run the memories way too many times in the device.

Paperhorse watched anxiously as Hitomi again started to type on the keyboard, trying to send in commands that would give more information.

“We need more memories to get the full story regarding the use of brainwaves then, come on.”
“Right, it’s essential to enhance the environment of today’s The War Room! It’s unfair that they know this technology and not us!”

Soulmaster (you happy now? :p), who was watching the two, turned to the four Veterans that were locked up in a telekinetic bubble behind them.
“Perhaps we can try to take memories from them again to see if we missed anything?”

The decision was quickly rejected, as Zenax and Parma gave nasty glares, their faces showing anger out of betrayal.
Paperhorse shook her head gravely. “I am not touching them with a ten-foot pole.”
Soulmaster shuddered. “If stares could kill, I’d be burned to ashes right here.”

Suddenly, all the lights in the laboratory went out.
Hitomi ranted. “Okay, which one of the new crew messed up with the power again?”
But something was wrong. The three New Age members panicked, as they heard the sound of the door being ripped from its hinges.
“The hell?”

Before they could see the intruder behind the door, all three New Age members lost their sense of weight in their feet.
They were floating for a split second, and then they were suddenly flying to a wall.

Immediately after they hit the wall, the torn door flew at them and slammed against them. Talk about a double hit.

“What is going on?”
“This can’t be our crew joking around! NONE of us have powers as strong as this!”

A new voice spoke.
“There they are. I can sense them with my brainwaves despite the dark.”
Another voice answered.
“Let’s get them out of here. It has been too long.”
A third voice echoed the command.
“Right. I’ll break that bubble now.”

Oh shit.

Some strange force pressed down on the three New Age members. They couldn’t move. They couldn’t lift the door and take the slightest glimpse at what was going on.

Soon after, the lights returned, and the New Age members stood shocked as all of the caught Veterans were gone.
Plus, their computer, in which they had stored all of their precious data, was gone! Only the monitor remained beeping its indicator light.

Paperhorse cried out in anger. She was pulling her hair anxiously. “What the, all of our hard work gone!”

Before they could ask that question whodunit, they noticed a note on the ground.

Meet us at the central plaza of The War Room. Let’s settle this.

Hitomi picked up the note. “It’s a challenge.”
“Don’t underestimate those guys. We’d better send our new crew just in case they’re trying to ambush us. Their brainwaves are apparently stronger than ours to have torn that door apart.”
Soulmaster raised an eyebrow. “Do you have the slightest idea who they can be though?”

“…I have a hunch that their other allies returned for revenge.”

  1. Host can take actions necessary to run the game smoothly, including changing rules.
    A. POOR SPORTSMANSHIP. Keep the game fun for everyone.
    B. NAMECLAIMING. Only claim your actions/abilities. This includes that ‘I’m (not) you’, mimicking posting styles, etc. Do not request such info from other players.
    C. SHARING HOST’S MESSAGES DIRECTLY. Be it PMs, role PMs, Quicktopics made by the host. Paraphrase the info.
    E. NECROLIKING AND DEADTALKING. One last 'okay I'm dead good luck' post is fine, but nothing beyond that.​
  3. Minimum activity is a public post for every 72 hours. If you do not maintain this activity and I do not hear news from you, I might sub you out without warning.
  4. Send me copies of your Private Communications. Add me as a recipient in all of your PMs. Add me to your Skype chats (Skype: minbmgf). Give me links to your Quicktopic threads via PMs.
  5. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night phases will last 24 hours.
  6. Updates will be done at 11 PM GMT +9 (9 AM EST for reference). Before that, you’re allowed to change your votes, change your targets, etc.
  7. Please send actions via Private Messages or Quicktopic. Skype is prone to lags and if I’m idle, there’s a big chance that I’ll miss your action.
    For some roles that warrant regular interaction with the host (i.e. cop), I will create a Quicktopic from the beginning which you can use to contact me. If you want me to create an ‘official’ QT thread for exchanging messages between you and I, request for one. Such QTs, again, cannot be shared with other players.​
  8. If I do not appear on the update time to at least announce the end of the phase (my being too busy to type an update at that very moment), it will be extended automatically. If I foresee this happening I will let you know ahead.
  9. Feel free to ask questions.

In this game, New Age is the Town. Veterans are the Mafia.
12 Town players, 4 Mafia players with no 3rd parties.

During Day phases, every player can vote. The player who receives the most damage from votes (with all relevant abilities input) is lynched at the end of the Day phase.

To vote, simply write in bold, Vote: (name of the target).
You may Unvote in the same posting style and then place a new Vote.
You are allowed to vote for a No Lynch, but a lynch will take place in case of a tie between a lynch target and the ‘No Lynch’ option.
A tie in vote damage will result in no players being lynched.

Vote count with all relevant abilities will be revealed at the end of every Day phase.

During Night phases, the mafia team names a target to be killed in their QuickTopic. Mafia’s nightly kill will be a team action, not an individual action.
At the same time, there are roles that have individual actions to be activated on their choice.
Depending on the situation the action might fail and you won't receive a results PM. You will get a simple ‘Your action failed’ message.
To keep things simple, Mafia players will enjoy the luxury of their action results being posted in their QuickTopic.

Town players win by getting rid of all the Mafia.
Mafia wins as soon as their number equals the Town players’, be it Day or Night.


  1. There are NO SPIES (roles that read private messages), NO BOMBERS, and NO CONVERTERS.
  2. Like the previous games in the series, all the roles are based on the users I’ve seen in The War Room. Per the plot, the role that you’re given are actual characters, and you yourself will be temporary identities given to those characters due to certain circumstances. The Dangan Ronpa: War Room Mafia is a good recent example.
  3. Difficulty on paper seems similar to the 4th game, with a few surprises here and there. But by now, it’s difficult to make a new role so I don’t expect too much trouble. Plus if you have a problem understanding how your role works, that’s something I am willing to help privately.
  4. Quicktopic is blocked in my home internet (wtf), so I am forced to use Proxy to access QT. Keep that in mind when checking the 'Unique' number. Just be careful when sharing links and QT’s default settings will keep the thread private.
  5. Knowing how I like typing flavor text, updates could end up being long. While I won’t spoiler the flavor text, at the very end there’ll be a brief summary for who died in the phase, and announcing the beginning of the next phase.
  6. Some elements have ideas that I received from players. I’m still accepting images for role PMs you’d like to be used for a role based on you (if the game already started by then, I’ll simply use the image when the role is posted). If you weren’t a role, then I’ll incorporate it into an update somehow.
  7. NEW - Flavor text is simply there for fun. If something mentioned in the flavor text is actually relevant to the gameplay then I'll have it mentioned in the summary so that you won't miss it.

  1. @Marius; - killed during Night 2 - 'Leggo', New Age
  2. @Paperhorse; killed Night 5 - 'Life', New Age
  3. @Soulmaster; WINNER - 'Midorikawa', New Age
  4. @HumanDawn; - lynched Day 5 - 'Froakie', Veteran
  5. @CrackFox; - killed Night 6 - 'Denial', New Age
  6. @The_Pikachu; WINNER - 'Setra', New Age
  7. @Flop; - lynched Day 8 - - 'Stuntology', New Age
  8. @Stuntology; - WINNER - 'Kyriaki', New Age
  9. @RainbowSkittles; - killed Night 6 - 'Crackfox', New Age
  10. @Denial; - lynched Day 9 - 'Neonsands', Veteran
  11. @BlisseyandtheAquaJets; - lynched Day 6 - 'Feliciano', Veteran
  12. @Midorikawa; - lynched Day 3 - 'Master Mew', Veteran
  13. @Phoenicks; - killed Night 4 - 'FinalArcadia', New Age
  14. @Life; - killed Night 2 - 'Neon Borealis', New Age
  15. @Leggo; - lynched Day 1, revived Day 2, killed Night 7 - 'HumanDawn', New Age
  16. @Rabbit; - killed Night 1 - 'Psycho Pacifist', New Age

1. @BlisseyandtheAquaJets; - subbed in Day 2
2. @Paperhorse; - subbed in Night 2
3. @Neon Borealis;
4. @Kyriaki;

Phase Changes & Other Key Events

To Night 0 - a.k.a. this is what happens when Min hosts a game after a year
To Day 1 - Story starts from N0 plot
To Night 1 - Time for Actions! (Leggo, Town player, lynched)
To Day 2 - Enjoy Valentine's with some rock music (Rabbit, Town player, killed)
Mid Day 2 - Announcement regarding flavor text (added to Notes)
Mid Day 2 - BlisseyandtheAquaJets replaces Drey
To Night 2 - Remains of the Day, no lynch due to tie (also, Paperhorse replaces Parma, Leggo is revived)
Mid Night 2 - Marius' role is modkilled, due to sub mistake (Town player)
To Day 3 - You get what you asked for (Life, Town player, killed)
To Night 3 - Get your Master Ball (Midorikawa, Mafia player, lynched)
To Day 4 - Silent Night (no one killed)
To Night 4 - Numbers stay (no one killed)
To Day 5 - Power of Three (Phoenicks, Town player, killed)
To Night 5 - Halfway Gone (HumanDawn, Mafia player, lynched)
To Day 6 - Doctors save lives so yeah (Paperhorse, Town player, killed)
To Night 6 - Failed Revenge (BlisseyandtheAquaJets, Mafia player, lynched)
To Day 7 - Crackfox died twice :p (Crackfox and RainbowSkittles, Town players, killed and modkilled respectively)
To Night 7 - Again, nope (No one killed)
To Day 8 - ...and HumanDawn died three times (Leggo, Town player, killed)
To Night 8 - Missed (Flop, Town player, lynched)
To Day 9 - Careful now (No one killed)
End - Live Life (Denial is lynched, Game ends with Town victory)
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King of Luxray
Sep 19, 2011
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I'll play!
Jul 12, 2011
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

May 20, 2009
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

Definitely want in!
Co-ordinator of Chaos
Dec 24, 2013
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I wonder if I'm a role in this game?
(If I am, I want this image as my picture)
Mellowed out and ready to earn a good name again.
Nov 27, 2014
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I'll sub.
Notification King 1111
Dec 12, 2011
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

Wow. Nice opening text. I nearly forgot I was evil : p

Well, confirming. Now will I get Soulmaster again...
So you want to be a hero?
Sep 1, 2009
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I'll join.
Aug 13, 2014
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I would like to sign up please
Licensed Hunter
Sep 21, 2013
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I would like to play!
Aug 16, 2005
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

confirming that i still want in on this.
May 30, 2012
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

In please.
Sep 27, 2010
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

@Phoenicks; asked me to put him on sign-ups via Skype as he is too busy to log in to the forums at the moment. He'll have to confirm his spot soon.
Dec 11, 2009
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

I'll sub.
Where the Shadows lie
Jun 15, 2009
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

What a fitting, sad size, a game as large as the first, though it is proper. May it be as successful.

oh my
Apr 5, 2013
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Re: War Room Mafia: Revelations SIGN-UPS (2015-02-05)

Confirming that I would like to indeed play this game~
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