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What are your goals for today?

Being able to say "I like my girlfriend" in danish, as I've been learning the language over Duolingo since last Saturday. Only now am I learning about some colors, but I think I got this one : "Jeg kan lide... [the danish words for my girlfriend]". Hopefully I'll know those words soon enough :bulbaLove:
want to finish my homework for today (chemistry and german which i have open right now and am instead ignoring) + hopefully figuring out more of a plot for a potential nanowrimo thing?
Get through today without messing anything up. Bonus points if I can do it without having to bug my boss over something.

and then have couch time with the dog for Monday Night Football...which I may sleep through given how tired I am, we'll see.
try to write something more than like two paragraphs lol (I get distracted way too easily)
my goal for today (and tomorrow and friday) will be the same as when i previously posted in this thread: make it through today.

normally, i'd make a much more positive post, but after work pissed me off (i really don't want to argue with QA's nitpicking), i just want to get this week over with.
same. My goal today is to finish all or at least some of the art that I need to get done. And maybe if I still have time/energy after that, trying to prep for my English test (it's my third GED exam and there's going to be a written assignment section, so I'm immensely not looking forward to that part lol).
To actually try to write and start a fanfic would be really nice. But I've been trying to get back to writing off-and-on for literal YEARS now and it still hasn't happened so ¯\(ツ)

I've got actual, sort of concrete ideas recently, though, so maybe there is hope later tonight.
i have a few more writing projects i really need to keep going on... i want to get more of that done today.
also got a novel i need to finish for class i've been severely procrastinating. i'm a fast reader so it should work out... though i really need to work on the fact that i seem to do this to myself constantly lol.
Day's almost over for me but tomorrow I need to vacuum and do laundry. Maybe try to make a good iced tea, I can't seem to make many drinks as good as any shop lol. Need lemon juice!!
I just wanna continue my painful Let’s go shiny mewtwo reset hunt, sure the odds are max odds (at least it’s gen 5+ odds) making it way harder but I KNOW FOR A FACT it is not shiny locked so I want a shiny mewtwo and I will get it mark my words
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