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Welcome to Outside the Box!

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Sep 3, 2010
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Welcome to Outside the Box, more commonly known by the nickname OtB!

What goes here?
OtB hosts topics that do not belong in other sections. News, cooking, life, politics, sport, and advice to name a few are part of Outside the Box.

*To blog or not to blog?
Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a topic is better to post in this section or in your blog.

Before creating a thread. Ask yourself these questions.
  • Is it about me? (e.g. I got a cat, my sister stole my money, a hobo attacked me with a wooden spoon, I got detention, I found $70 in a drain, I lost $70 gambling on Manchester United) - IT GOES IN A BLOG!!!
  • Surveys, school projects and all that jazz - Probably blog.
  • A piece of writing like a script or essay help? - Writers Workshop.
Now if it isn't a blog but....
  • If it is a question that requires a specific, objective answer that, once provided, would end the discussion?
It goes in the Misc Simple Questions/Simple Answers Thread.
Where does it go?
After you have ruled out the blogs and the Misc Simple Questions and Answers thread, please use the search feature (It's a nice feature and it ain't broken) to see if there is already an open thread that focuses on your topic. If there isn’t one, the next step is to post it in the right spot.

OtB has three subforums:
  1. Support and Advice
    Here we provide a place where you can request for help on topics varying from love, bullying, school, friendship and much more. Please be careful regarding what to post and what to accept as advice.
  2. Post Count++
    Topics that are lax on discussion and have ever-changing answers. A great place for new members to quickly up their post counts.
  3. Outside the Box Archive
    A subforum that houses all of the older threads of the section. No posting is allowed in here, but give it a look over. You may find a topic you could revive and start the discussion over again with the input of newer members or you might want to look at some Bulba history.
If the first three don't seem to fit your topic, then it belongs in the main section. There are threads for cooking, sports, and general thread for conversation.

Still have a question?
Or just want to have a little chat? Feel free to contact any of the following staff members:


Hello, I'm G50. My username is the shortened version of a username I used to have that became nickname of sorts. I've been with Bulbagarden since January of 2011, but have increased in activity in early 2012 after I had more time to start spending here. I spend quite a lot of time between both the Forums and the Wikis, while consistently being involved in some way.

I have quite a few interests. I love to watch sports and have done Martial Arts almost my entire life. I have a few hobbies, writing music, learning about general IRC, Forum, and Wiki technical work, learning languages of Asian origin, and I like to study Entomology. I also like talking about and watching competitive cooking shows and horror movies.

I'm usually very timid and shy around people, though with help from friends I've been gradually breaking out of that shell the past two years. If at any time you have any question, don't be afraid to leave a Visitor Message or send me a Private Message. I will help in any way I can.

Shiny Celebi:

Hi I'm Shiny Celebi. I'm on here a lot and don't have very much else to do due to unemployment but I enjoy video games, movies, and reading books occasionally. My favorite game series is Pokemon but I also enjoy Animal Crossing: New Leaf as well. I'm not much of a gamer outside of Pokemon though. Here I also mod Garden Grotto, Help and Suggestions and Pokemon Video Games. I also really love animals and hope to have a career focusing on them. I currently volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter twice a week and enjoy it a lot (also where I adopted my cat from) but I don't have paying job at the present moment. I really enjoy talking to people here but I can be a bit shy and am not really a conversation starter so feel free to message me anytime you want to chat, I like it when people here talk to me.

Hey there, I'm SoaringDylan, but please do call me Dylan. :)
I'm the newest addition here to OtB and I hope we will all have a great time here together!
I've joined BMG back in november 2015, and spend most of my time in F&G and OtB.

I've a few interests, and most of them start with a 'P'.
I've been playing Piano for the last 3 years. I basically play whatever, and lately have been (attempting to) play a few Anime OPs and EDs. Which comes from my second interest, watching Anime.
Besides that I can usually be found Programming or Gaming as I'm studying Game Development.
And if my time hasn't been eaten by all of the above and being around on the forum, you can most likely find me reading a good book. I love Rick Riordian's books.

As English ain't my first language I can sometimes come off a little shy, but once you get to know me I'm actually quite talkative. So if you ever feel like chatting about anything, or more specificially, of anything from the above list. Or have a question, do send me a PM, leave a VM or message me on Discord! I'm in the BMG Discord Server with the same username if you're looking for me.
I'm always around to help, and I hope to see you around on the forum as well!

Hello everyone, I am Zexy. I've been a regular in the forums since January 2013. 20 years old, university student (naval architecture and marine engineering studies), from Greece. Hobbies include music (I'm playing the piano), anime and video games. My favourite series are Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Warcraft. I am the Section Head of Pokemon GO and also moderating Fun and Games, as well as the official Bulbagarden Discord server. If you would like to ask something related to modding or simply feel like chatting, feel free to send me a public or private message.
With that all out of the way, please enjoy your stay!
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