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What are you currently thinking about?


dunno y u gotta pain 2nyt
Jul 16, 2011
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I'm thinking about what I should be doing, and what other threads I could make in this forum.
Funny, 'cause I thought about starting this kind of thread (assuming it didn't already exist). Anyways, I'm thinking about tomorrow's Pokemon announcement. I am certainly looking forward to it!
I'm thinking about what I can say I'm thinking about. XD
I'm thinking about what my dad could be making for dinner.
I'm thinking about what tomorrow will bring, and whether I should change my username to Zima or Lith.
I'm thinking about the very suspicious-looking seagulls on the roof of our school library. o_o
All the homework I have to finish... :/

Meulin Leijon said:
Currently, thinking about what I'm even thinking about, but a few seconds before that I was thinking about @Kurloz Makara. o///o

aww, hello there Molleh~ xP
Thinking about how I wish class was over so I can go home and shower. Also Pokemon X and Y. I want Fennekin! I better save up for it.
I'm thinking about the names for the new legendaries and what the starter evolutions could possibly look like.
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