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What age did you start liking pokemon?

I was like 6 or 7. Maybe younger. I started right when the games, show, and phenomenon started in America.
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I was five years old when the anime premiered in the States - soon after, I got Red version for my birthday and was instantly hooked.
I think I was six, so around 1999/2000. I've been watching the anime since they started showing it here in Slovenia and by the time I got my beloved Pokémon Red, it was too late to turn back :XD2:.
Haha! I feel so old XD I got into Pokémon when I was 16 around the time I was just leaving school back in '99.
Haha! I feel so old XD I got into Pokémon when I was 16 around the time I was just leaving school back in '99.

When I rediscovered the franchise about two years ago, I was only one year younger. It's similar cause I had to catch up on a whole new generation, so there was a lot of new stuff for me.

I once talked to someone who got into Pokémon at the age of 35, when his kid started playing.
I first got into Pokémon at around 8 or 9 when the anime first game out. I didn't even know the games existed until later.
My brother played it when I was 1 (that would be the gen II, I believe) and I seriously got into it.
I got my own game when I was 3, and raised my first L100 by my 4th birthday.
I was age 10 when I got Pokemon Red and got into Pokemon.
7 I think, sometime around late 1998. My whole class was into it and it was hard not to get into it too. Started with the anime and Blue, and then got Red later for Christmas. Good memories <3
Now that question has two answers for me, I first got into Pokemon when I was 7 with Sapphire, but after about two years I went through a several years phase I was kinda bitter towards the franchise because I was annoyed my parents refused getting me DS/Diamond as a later birthday gift. Until I got more conscious with my Internet usage and started searching about the franchise and eventually liked it again at about 14 years old, I have not quit since and do not plan to of course ❤️
10. TCG exploded in the elementary school I was in. Even I managed to get my hands on some cards. I then discovered Pokémon Sapphire and got it to see how Pokémon was as a kid.
I almost completely mentally transcended from everything else to here when I was about 12 or around the time pokemon B&W came out
I was six, my older brothers got Red and Blue, so I watched them play. And of course the anime helped.
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