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Welcome to General Pokemon Discussion!

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Oct 9, 2011
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Welcome one and all to the General Pokémon Discussion forum! This is where we can really dig into the world of Pokémon and how that world has influenced our own. You can talk about your favorite Pokémon and why you like them, Pokémon in the “real world,” and your theories about how they work. Or, you can go check out our Contest Hall and match up various creatures, locations, and other things from the world of Pokémon to see which is the most popular. This is a place for relaxed, open discussion, so feel free to post in some of our threads or start your own!

Featured Threads & Discussion
Pokémon General strives to offer a variety of fun, interesting, and relative threads that can appeal to Pokémon fans across the board. Included are threads asking about your favorite Pokémon, Pokémon-related quizzes, and other questions that span throughout the franchise.

Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above:

This thread is more or less self-explanatory. Each poster posts a Pokemon, and the next poster posts their thoughts!

What Pokemon ability would best fit you?:

Are you someone who's Intimidating? Or does Slow Start fit you better?


Would you keep, change, or delete an item/ability/move?

Does anyone like Meganium?:


General Pokémon Discussion Team

Each section of the forums has a select few moderators who work to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere. In Pokémon General, there are currently three moderators:

VM | PM ]
Hey everyone! colours here o/ I'm the resident Super Shaymin (okay, Admin, but I like this title better) here, so feel free to PM/VM me with any questions/concerns that you have! I'm pretty bad at talking about myself, so I'm not exactly sure where to begin. Let's see... I've been a fan of the series ever since Gen 1, although perhaps interestingly enough I grew up with the anime and not the games. I haven't played my first Pokemon game until Pokemon Snap/Pokemon Stadium 2, so you can say I've been attached to spinoffs since that's where I started! After that though, I introduced myself to the main series by playing Crystal version first. I didn't get very far because that was my brother's copy and he didn't let me play it very often, sadly. But that all changed once I got my first Pokemon game that I've owned: Ruby version. Man, Gen 3 was a blast and I could go on forever about it, but I don't want to drag this on too long. You can probably tell that it would be my favourite generation, and you wouldn't be wrong! Gen 3 and 4 both are huge parts of my childhood and teenage years so I will always remember them more fondly than other generations.

As far as Bulbagarden forums is concerned, despite my join date, I've actually only just returned recently (as of the beginning of 2019)! I've started off as a Discord Moderator (you can still find me around there, feel free to say hi, although keep in mind I'm not great at 1-on-1 convos ^^; ), and then decided to help out around General, because I love talking about Pokemon, so why wouldn't I? I also mod the Current Events: Sword and Shield and Video Games section because I hang around there quite a fair bit. And at some point, after a while of doing all this, the powers that be decided I earned this fancy super cape (edit: i'm admin now, so where does that put me? not exactly sure), so that happened! As far as I'm concerned though, not much really changed from when I was a regular mod. My goal is to make each of my section(s) fun to post in however I can with fun discussions.

... That probably went on a bit longer than it should've been. Another thing about me: I like to type a lot. :v And I preferably like to type in lowercase because it's my aesthetic with the exception of formal posts like these.

Anyway, I'll see you around! Enjoy the section and what it has to offer! I'll always be trying to think of ways to make posting in here fun so again, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM (or my fellow mods!) if you have any ideas and/or suggestions!

VM | PM ]
he's a super cow

[ VM | PM ]

Hello, my name is Pikadex! I am one of the moderators here in the General Pokémon Discussion, and I intend to make a positive impact on the community in any way I possibly can. I first heard about Pokémon through the anime, and since then I have been quite passionate in that area as well as being a merchandise collector.

I also take part in the Pokémon Anime and Manga section as well, but you’ll regularly find me in several other sections as well, as I like to explore around a bit. I am a very friendly person, despite my appearance, you can always feel free to ask me questions or send me a message if you need anything, it’s a huge pleasure to be accommodating to everyone. Anyways, that’s basically who I am, have a pleasant time in our community!

Closing Statements

So now that you’ve gotten to know us a little better and you know what we do in this section of the forums, feel free to go share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with your fellow users. If you still have any questions at all, please message one of us. Enjoy!

- General Pokemon Staff Team
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