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What Are Your Pokemon's Nicknames?

I usually name pokes to things I'm doing in my life.
I was acting in "Beauty and the Beast" and gave some of my pokes names inspired by it.
I'm still thinking about other characters.
I don't nickname my pokemon often, but when I do, they're usually copied from inspired by other games. I'm about to do a runthrough of X with all three HA Kalos starters in my party because why not. I think I'm going to name the starters after Dragon Age characters
Chesnaught: Alistair
Greninja: Zevran
Delphox: Anders

I may add more as I build my party, but I haven't decided what the rest of it is going to be yet.
Hmm I can't remember if I posted here already! My one and only nicknamed Pokemon was my first: Squirtle! I named it Alle (I was trying to spell Ally), but I really like how Alle is pronounced, "Al".
There was a point where I named my Prinlup after Ali Tabatabaee, one of the singers from Zebrahead and a Gastly After Ben Osmundson, the bassist from the same band
In my recent Pokémon Black playthrough, I chose only Pokémon that I really like for my main team without looking at typing, coverage or movesets
Just the designs

Their nicknames?

Chase (Scolipede)
Regal (Serperior)
Current (Eelektross)
Valiant (Stoutland)
Unit (Golurk)
Fisk (Stunfisk)

My current party's names:

Crobat (Lucy)
Magneton (Mandy)
Samurott (Billy)
Krookodile (Wendy)
Reuniclus (Dave)
Lampent (Caramel)
Here is some random ones:

Samurott: Chrom (Plan to have a female Oshawatt sired from him and name it Lucina :D)
Greninja: Sicarius
Arcanine: Marley (After my dog, not character; only realized Marley had an Arcanine after I transferred to X/Y)
Aegislash: Anduril, Tyrfing, Zar'roc, it varies; I visit the Name Rater a lot)

Of course, I have several others, but these I can think of from the top of my head; maybe I'll add more later.
pikachu - meat grinder
squirtle - deer hunter
honedge - two sword
pansage - self-loathing

i'm not very good at naming pkmn
I try to nickname all of my Pokémon, even if it's something as simple and stupid as naming a Pikachu, Pik. I try to use naming schemes for all of my main in-game teams and I think my favorite one is my Cowboy Bebop themed Y team.

Spiek the Chesnaught-Because the line has spikes on their body (Due to the name censor it couldn't be spelled like Spike).
Jet the Blaziken-Because it's head feathers remind me of airplane wings
Vicious the Blastoise-Because Blastoise can be intimidating (And there was no other name I could think of and Vicious was the only other major character)
Ein the Furfrou-Because Furfrou are smart dogs
Edward the Heliolisk-Because Edward was a computer hacker which is an electrical appliance
Faye the Goodra-Because she is really attractive and strong and Goodra is a cute pseudo legendary.
Edward the Heliolisk-Because Edward was a computer hacker which is an electrical appliance
That Heliolisk better be female. You know, just because. :lol:

Managed to trade for a nicknamed shiny Golurk from the GTS about a week ago. His name? OptimusPrime. As if that isn't made of win, he's Gentle with Iron Fist. Yeah, that pretty much suits G1 Prime. Movieverse, not so much...
Aggron - Eren (Because he can turn into a TITAN!!! To kill more TITANSSS!)
Shiny Furfrou - Shaggydog (direwolf from game of thrones and the wolf is black...)
Charizard - Viserys (Game of thrones reference again)
Zeckrom - Lelouch (From Code Geass because it is the legendary of ideals)
Houndoom - Sif (Named after one of my favorite bosses in Dark Souls)
Rapidash - Flare (this is just a lame and obvious name)

To be named:
Gothitelle - Chidori (named after a gothic support character from Persona 3)
Slowbro - Derna (I just like it)
Banette - Elona (I thought it was pretty)
Mienshao - Revan (named from Knights of the Old Republic)
My most amazing and creative nickname ever would have to be Wild Cock the Blaziken. A close second would be Optimus the Toxicroak. I also have Starbuck the Venasuar, Tortilla the Blastoise, Nesquick the Typhlosion, Diddey the Infernape, Chang the Empoleon, Oscar Mayer the Samurott, Azalea the Luxray, Monty the Ampharos, Storm the Starmie, Spades the Heracross, Terio the Lucario, Bishop the Pawniard, Hex the Umbreon, Meatball the Bronzong, Birdemic the Togekiss, Cherokee the Sigilyph, Kronos the Drapion, Ripper or Jack Ripper the Gengar,
I never nickname my Pokemon, however I did end up giving my Dragonite the name DragonKNIGHT.
I decided to do all nicknames for my Water Monotype of Sapphire and some are more clever than others
Main Team:
Because HuskyMudkips

Big Pecks-Wingull/Pelipper
after learning about the ability I name all bird pokemon Big Pecks because of the bad pun

Because of Gen I myths

Like Orion's belt, the constellation because stars

I enjoy catching non threatening looking electric types and naming them Thor for the sake of irony

Bad puns and evil crustaceans

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Main characters:
Kero the Greninja
Lady Daisy the Florges
Yamcha the Lucario
Pandora the Absol
Melissa the Froslass
Countess the Gardevoir
Red Lugia the Yveltal

Side characters:
Duchess the Meowstic
(Trade) Megumi the Espeon
Relados the Heliolisk
(Transfer) Sabrina the Gothitelle
Shadow the Zoroark(All Hail Shadow)
(Transfer) Chiaotzu the Jirachi
I always nickname all my Pokemon - having many different teams, even all my caught Pokemon I nickname.

Lots of other interesting nicknames along the way, thanks everyone, giving me some great ideas for future nicknames.

long list:

X - (French) Cat Team - French theme nicknames - also it's my original X game (I bought on release day)
Liepard / Léopardus - Lennard
Persian - Fabian
Luxray - Renne
Purugly / Chaffreux - Chere
Meowstic / Mistigrix - Devonne
Pyroar / Némélios - Nadine

X - (English) Eeveelution team - 6 Pokemon nicknames are the same as the Eeveelution letter
Vaporeon - Valdivia
Jolteon - Jermaine
Leafeon - Lampard
Glaceon - Giancarlos
Flareon - Fiona
Sylveon - Sophie

X - (Spanish) Fighting Team - nickname theme is Mexican Lucha Libre
Mienshao - La Santa
Lucario - El Lobo
Pangoro - El Mago
Hawlucha - La Bruja
Primeape - Aristóteles
Infernape - La Guerrera

X - (Japanese) random team - random nicknames
Dewott / フタチマル - Hikari / ヒカリ
Glaceon / グレイシア - Hiroki / ヒロキ
Watchog / ミルホッグ - Hiroto / ヒロト
Mienshao / コジョンド - Masaki / マサキ
Serperior / ジャローダ - Daisuke / ダイスケ
Talonflame / ファイアロー - Yoko / ヨコ

Y - (German) Dark Team - German theme nicknames
Houndoom / Hundemon - Götze
Mightyena / Magnayen - Hedda
Sableye / Zobiris - Müller
Honchkrow / Kramshef - Erdmut
Liepard / Kleoparda - Kätherina
Zoroark - Schürrle

Y - (Italian) Early Normal Type team - Italian theme nicknames
Raticate - Agnella
Furret - Giovanni
Linoone - Bianca
Bibarel - Mario
Patrat - Giovanna
Diggersby - Rafaello

Y - (English) Original team - random nicknames, no pattern - original Y game (I bought on release day)
Delphox - Renard
(Shiny) Mienshao - Maria
Lucario - Danny
Vaporeon - Victor
Sylveon - Sigþórsson
Watchog - Sophie

Y - (English) Water Team - random nicknames
Blastoise - Tim Howard
Samurott - Zaphod
Seismitoad - Alexander
Sharpedo - Fiona
Qwilfish - Xavi
Slowking - Johana

Y - (Spanish) Weasel/Meerkat Team - nicknames from the show "Meerkat Manor"
Floatzel - Flowers
Linoone - Zorro
Watchog - Sophie
Mienshao - Zaphod
Samurott - Mozart
Furret - Carlos

I just need to play a game in Korean, will have played in all 7 available languages
I don't restart my games, I buy new copies of the games.
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