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Notice Welcome to Outside the Box!

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The Sobbley Trainer
Nov 17, 2015
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Welcome to Outside the Box! or OtB for short.

About OtB
OtB is the place on the forum where all the topics that do not belong in any other section go. Topics ranging from News or Cooking to sport, politics and life advice!

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a topic is better to post in this section, in your blog or Support and Advice.

Before creating a thread. Ask yourself these questions.
  • Is it about me? (e.g. I got a cat, my sister stole my money, a hobo attacked me with a wooden spoon, I got detention, I found $70 in a drain, I lost $70 gambling on Manchester United) - IT GOES IN A BLOG!!!
  • Surveys, school projects, and all that jazz - Probably blog.
  • That idiot that keeps getting you in trouble, I need some advice dealing with bullies, I'm not sure who I am - Support and Advice
  • A piece of writing like a script or essay help? - Writers Workshop.
Of course, not everyone wants to create a thread about their day or a blog for that matter. If you're just looking to chat about what happened today, why not swing by the Bulbagarden Conversational Chat Thread?

If you need help with something or you feel what asking is very personal, check out the very supportive community of Support and Advice! We are a community that supports and help each other through the rougher times in life.

Where should I start?
No idea where to start? The easiest way to find topics you like is to just dive head first into the section, open a few threads and reply! But if you're really uncertain where to start, why not take a look at one of our biggest threads:
Where do I post my new idea?
If you're looking to create a new thread, and have ruled out blogs and the Conversational Chat Thread. You should give the section a quick look around to see if a thread like yours already exists. A quick and easy way is to use the Search Function which you can find at the top of any page.
If you can't find it, or if it's been a while since the old thread has been used (a few months) then feel free to post a thread with your idea!

Still have a question?
Or do you just want to have a little chat? We have a few staff members here in Outside the Box who are here to help out anyone in need, but just like you guys also to have fun in a section we love!
Feel free to contact any of these staff members for a little chat, or any question you got!

Hello, I'm G50. My username is the shortened version of a username I used to have that became nickname of sorts. I've been with Bulbagarden since January of 2011, but have increased in activity in early 2012 after I had more time to start spending here. I spend quite a lot of time between both the Forums and the Wikis, while consistently being involved in some way.

I have quite a few interests. I love to watch sports and have done Martial Arts almost my entire life. I have a few hobbies, writing music, learning about general IRC, Forum, and Wiki technical work, learning languages of Asian origin, and I like to study Entomology. I also like talking about and watching competitive cooking shows and horror movies.

I'm usually very timid and shy around people, though with help from friends I've been gradually breaking out of that shell the past two years. If at any time you have any question, don't be afraid to leave a Visitor Message or send me a Private Message. I will help in any way I can.
Hi hi hi!

I'm Pikochu, one of your moderators for Outside the Box! And yes, I am fully aware that my username is misspelled. The name "Pikachu" has been taken and I have been called "Piko" by one of my close friends, hence why my username is "Pikochu." I have been a member since October 2013 and I find myself venturing Fun and Games, The War Room and this section quite often!

I'm born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and I graduated college with a Physics Degree. As of writing this blurb, I'm currently a software engineer for a large eCommerce company in Silicon Valley. My main interests are Physics, Chemistry, programming, piano, driving, taking long naps, doing math, role-playing, trying out new food as well as eating old favorites and meeting new people!

I always enjoy meeting and chatting with new people! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, mutual interests or just wanna talk, feel free to leave a post on my profile, send me a private message or message me on Discord (Info can be found below all of my posts)! Looking forward to chatting with you very soon!
With that all out of the way, please enjoy your stay!
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