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Was JN145 truly the end of the TRio?


Jul 17, 2019
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While I doubt this is the end that the voice actors and crew wanted to see for the longest tenured characters of the anime besides Ash and Pikachu, the fact that we only have two episodes of Ash’s journey left and no hint to their return is a bit concerning.

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There's absolutely no way. I severely doubt their final moment on the show would be them splitting up for good (especially since we've seen some variation of this scene multiple times now), but even if for whatever reason they wanted the Rockets' final scene to be them going their separate ways and on bad terms, there is no damn way in hell this was it. It was way too abrupt and pretty obviously meant to be a cliffhanger, not their finale. If I'm wrong and this is truly the TRio's goodbye I will eat my fucking hat.
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Honestly, I can't explain it why, but I felt that that was the last time we see them together. I felt similarly when Musashi left her contest dress behind, like "no more contest for her", and she never did them again. Many thought she continue to do them back then too, but soon after we learned their non existence on Isshu.
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