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What are you going to nickname your team in SV?

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I wanted to do a species name + suffix name theme. I chose to take part of the species name (base stage) and add one of the syllables from Naranja since I played Scarlet. My nicknames ended up being.

Maushold- Tanaranja
Tinkaton- Tina

I was so lucky that I ended up using na, ran, and ja on 2 Pokemon each, which is exactly what my goal was. I think it's funny that my only two boys ended up having the 'ran' suffix, which I actually find fitting. I used the entire 'naranja' in Tandemaus's name because my 'headcannon' was that one mouse was named "Tana" and the other was "Ranja". Then they evolved and had babies so now I 'headcannon' that all four have the names "Ta" 'Na" Ran" and "Ja"
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