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Welcome to General Pokemon Discussion!

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Oct 9, 2011
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Welcome one and all to the General Pokémon Discussion forum! This is where we can really dig into the world of Pokémon and how that world has influenced our own. You can talk about your favorite Pokémon and why you like them, Pokémon in the “real world,” and your theories about how they work. Or, you can go check out our Contest Hall and match up various creatures, locations, and other things from the world of Pokémon to see which is the most popular. This is a place for relaxed, open discussion, so feel free to post in some of our threads or start your own!

Featured Threads & Discussion
Pokémon General strives to offer a variety of fun, interesting, and relative threads that can appeal to Pokémon fans across the board. Included are threads asking about your favorite Pokémon, Pokémon-related quizzes, and other questions that span throughout the franchise.

Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above:

This thread is more or less self-explanatory. Each poster posts a Pokemon, and the next poster posts their thoughts!

Has your favourite Pokemon changed over time?:

Or have you always stuck with the same favourite Pokemon?


Would you keep, change, or delete an item/ability/move?

Can you name every Pokemon?:

Can you?

Monotype teams?:

If you had to make a monotype team of a given type, what type would it be and what would be your team?
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