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What are you currently thinking about?

... That project I talked about last post is actually not getting launched tonight after all lol, it will wait a day :)

Other than that, I am trying to think of ways to maximise gains from the quad stardust Paldea event in GO, basically when, where, and how I am going outside the next 3.5ish days
How the heck did I have 17 notifications on Bulbagarden forums, I usually get 9 at most :lapras:
I just figured out Magnemite's skill in Pokemon Sleep temporarily increases ingredient pot size for the next meal, and considering how hard it is to get enough anyway before the bonus (unless you pay for tickets of course), I am confuzzled on why even players willing to pay would rather have that on their helper team instead of something that provides strength directly without necessitating paying more...
How annoyingly boring Pokemon GO trades can be :( But they are a necessity now and then, met up with a friend and we exchanged one of each new Paldean species with old mons from 2018 for guaranteed luckies...
Trying to think what my ideal team in Pokemon Sleep should be, I feel like I am doing a few things wrong and not progressing as fast as I could've.
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