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Speculation Was Roughneck Kirby based on the game "Kirby"?

Is Roughneck Kirby a reference?

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  • No

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  • Kind of

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  • Only in the dub version

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  • accidental reference

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Aroush Halapsian is best girl.
Mar 8, 2011
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The Roughneck sprite is fat with a round bald head. Kirby is a pink round puffball.

Cleffa kind of look like a rounded star shape, which is a common shape in Kirby games, and is also round and pink like Kirby

Or is this just stretching a bit? Like even if the Roughneck is called Hiroto in Japanese, he can still be a reference even in the original, and his name in the other versions was a reference to him being a reference.

Or maybe they added the reference in on translating to English? The translators seem to love to add some pop-culture references in Pokémon. For example:

N saying "Burn, baby, burn!"
Elesa and Skyla's "And Don't call me Shirley!"
There is a bit of memespeak in DPPt because one of the translators joined SomethingAwful

And those were all apparently not in the original Japanese so the Kirby thing is likely just an added reference on dubbing.

Also in the 1st movie they added a reference to a sports team named The Vikings that went like this:

Team Rocket: *Show up in viking garb*
Brock: Vikings! I did'nt know there were still some!
Ash: I've heard they mostly live in Minnesota.

Of course I don't think that's actually in the original movie. Like the movie also comes with a CD that has songs that have nothing to do with the movie but are sung by famous popstars.

And one episode has Meowth compare his voices to the Chipmunks of Alvin and the Chipmunks, likely this is'nt in the original Japanese version either, but the therm "chipmunked voice" has entered popular lingo.

In short, Pokémon dubbers tend to add pop-culture references just to make it seem more set in America. And often they look out of place and make no sense in-universe!

I don't think that japanese version of Pokémon is full of pop-culture references, is it?

By other time I mean when I said that susan wainwright was actually based on either Susan Foreman or a possible regeneration of Susan Foreman. Which, I did'nt actually believe it or think it, I just was being a victim of an obsession. (I was reading the doctor who wiki about Susan Foreman and got reminded of susan wainwright) I know that Doctor Who (except NuWho and the 4th Doctor era) is'nt mainstream enough to get a reference in Sims 3. Unless by accident - I discovered Doctor Who via Doctor Whooves, after all.