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What are you currently thinking about?

How I keep getting writer’s blocks on-and-off and how it causes me to not get many things done.
How hideously annoying colds are.
And this, too.
Even if I wear my favorite baggy gray hoodie (a hand-me-down), still cold. Especially at night. And it’s still summer.
I wish I was not so busy sometimes... Then I remember it is something I chose for myself, step out of comfort zone and regain the feeling of doing something all the time
why it takes my sister so long to get ready
I've been scouring Amazon for all the things I want to make my perfect pink gaming set-up. There's the keyboard, the chair, the mic, the stand for my controllers, etc....
So far I just got the new silicon cover for my Switch Pro Controller :) It came today :D
It's cute and purple.
What I should do in my remaining two hours before I must go to bed. Should I pull out my tablet and do more art? Should I play more PMD? Should I detail my fakemon in a Google Doc? I'm veering towards that last one, because whenever I pull out my tablet, I inadvertently spend hours on it and mess up my sleep schedule.
I'm thinking about the Pokémon Scale World's figure seried and calculating the heights of Pokémon characters according to them.
What books and other bits to pack when my folks and I fly out to Greece on Sunday. The place we're going has a lot of water sports and similar activities, so definitely my swimming gear.
We have to visit some of the annoying extended family later tonight, and I am just so annoyed :(
Grubbin Community Day is coming up soon this weekend and I am a bit bored for it :(
how annoying the workload in ap chem is
I gotta say, that MacDonald's ad featuring the little kid has got to be one of the most wholesome things I've seen in a long time.

Certainly makes me feel like going out and having some fast food. :bulbaLove:
Just how many "theorem" videos does False Swipe Gaming has? There is a Quagsire one, a Regigigas one and even a Rampardos one
Just how many "theorem" videos does False Swipe Gaming has? There is a Quagsire one, a Regigigas one and even a Rampardos one
there's a bastiodon one too
Bastiodon... The epitome of one-sidedness in Pokemon GO PvP. Yet it somehow is good (except all the times it is terrible).
sounds about right.
the video is titled "why defense isn't everything: the bastiodon theorum" iirc
Anyway, right now I am thinking that Registeel is the coolest Regi, although when I was younger I liked Regice more
why I can't make this drawing look right
Currently thinking that I am a bit too tired too early compared to usual, despite having extra coffee. I really did not sleep well last night :(
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