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What Are Your Dream Crossovers/Team Ups?


Jul 21, 2018
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Title. What characters from your favorite series/franchises (Cartoons, Anime, Live Action shows, Movies, Video Games, Literature, Comics, whatever) do you wish could meet? It doesn't matter how outrageous or improbable. Just have fun! And feel free to list as many as you want.

Right off the bat, a Spider-Man (specifically from the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series) and Nickeloden's Danny Phantom Crossover would be one I'd love to see! Okay...not an original idea, BUT come on! Their teenage superheroes with teenage and superhero problems. Also some of the cast from both shows are fairly similar with Flash Thompson/Dash Baxter (an obvious Expy of Flash) usually coming to mind, and Green Goblin/Vlad Plasmius both being wealthy businessman who are also the arch-enemies of their respective hero.
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♡ cyber end ♡
Oct 18, 2011
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Final Fantasy x Fire Emblem would be cool! Both from a gameplay standpoint (Final Fantasy as a tactical RPG, or Fire Emblem as a more traditional JRPG) and from seeing the characters interact, since there are so many that I like from both franchises. Seeing stuff like, say, Garnet and Ashe talking to Eirika and Celica about their feelings toward being royalty and all would be neat.

Final Fantasy x Yu-Gi-Oh! is a total pipe dream lol, but I would LOVE to see Final Fantasy characters dueling and seeing what kinds of decks they'd use.

Devil May Cry x Castlevania I think would be super neat from a visual standpoint. It'd be an avenue to bring DMC back into a kind of gothic castle aesthetic, and it'd be fun to see Dante hamming it up alongside the usually more serious Castlevania characters. I think Jonathan Morris and Nero would get along well too (Jonathan is probably the closest Castlevania character to feeling like he could fit into DMC personality-wise IMO)! Alucard being a half-vampire could give him some common ground with the half-demon Dante and Vergil. Maybe somehow Adi Shankar can actually make this one a little bit of a reality in his Netflix series at least, since he works on the fantastic Castlevania show and is working on a Devil May Cry one.

Tactician Karina

snake charmer
Sep 26, 2015
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Fire Emblem x Final Fantasy
Fire Emblem x Pokemon
Final Fantasy x Pokemon
Sailor Moon x Cute Earth High Defense Club Love!
Touhou x Fire Emblem
Touken Ranbu x Touhou
Touken Ranbu x Final Fantasy
Goblin Slayer x Fire Emblem
Hetalia x Touken Ranbu
Free! x Cute Earth High Defense Club Love!
My Hero Academia x Black Clover
Beyblade x Yu-Gi-Oh!
Black Butler x Gosick
Kemono Friends x Tokyo Mew Mew
Snow White with the Red Hair x Fire Emblem
Strawberry Panic! x Touhou
The Rising of the Shield Hero x That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
DanMachi x KonoSuba
MegaTen series x Final Fantasy
MonMusu x Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
Attack on Titan x My Hero Academia
Gunvolt x MegaTen series
Ni no Kuni x Fire Emblem
Hetalia x JJBA
Vampire Knight x Castlevania
Vampire Kinght x Rosario + Vampire
Loveless (manga) x Star-like Words (manga)
IDOLiSH7 x Uta no Prince-sama
Boyfriend (Kari) x IDOLiSH7
Servamp x Bungo Stray Dogs
CANIS (manga) x Rin! (manga)

Some for the genres they are in, others cause I thought it'd simply be cool/funny to see. (I also have a lot more crossover ideas, but I think this is already enough)

prog rocker

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May 27, 2018
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I do recall that Capcom said they were interested in doing a Nintendo vs Capcom once. I just hope that if this ends up happening

Also, Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2 needs to happen. Just don't remove the bios again so I don't have to check Wikipedia one by one to know who is who.

A Smash Theatrhythm game would be nice, too.

I would also like another Sunday vs Magazine, specially if they don't limit it to "one series" per autor like they did last time. Maybe they could add Lee from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Ranma this time.

DreamMix TV World Fighters 2. I know the original game was bad, but is enjoyable to play against other people, although now that Konami has absorbed Hudson it would look more like Konami x Takara crossover.

Also, I would like an actual Capcom vs SNK. The one they released could be called "Street Fighter vs The King of Fighters" due to how both series's rosters almost consist of those two series.


Feb 4, 2010
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I'm still waiting for a non-Olympic Games crossover of Mario and Sonic. (Aside from Smash Bros.)

Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Jun 22, 2015
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A Digimon MOBA developed by both Bandai-Namco and Hi-Rez (so pretty much SMITE but Digimon)