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What are some of your favorite high school memories?


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Jun 1, 2023
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Graduating high school is one of my favorite high school memories. I had a few of my classmates graduate high school early in December 2020. At first, I was worried about not being able to graduate high school, and I was afraid of getting held back. The crazy part about graduating high school is the fact that I graduated high school early in January 2021. I was shocked. I never thought that I, out of all people, would graduate high school early. I thought only students with really good grades graduated early. My GPA was like a 3.2, so I thought I wasn't "smart enough" to graduate high school early lol. 4 months later, I walked across the stage and got my diploma. Because the COVID-19 pandemic was still around, we all had to wear masks, but it didn't really seem to bother me.

Another favorite high school memory of mine is where me and a bunch of other students (some of those students were also my classmates) were helping my teacher sell coffee and hot chocolate to other students and staff members at our high school. We were basically running a little company. We even got to drink some coffee and hot chocolate. While I personally don't like the taste of coffee, I do love me some hot cocoa. We even started a Facebook and Twitter page dedicated to our coffee company. While I wouldn't really consider it to be a "real" job, I still enjoyed pouring cups of coffee and hot cocoa and selling them, nonetheless.
I’m so old I don’t even remember what high school was like anymore... :lapras:
I fondly remember a couple of teachers, and a number of courses I followed especially in later years. Especially History and Philosophy I was really fond of and had good grades in. In debate class I remember being extremely nervous and terrified to debate someone, but ultimately slaying it because I came really well prepared. This felt especially good since the teacher of this class was notoriously strict and harsh.

I also fondly remember the trip we took in high school to London and all the things I did and saw there.

However, my most precious memories of high school are just spending time with friends outside of school. Mostly just stuff like, as soon as school was done, rushing with my friends to my house to play Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Just having a blast and forgetting the time. I haven't seen some of these friends since I graduated high school, the only one I kept up with regularly I haven't spoken to in years. Only a few days ago I got a massive rush of nostalgia and longing to go back to those days when I looked up some Mario Kart Wii music tracks.
Behold, the joys of living in a small hometown and having a popular family!

Unlike middle school, where I would get regularly bullied (good grades, no suspensions, not good at sports, wearing glasses, overweight, all the reasons I was not a "normal" kid), high school is the era where things would get better for me.

One major reason is that the majority of the troublemakers attended the other school which is considered worse/easier. A fair amount from nearby town middle school also got mixed into our class, most of which had no real trouble with me. I made it clear since Day 1 I will be focusing on the science subjects only, which made half of the literature class not consider me a threat. Most importantly, I offered help with homework to almost everyone on the terms they would just be kind with me. Sometimes it meant having to pretty much do all the homework several times over, but it worked.

I would also get elected every year on the 5-man class council, in fact almost always #1 in votes but never president or vice-president by majority 3 of the 5 members. All I had to do was promise the entire class some sense of stability and make sure to take care of the bare minimum of the things that needed to be done when it comes to scheduling trips proms etc. on the terms that I would not interfere AT ALL with whatever funny stuff the other 4 wanted until they would kinda get desperate and beg me to bail them out. Never the funny guy, but always the necessary one.

My actual peak was about March-May 2014, middle to late 11th grade (2nd of 3 for high school). The reasons were kinda local political though. We had local elections on May, the mayor's wife was the headmaster but would retire at the end of the year, the vice-headmaster (who eventually inherited the position and I graduated first year into her term) is our family friend, and the mayor's opponent was actually my first cousin once removed ie father's first cousin, whose daughter/my second cousin was one year younger than me, yet the only person ever at school to be president of the 15-man entire student council that was first year and female. This pretty much meant she was #1 popular and I was #2 simply because our family was like the ones the headmaster disliked the most but could not do anything about, and of course most kids did not like her, so the enemy of the enemy was their friend.

Unfortunately our relative was not elected, thankfully no petty revenge happened in time (her husband won, better not seem bitter so early in his term and be remembered for a petty month at the very end of her tenure) and the next year was super smooth too, I was like THE single most trusted student by all the teachers (new headmaster family friend who actually needed some time to focus on getting used to it all, we did make it easy on her), fairly liked by almost half the students (the others could not do much about it) and actually still had objectively good grades too (as the general final exams with the unbiased secret and remote marking system showed).

I was also asked to help with planning the routes in the trips, when the teachers would give us free time to wander around, since I had better sense of direction and geometry than most and thus they knew I would optimise it as much as possible.

... Did I mention cousin and dad were also like president and vice-president of the parents' council too?

In pretty much everything except intimate relationships, high school was my golden age. I can barely think of bad moments, while middle had plenty. Unfortunately, this is a bit of a boomerang, because I am now too much of a dissapointment to the same people that used to admire me that much :( No lasting friendships from that era either as despite being liked enough by most, I never let anyone TOO close.
Ah, high school. My high school years were 2006-2010. Absolutely crazy how time flies.

One particular memory that stands out was winning the creative writing award during our senior awards ceremony. I didn't actually attend the ceremony (you were only supposed to attend if you got an invite, which is how you knew that you were getting an award, and I never received an invite); I found this out after the fact from one of my friends who was there. Two of my former friends were also at the ceremony despite not getting invites; one of them, who also loved to write, for some reason thought she was getting the creative writing award and that's why she showed up. Apparently the looks on both of my former friends' faces when my name was announced as the winner was a sight to behold. They also apparently said some very nasty things about me that my friend refused to repeat even when I begged her to lol. It sounds so petty, but after the absolute hell my former friends put me through over that past month, that small victory felt so damn good. I do wish I could have been there to see the looks on their faces, though.

(Apparently my invitation had either gotten lost in the mail or was accidentally never sent, according to what the vice principal told me when I went to the school sometime later to pick up the award lol)
I would go to my friend's house to watch anime and eat pizza around once every two weeks I think, and man was it fun. We watched D. Gray-man, Soul Eater (this may've been early uni though), Ouran High School Host Club, and some other things shows that I remember very fondly. She also had an adorable cat to watch be silly. Man I can't believe that was 15+ years ago now. T_T
I remember going to a school where we did all our work on computers (the work was easy, for HALF the subjects and the other half was hard for the most part, but one of their helpers was able to help me lol), and then I take a break to play with some of the things there (there is this playground-like thing a while near the cafeteria where I’d go inside and on the top of it and fall asleep). I also sat with these five girls and I ate lunch with them (one was my best friend at the school, two grades below me, despite this, we got along VERY well, she likes Pokémon a lot like I do). I remember two Decembers ago I’d made a fake news report in iMovie; then, that February, I watched it on my phone as I ate my lunch.
Yeah, those were the days.
kinda wild that my favourite hs memories were more outside of hs than inside the school itself.

i miss hanging out with my two best friends. they would come over to my house, sometimes we'd play super smash bros or pokemon and have deep conversations. i think those moments will always stick with me since i think ever since my graduation, we've never really had that happen again. i haven't seen one of them in over a decade (though i still talk to him pretty often over the phone) and the other i only see once in a blue moon. it's like.... ever since i turned 17, my whole world changed with how i interacted with my closest friends. instead of being so close together, we had to walk our own paths in life. i miss those conversations and those gaming moments. i hope we can have them again in the future.

as far as inside the school itself, i've rarely had good memories there. there were good moments, but they were more sparse and occurred mostly during freshman year which i barely remember at this point, anyway. u_u
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