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What are some ships you would like, but are held back by one or two specific factors for you?

-shrugs- I disagree, but that's why I said "as I perceive them". XP To me, Sawyer seems younger than Ash, and in general like he's only a little older than Mairin (who's definitely way younger, imo). Bearing in mind that I do headcanon Ash as aging over the years, imo it seems like Sawyer would be 12 or so to Ash's 15/16 (it also doesn't help matters in this case that Ash's XY design is the most "teen" and the oldest that he's ever looked, at least to me), w/ Mairin being 10/11-ish. So as it is, I'd be okay with headcanoning Sawyer crushing on Ash, but not Ash reciprocating (same deal w/ Serena/Mairin).
I had a few other things to say about your opinions like how I agreed with them and such, but I deleted it except for the “same age” comment as I felt like I was gonna get in trouble for saying that-
What I was gonna say was:
  • I feel the same about the Alain/Mairin thing except for the little sibling thing, rather I think it’s more a hero-sidekick thing.
  • As if you didn't know, I headcanon Hilbert and Hilda as siblings because they look similar (the same for Elio and Selene), so both those ships are out for me
  • Ethan/Kris I ship because legend of thunder
Yeah, that’s pretty much it
For a brief time, I pondered the possibility of OriginsShipping: RedxReina. Why, I considered them to be a cuter coupler than even SatoshixKasumi (a.k.a. AshxMisty). Problem is:

  • The key word here is "brief" (i.e. the thought didn't last)
  • Most of my life, I only shipped characters together simply because it was "trendy"
  • Worst of all, the two don't interact enough to develop a believable chemistry
Some more for me are ferriswheel shipping cause of the age gap, origin shipping cause I see them more as best friends who end up getting dragged together (Steven is an honorary member of Wallace’s family and earned the title of “uncle steven” from Lisia. He also moved in with them cause of some things going on with the Devon corporation which I can talk about on my blog if you want)

malva and diantha too, Icr the name right now, and in my pokeverse I see them more as former friends who now would be ready to kill.

theres way more but I can’t remember then rn
Ferriswheelshipping (Hilda/N) would have been better if it wasn't for the age gap.

And surprisingly, I am not very fond of Alexandrianshipping (Volkner/Jasmine). I love Jasmine ships and Volkner is cool... but this is the only one I can't get into. If they were to be a couple... I can only see it as a first love/first relationship type of thing. I don't see it lasting long at all. I know it was popular back in the day because of Jasmine's cameo in Sunyshore, but in a lot of fanfics I've read about them they're out of character. Volkner always being portrayed as some bad boy archetype that Jasmine has to win over. There's also a rivalry she has with Candice in them. Like, it just rubs me the wrong way. :sadsola:

That and well, I ship with Volkner with either Flint or Candice instead.
Kieran/Juliana specifially. Also Carmine/Florian.

For whatever reasons Kieran/Florian seems more....healthy and organic. I feel Like Kieran would not want to getting involved with Juliana because he's very self-concious (he may have been very skeeved out in retrospect with his feelings towards ogrepon) but would be more open to the idea of being with Florian because he may relate to Florian better.
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