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Music What are your favorite albums?

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Because we need more music threads here in OtB. :LOL:
Which albums could you hear a million times and never get sick of them? Which ones do you listen to all the way through without a single skip? Any new favorites you've discovered recently, or old favorites that you've gone back to? Talk about 'em! (Or make a list!!)
The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album)
Kesha - Rainbow
Lily Allen - No Shame
Taylor Swift - folklore; evermore
Marina and the Diamonds/MARINA - Froot; Love + Fear; Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land
Regina Spektor - Far
Florence + the Machine - Lungs

All of these. :D
Thank you so much for making this...
My top 5
1. To Pimp A Butterfly (Kendrick Lamar)
2. Self Titled (Playboi Carti)
3. Graduation (kanye)
4. Kids See Ghosts (Kanye and cudi)
5. Luv Is Rage 2 (Uzi)
and some honorable mentions, damn and good kid maad city (both kendrick lamar) luv vs the world and eternal atake (both uzi) all of kanyes albums, flower boy, wolf, cmiygl, and igor (all tyler the creator) rodeo and astroworld (travis scott) 17 (x), die lit (carti), shoot for the stars aim for the moon (pop smoke), stokeley (ski mask), and finally Because the internet by childish gambino
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I guess I can contribute to my own thread too lol. In the past year or so these have been some of my favorites:
  1. Underdog Alma Mater (2008) by Forever The Sickest Kids (this has been one of my favorite albums since I was like... 13 lol)
  2. Tell All Your Friends (2002) and Where You Want To Be (2004) by Taking Back Sunday
  3. A Twist In My Story (2008) and Awake (2007) by Secondhand Serenade
  4. Wires... And The Concept Of Breathing (2008) by A Skylit Drive
  5. Catalyst (2004) by New Found Glory
  6. 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane (2002) by t.A.T.u.
  7. So Far From Real (2003) by Cauterize
  8. A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar (2003) by Dashboard Confessional
  • Phobia (2006) by Breaking Benjamin
  • One-X (2006) by Three Days Grace
  • Savage Garden (1997) and Affirmation (1999) by Savage Garden
  • 1000 gecs (2019) by 100 gecs
  • ...Baby One More Time (1999) by Britney Spears
  • Still Not Getting Any (2004) by Simple Plan
  • Let Go (2002) by Avril Lavigne
  • Speak For Yourself (2005) by Imogen Heap
  • Living Proof (2001) by Cher
...I swear, I listen to music from other decades, I do...
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Gee, @Orchid, you like Secondhand Serenade, too! Whoever showed you that must be really cool...... But anyways! Here's all my favorites off the top of my head! I'm gonna feel pretty silly if I'm forgetting something, but oh well..

1. Maybe I'm Dreaming and Ocean Eyes by Owl City.
2. An Airplane Carried Me To Bed by Sky Sailing.
3. Awake and A Twist in My Story by Secondhand Serenade.
4. Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos.
5. Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind by Vashti Bunyan.
6. Selfish Machines by Pierce The Veil.
7. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys by My Chemical Romance.
8. Sam's Town by The Killers.
9. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes.
10. Guaranteed To Disagree by We Are In The Crowd.

Okay, writing this I definitely have a lot more than I thought! I pretty nearly put every Owl City album on here, and it's a liiittle ridiculous how long it took me to narrow it down to just two! I also wanna give an honorable mention to Cosmo Sheldrake cause I love the Wake Up Calls album even if it didn't make the list /)w^
The Used is my favorite band, so pretty much anything from them. If I had to narrow it down to just a few of them, though, their self-titled album and In Love And Death are absolute classics that still hold up all these years later, The Canyon is a cathartic masterpiece that does not get the respect it deserves, and I've been obsessively listening to the bonus tracks from Heartwork's deluxe version ever since it dropped five months ago.

There are plenty of great albums from other artists, of course; The Used is just my go-to. :)
I’d say I have a bit of a limited range in album preferences as I haven’t even listened to an extremely wide range of artists as many others have. (No particular order)
1. Abbey Road (great album to “end” The Beatles. Great songs from the first side and great medley; every single track counts)
2. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (great opening, middle is good too, and amazing ending)
3. Revolver (overall, great rock songs throughout the album)
4. Turnstiles - Billy Joel (not a single bad track on this album)
5. Nylon Curtain -Billy Joel (definitely has better songs than Turnstiles but not as perfect)
6. Highway 61 Revisited (worth listening from front to back.)
7. Imagine (another one worth listening from front to back. The songs are just full of emotion. Imagine usually isn’t the track I’d go to the album to listen to)
this is in a very loose order?

  • origami angel, 'somewhere city' (midwest emo)—i classify this and another album as 'perfect works'—basically, the entirety of it, start to finish, is exemplary and cannot be topped. this album specifically tells a story! from what i've heard, it's basically, one of platonic(?) love basically? basically, helping someone that the singer cares about to a place where... they're never alone, that's what somewhere city is. it means a lot to me, and over the years the way it means to me has evolved and changed, but it's... always been my favorite piece of music, ever. i've been lucky enough to see them in concert twice, and they're fun live. just two of them! i've heard this album described as 'a blissful emo masterpiece', and god that's exactly right. it's midwest emo through and through, in the best way possible. plus, they're pokémon fans LOL!

favorite track: changes each listen. 'skeleton key' and 'find your throne' have stood out for me lately.
similar bands: guitar fight from fooly cooly, tiny moving parts

  • JYOCHO, 'utsukushii shuumatsu cycle' (japanese math rock)—along with 'somewhere city', this is the second album i regard to be a 'perfect work'. daijiro nakagawa is their guitarist, and he... works absolute magic, oh my god. his prior project, uchu conbini, was very similar to JYOCHO, and he was great then too—same with his solo stuff too. he's japan's greatest guitarist, even moreso than ichika nito. there's an immense amount of... emotion, in his playing. JYOCHO, and this album in particular, make me think of nature, and the earth, and... like, fresh air in the forests in my area. JYOCHO means 'emotion', and in an interview (interview is in japanese) daijiro said that with the name of the band being as such, they want to convey the feelings of 'wabisabi' (acceptance of imperfection and incompleteness) through their music. despite this, i still call it perfect music lol. nekota netako, their vocalist, is soooo good, i have a softspot for female vocals, and god she just... soars in whatever they put out. along with yuuki hayashi, their flute player (it's so cool that they have a flute honestly, it's very unique and adds to the atmosphere of it all), it all just feels very, complete.
favorite track: sugoi kawaii JYOCHO. even though their vocalist isn't there (she does keyboard for them too!), it's... ough it's sooo mathy and everyone gets a part for themselves!
similar bands: uchu conbini, chinese football, daijiro nakagawa

  • chinese football, 'chinese football' (chinese math rock/twinkle emo)—i do not understand or speak any chinese at all, but... you kind of get it, the feel of this album. it's melancholic in a very quiet way. their name is similar to midwest emo legends 'american football', and the music itself is very, very similar. pure downtempo emo bliss. this is such a chill and calm album, but the simple greatness of this just is so apparent. the vocalist's... dirty vocals, while very infrequent, are mesmerizing in that they're not... aggressive, kind of. i'm not doing a good job of explaining them, but chinese football is a love letter to something. i've heard that some of it is actually... connected to the chinese national soccer team, especially the song 'goodbye milu', but just this album... i cannot explain it so please check it out. it's long but it's so worth it, it's music you can just kind of 'feel' to.
favorite track: anything from the last half of the album, 'the last emo boy on earth' and 'goodbye milu' are great
similar bands: american football

  • american football, 'american football' (midwest emo)—this is widely regarded as the first midwest emo album. (or at least one of the first ones?) while the scene has grown since this album's 1999 release, you can hear every part of it in this. the twinkle, the emotion, it's... an emotion that's difficult to capture? maybe one of bygone days, days i didn't even exist in, but... there's something special in this album, for a lot of reasons, but especially because it birthed an entire genre. perfect for summer and autumn nights, or just for when things hurt. very recommend.
favorite track: 'never meant' is the undisputed best song in it, i also like 'but the regrets are killing me'.
similar bands: chinese football, any band in the midwest scene

  • the cabs, 'the first action' (japanese skramz/twinklecore/midwest screamo)—this album never lets up. it's... some might feel like it's just 'noise' basically, but if you're a fan of twinkly music, especially midwest emo that's on the more hardcore side (think 'guitar fight from fooly cooly' style midwest), it'll come a bit more naturally. god they're just good!! their singer goes between clean and dirty vocals really nicely, and it's just super enthralling to hear the guitar work. it's crunchy as hell, but like... that's the super cool part about it?? the cabs and mudy on the sakuban are like, the two giants of the VERY small japanese skramz scene. i can't describe the sound of this album, so please listen to the cabs and mudy on the sakuban both, you'll get it then.
favorite track:
similar bands: mudy on the sakuban, österreich, lical

  • takamachi walk, 'shattered' (metalcore)—this album is my favorite metal album, and is one of my favorites overall. it was recommended to me by someone... incredibly, incredibly special and important to me (more than anyone else! you know who you are!!) and god she was incredibly on point with this LOL. everything about this, from the singers effortlessly going from japanese to english, to the dirty vocals being out of this world, to their usage of traditional japanese instruments????? all of it is, incredibly incredibly up my alley. this album is just an experience and such an amazing thing to listen to. i need to listen to their new album actually! the person who recommended it to me and i are going to listen to it together, hopefully soon, because we both haven't heard it yet! (hii neechan!! LOL.. 会いたい!!) i cannot describe this well at all, please listen!
favorite track: tsuki no sanka
similar bands: N/A

special mentions:
  • by the end of summer, 'laughing ep' (japanese midwest emo)—god this is my favorite midwest emo album (excluding 'somewhere city'), japanese or otherwise. japan doesn't have a huge midwest scene... i guess america doesn't either really, but the first track here, 'phony', is unironically my favorite midwest song. you can't understand their (english) vocals at all due to the accent of the singer, but they carry a nice tone to them that fits the genre well, and just the guitar work and... this album carries an extremely, extremely distinct feeling for me–one of summer nights. cannot explain this, please listen to it.
favorite track: 'phony'
similar bands: kudaranai1nichi, ANORAK!, saïd, and protector

special band mentions that i would go into more but i've been writing this for an hour and don't want to write anymore:
  • medoed. + avec plaisir, both incredible midwest bands, one from russia and the other from quebec!
  • the winking owl, my favorite band at the moment! the paramore of japan, something like 'emo-pop metalcore'. female vocalist which is like the coolest thing ever??? she does english and japanese vocals because she can speak both, luiza is her name she is super good! listening to their whole discography right now i recommend very much

so yes that's, some of my favorite albums? i could go on for waaaaaaay longer, but i will cut myself off for now!!!
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This is old and I am late BUT I am happy I'm late.

Anyways favorite albums so far ;

Uratanuki - FLOWER
Uratanuki - DATE
Aho no Sakata - Steal Your Heart!
Aho no Sakata - Home
USSS (UraShimaSakataSen) - V-enus
MARETU - Coin Locker Baby Album
Would be verrrry criminal of me to list every Starset album-- but I will. (Literally my favorite band besides BMTH gotta be real)


HORIZONS gets a special mention because it's both the band's newest album and their most experimental. INFECTED is for sure my favorite Starset song, but the lyrics of DEVOLUTION are absolutely phenomenal.

Enter Shikari - Nothing is True & Everything is Possible similar to Starset's whole theme of rising against a greater power, Enter Shikari does the same in this one and the transition to each song is sooo worth it. I regret not seeing them live when I had the chance.

Nightclub - Die Die Lullaby, I have NEVER heard a Nightclub song I didn't like, and they blew it out of the water with this album. If I were to put my art into the form of a song-- it would be everything on this album.

Bring Me the Horizon - POST HUMAN SURVIVAL HORROR. This one. Cannot put into words how absolutely raw this whole album is, literally CANNOT not listen to the whole thing every time. If you're ever in Sheffield England, please pay your respects to Church-- Oliver Syke's pub named Church, I mean! If I had to pick a fav from this album... Obey. Obey for sure, but god do I love Parasite Eve thematically.

Mili - Millennium Mother, gotta be honest, I think I like the album Miracle Milk more rhythmically (I've been following Mili for a LONG ass time), but Millennium Mother just shows the growth of the band beautifully in so many more ways, and the variance of the songs is stronger than Miracle Milk. My bias may also be because this is the first album of Mili's I've ever had the honor of owning physically! (And all the beautiful art that comes with it!)

Alice Schach and the Magic Orchestra - SCHACH. If you haven't heard of Alice Schach, a music duo of two very passionate girls, I urge you to do so. Every song is sung in their own chaos language, and watching them grow has been so extraordinary. QUEEN FLY takes the cake for the album honestly!

Blackdresses - WASTEISOLATION. Blackdresses has been a guilty pleasure band of mine for years, and I know it's a little overrated of me to pick this album over every other, but god, the lyrics the lyrics! A lot of Blackdresses' songs are about trauma and the effect it has on you, and WASTEISOLATION was the first album they had where the lyrics were focused on something external-- about having it out for those who have hurt you. It's raw, it's real, it's the definition of catharsis for me. Love this whole album.

and finally Keygen Church - ░█░█░░█░█░█░ (yeah that's the album name. the whole thing). Not really much to say about this one, as it's all instrumental tracks of the most goth organ you've ever heard totally bustin' out the tunes in an evil boss fight melody :) Every song on it goes crazy in its own way, I listen to it a lot while drawing.

That's all for now, I think.
I don't usually listen to full albums all the way through since they almost always have at least one song that I don't care for, even from my favorite artists, but these are the ones that generally have the highest concentration of songs I like:

AJR - OK ORCHESTRA // favorite tracks: World's Smallest Violin and 3 O'Clock Things
Daft Punk - Discovery // favorite track that isn't Harder Better Faster Stronger: Short Circuit
Kairiki Bear - ベノマ (Venomer) (encore remix album) // favorite track: 失敗作少女 (Failure Girl) - inabakumori remix
Kairiki Bear - イナイイナイリブート (Inai Inai Reboot) // can't pick a favorite track, all of them are good
The Megas - History Repeating: Red // favorite track: I'm Not the Breakman
Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: mythos // favorite tracks: Departure and Cannon Ball
Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero: résonnant vie // favorite tracks: Cannon Ball and Break Out in Resonance
Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax (be quiet this belongs here) // favorite track: I Am... All of Me
Crush 40 - The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs (compilation album, but it still counts) // favorite track: Open Your Heart

...this really hits every single point of my taste in music, doesn't it?
(edited to add some that I forgot)
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This is old and I am late BUT I am happy I'm late.

Anyways favorite albums so far ;

Uratanuki - FLOWER
Uratanuki - DATE
Aho no Sakata - Steal Your Heart!
Aho no Sakata - Home
USSS (UraShimaSakataSen) - V-enus
MARETU - Coin Locker Baby Album
Can’t believe I forgot AtR T-T anyways small update.

AtR (Soraru and MafuMafu) - イザナワレトラベラー (Izanaware Traveler)
MafuMafu - Kagurairo Artifact
MafuMafu - 明日色ワールドエンド (Tomorrow's color world end)
My #1 has to be KikuoMiku2 (by Kikuo, obv). ABSOLUTELY required front-to-back listening for anyone who likes Kikuo, some INSANELY good stuff in there that gets overlooked like crazy just because some of them don't have MVs. Aside from that, Oster's CD vol.1 (by Oster Project, again pretty obv) and Powered Word World (by Nanahoshi Orchestra) are pretty great too. And in terms of just 2023 albums, the year's definitive winners have to be FRUITÁGE (by Nilfruits) and HAPPYPILLS (by Utsu-P). But I think if I talked about all the albums I like, I'd go on forever, syo I don't think I will. I guess you can just check my liked albums on VocaDB for that (the reason I've rated them all 5* cause on a 0-100 scale I'd put anything I'd rate 80-100 at 5* on there, and I only feel good about liking full albums on there if I'd rate them 80 or higher).
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