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What are the best gimmicks and abilities of each pokemon type and what types would deserve better ones in future?

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Jun 26, 2015
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water: Schooling, water absorb, dry skin, storm drain, Dazzling, drizzle, Innards out, gulp missile

poison: Corrosion and Liquid Ooze, Aftermath, Levitate

bug: shed skin, wonder guard, shield dust

ghost: Wonder Guard, Cursed Body, Perish Body, Aftermath,Disquise 5 notable ones

fire: flash fire, desolated land, steam engine

dragon: Multiscale, Gooey

fighting:Bulletproof, No Guard, Unseen Fist

normal:impostor, soundproof, Scrappy, comatose, vital spirit

dark: Illusion

psychic: trace, magic bounce, psychic surge

ice: ice scales and ice face

rock: sturdy, steam engine, sand force

ground: ??? Desolated land? Water compaction, Arena Trap? sand force?

fairy: ??? misty surge, sweet veil and aroma veil

grass: grassy surge, Queenly Majesty, sap sipper, effect spore

electric: static, electric surge,

flying: Gale Wings, gulp missile, multiscale

steel: Sturdy, Heatproof, magnet pull, steel worker, steel spirit, sand force, iron barbs, Magic Armor

I think personaly dark ,fairy, grass, steel, dragon, psyhic, electric, ice, bug ,ground, rock,
would deserve better abilities and gimmicks in future... some like queenly majesty(rock/ghost bastet cat god) or dazzling would be cool to see on other pokemon more too.

Seriously some like poison maybe could get a gimmick that unites two abilities or more? grass, water, psychic and fairy
its own substitute ability? generaly protective abilities are rare, maybe too rare in comparision to the offernsive and power boosting ones.
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