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What anime is this image from?

Sep 27, 2010
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Sometimes you come across an anime character's picture, or a scene in an anime. It looks awesome, but you cannot seem to find what anime is the scene is from! (It often happens to me, because I see lots of Anime characters in avatars and I haven't seen a lot of anime myself, and sometimes I'm too shy to ask them where it's from.)

If you came across an image from an Anime that you do not know here it's from, post it here. Those who recognize the picture, post what anime the character/scene is from - even better, if you know what episode/season it's from, post the information along. :)

I'll start, as I came across this image and the page itself doesn't give where it's from.

Surgeon of Death
Apr 28, 2010
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First thing I thought of was Cowboy Bebop (which is strange since I barely know about the series), but a quick Google search confirms it.
Official Link Fanglomper
Feb 15, 2003
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As one of my fav series, yes that's from Cowboy Bebop. That's Spike and Ein.