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Movies/TV What Did You Watch On Television Last?

A friend group and I have been slowly going through Star Vs The Forces of Evil. As of now, we're a couple episodes into season 2

The show, so far, is fine for what it is. Fun sorta slice of life and there's some legit good writing and humor here and there. Star and Marco are good characters on their, but boy howdy their romantic chemistry is next to none and that relationship is sooo forced so far. There's also a lot of characters where I either love em or I can't stand em. Ponyhead and Glossaryk are the bane of my existence, whilst Toffee basically improves the episodes henever he's present. The humor can also be a bit too "lol random" for my tastes, but I suppose that that's half of Star's entire character.

So far, I'd say I like it fine. Not love, but it's fun entertainment.

That being said, still got maby other seasons to go, I heard it gets more story-focused later on, and has an ending that supposedly ruins the entire show, so it'll be interesting to see how it is once we get around to all that.
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