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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Despite being fairly tired today I managed to write the next chapter in Dawn of Courage ("Battle of the Werebeasts"). It's a much more satisfactory length compared to the previous one which I'm happy about since I didn't need to put in any filler this time around.

Anyway, the party is heading toward the next Undead Base, which is beyond a trader's town. However, they are nearly run over by a runaway firokoko-pulled cart, which accidentally lost several chests and bags of items. The party examines the items in the chests and bags both to satisfy their curiosity and to see if the items had any sort of nametag or indication of who they belonged to, despite Sir Reginald worrying that Kettu would pinch something. They soon discover a nametag in the chests and after examining the goods they stash them away into Nova Digi-Pack in hopes of finding their rightful owner. They soon find the merchant and return his goods, to his relief. They learn that there are still some items missing, namely a sack of Offensive Magical Accessories like Fireball Rings and a sack of Elemental Wards, but the party didn't see them among the items they found. But the merchant is thankful that the party returned everything that they did find before moving on. The party soon runs into Eoleo, who is revealed to have found the two sacks of items and uses the Offensive Magical Accessories against Nova in hopes of one-upping him. Kettu and Eoleo get into a clash of morals, since Kettu, despite being a thief by trade, has a sense of honor and knows not to cross certain lines, which are the same lines Eoleo crosses gleefully. The resulting argument turns into a brawl between their Werebeast forms, though the party knows that Kettu is at a disadvantage since Werecat Werebeasts possess more stamina and strength and are better against head-on attacks while Werefox Werebeasts have superior speed and agility and prefer hit-and-run tactics, thus Eoleo has a clear advantage. Nova predicts it'll become a war of attrition between Eoleo's smaller mana pool and Kettu's lower stamina, but he has faith in Kettu. Sure enough, during the final attack Eoleo's mana runs out, causing him to transform back, allowing Kettu to pin the Werecat and allow the party to recover the stolen items before giving Eoleo the boot. They praise Kettu for his actions of the day before returning the items to the merchant. However, the items that Eoleo used got a bit beat up from the fight and although the party offers to buy the damaged goods at cost from the merchant he instead gives the ten rings used by Eoleo to them as a thank you gift. At the inn Kettu reflects that the last time he used his Werebeast form for that long it was to protect his younger brother, Felix, from Muu, and failed, resulting in him joining the group in hopes of rectifying his greatest failure. Nova and Angelo give Kettu the needed moral support, to his gratitude. The next chapter, "Future Plans in Motion", features the party learning about a big plan the alliance has cooked up with Belzebuth regarding the war with Muu.
I don't know what happened but something threw me off my writing game during these past couple of days, and I just haven't been able to concentrate on it, despite being on the most exciting part of this story. I did manage to force myself through it tonight, but I may end up taking another small break to just refresh. I really want to enjoy these next few scenes I get to write.
I don't know what happened but something threw me off my writing game during these past couple of days, and I just haven't been able to concentrate on it, despite being on the most exciting part of this story. I did manage to force myself through it tonight, but I may end up taking another small break to just refresh. I really want to enjoy these next few scenes I get to write.
I feel the same, i'm sure a quick refresh should do the trick. Hope you get back into the swing of things soon.
I recently finished the third arc (chapters 13 - 18) of my fanfiction in which Tokyo (the protagonist) fought off the Gyarados attacking Cerulean City with the help of an officer named Hansuke who is related to Gyarados in a way and has a deeper motivation to have this issue solved for once and all. (Chapter 14 was entirely dedicated to him and his past.) The Gyarados was calmed down and captured by the security team to be set free at the ocean. Then Tokyo earned his second badge.

In this arc, Tokyo has also met a "mysterious" Poliwag which was found by Misty years ago near Cerulean Lake. Poliwag was still a baby, hungry and tired. She took it to the gym and fed and let it rest. But afterwards, Poliwag did not leave the gym so she let it stay there. But it never interacted with others. Misty tried to get to it but Poliwag never allowed her. Eventually, it ended up living in the gym for years with no interaction. When Gyarados attacked the city, Poliwag sensed Tokyo's presence and chased after him, leaving the gym for the first time since it was a baby. It helped Tokyo defeat Gyarados in the process. After the gym battle with Misty, she offered Tokyo to let Poliwag go on traveling with him. Tokyo is now trying to understand what bond he might have with Poliwag -- which is to be revealed in later arcs.

I have started my fourth arc today with chapter 19 (hasn't a title yet). I have planned the whole arc but will give more insight as I progress.
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Wrote the next chapter of Dawn of Courage this morning ("Future Plans in Motion"). It's a bit short but it acts as a setup chapter to lay out the foundation to the next few events that'll take place.

Anyway, the party is still at the trader's town, doing business and fishing for rumors. Nova and Nina have set up his magical accessory shop to make some extra coins and fish for any information regarding Muu's army. After some successful business the party regroups. However, they soon meet Lieutenant Cliff from the Galvatar Royal Knights, one of Sir Reginald's subordinates. He gives them a message regarding what the alliance and Belzebuth have been working on in their quest to end Muu's reign of terror once and for all. The party gathers in one of their inn rooms to discuss what they learned: Belzebuth has been rebuilding the Infinity Cannon over the past 100 years so the alliance can finally break Muu's barrier around his castle. But it needs two things: both Spellstones and a Goddess Key. Galvatar already has one of the Spellstones and Nova acquired the second one during the "episode" with then-King Charles, so they already have both Spellstones ready. However, Goddess Keys are rare, thus finding one won't be easy. However, they also learned that a Goddess Key is part of the grand prize in the King of Fighters competition that'll be starting soon, thus giving the party a chance to obtain one quickly. But they know they have to win the competition first, since they doubt the sponsors and hosts would just give them the key despite it being necessary to end the war. But the party feels good knowing that they finally have a solution to Muu's barrier, meaning the end of the war could soon be upon them. The next chapter, "Crushing Carntilage", features the party taking on Captain Carntilage and his platoon.
Forgive the double post but I managed to get the next chapter of Dawn of Courage done ("Crushing Carntilage").

Anyway, the party is heading toward Thornweave Forest, where the Undead Base that houses Captain Carntilage resides. However, the various carnivorous plants are releasing aromas that are having an effect on Elizabetta, since she can also smell via her antennae. Zeeker comes up with a good idea and covers her antennae with a bandana to block out the smells, which works very well. They soon find the base and Kettu scopes it out in his fox form, since Nina is worried that Phantom could also be attracted to the smells the carnivorous plants emit. After getting the information they needed the party plans out their attack before taking on Captain Carntilage and his platoon. Nina, Angelo, and Elizabetta team up to use Ice attacks (since Elizabetta gained the Ice Shard Ring from a few chapters ago) to exploit the weakness to the Undead Captain's power source: a Flame Prism Ore, which indicates he's one of Muu's older Undead Captains. They are successful and the Undead Army is destroyed. The raid the base of anything of value before Nova destroys it. The party is feeling very confident, as the know their goal is within sight and they now have the solution needed to break Muu's barrier, giving them hope. But Nova remains cautiously optimistic, since he still harbors doubts he'll have the ability to fight such a daunting foe. The next chapter, "The Owlbeast Feeds at Midnight", features the party dealing with the titular extinct monster.
Well, I decided to not scrap my contest entry, but rather set it aside for later since I felt I was trying a bit too hard with it. Plus, not every Halloween story (or really ANY story) has to have a villain. There was also the fact that I started to wonder how much it would have fit the theme and too many ideas were starting to flow for me to keep it simple and under 10,000 words.
I wish I had something to say today but uh, I got nothing. I suppose I wrote say half a page for a ficlet but even then it doesn't feel like I put work into it. Hoping tomorrow will be a little better.
I wish I had something to say today but uh, I got nothing. I suppose I wrote say half a page for a ficlet but even then it doesn't feel like I put work into it. Hoping tomorrow will be a little better.
I'd say half a page is progress. Any progress is progress, no matter how small.
Got a small bit done today, mostly the first part of C13 and some planning for the chapter, even as my brother started chatterboxing at the exact moment I tried. Then the day turned lousy.
Wrote the next chapter of Dawn of Courage this morning ("The Owlbeast Feeds at Midnight"). A bit stop-and-go since I didn't sleep too well last night but I got it done.

Anyway, the party is heading to the village of Moonlake to restock and rest. However, they soon learn that an Owlbeast, a type of extinct monster breed, has been terrorizing the village. They also learn that Dominic promised to deal with it only to, predictably, goof off with the women and try to leech off the village, resulting in the village throwing him out. After getting the information from Mayor Kari the party starts devising their tactics against the ancient monster. When night starts to fall they leave the village to kill the Owlbeast, but Dominic is tailing after them in hopes of claiming the glory for himself. They find the cavern where the Owlbeast is residing (as evident by the various bones littering the cavern) and make their way into the depths of the cave, Dominic tailing behind them. They soon find the Owlbeast and Sir Reginald closes up the way out to trap it. Dominic tries to kill it but it merely destroys his sword and mauls him, giving the party the chance they need to transform into their Shaman forms. Soon the true battle begins. The Owlbeast puts up a decent fight, even using Dominic as a meat shield to take an attack aimed at it. But in the end the party is victorious, slaying the Owlbeast. Nina finds a clutch of freshly laid eggs, prompting Van to destroy them with Meteor Throw. However, the battle caused the cavern to start caving in. The party hastily teleports out of the cavern, leaving Dominic to be buried by the collapsing cave, before returning to the village to report their success. The next chapter, "The King of Champions Tournament", features exactly what the title states.
Trying to work on a drabble but nothing's coming to me rn. I normally don't like looking for random prompt generators but the way I'm feeling right now, It's my best bet.
Wrote the next chapter of Dawn of Courage today. ("The King of Champions Tournament"). It mostly acts as a setup chapter to the next I guess you could say mini-arc.

Anyway, the party makes it to Colisemus, the arena town that'll be hosting the King of Champions tournament. While the party is hoping they can just bypass the tournament entirely and get the Goddess Key, since it's crucial to winning the war, but they have a feeling it won't be that easy. Sure enough, after talking to the sponsor and host, Jake from the Gallop Clan, they learn that every year they put a new item in with the grand prize for that year only, and the Goddess Key is that very item. So the party has to enter the tournament to win it fair and square. Jake gives them a brief rundown on how the tournament works, being a knockout-style tournament with three main rounds followed by the finals, each in a different arena that has its own unique gimmick and rules. The tournament itself won't start for three more days so the party has time to kill until then, which they spend by upgrading their equipment. The next day Nova and Nina open up his magical accessory shop to both get some extra coins and fish for rumors and information. After a little while and regrouping with the rest of the party they continue their day. The next chapter, "Trial by Fire Hall", features the tournament's official beginning, and the party fighting in the titular arena.
Forgive the double post but I had just enough oomph left to do the next chapter of Dawn of Courage ("Trial by Fire Hall").

Anyway, the King of Champions tournament has begun. After the first round of teams have been decided by lotto the party heads to the Trial by Fire Hall. They are given a brief rundown of the rules: three party members will compete one-on-one in a semi-knockout-style round from platfroms suspended over lava. Each time a person on either team is KOed both parties rotate to their next fighters. Whichever team defeats all three participants wins. The party chooses Nina, Elizabetta, and Nova, in that order, since they're the ranged fighters of the group and thus will be more favorable in this arena. Nina is up first against a mage named Cawler. She is easily able to beat him without taking any damage, even deflecting his attacks back at him, taking full advantage of her ability to fly. Next up is Elizabetta against an elven archer name Ruby. Like Nina, Elizabetta uses her ability to fly to full effect and is able to put Ruby to sleep with Snooze before delivering the KO. The final round is between Nova and a pretty boy boomerang user named David. Nova uses his Hoverboots to good effect and is able to win the round with a single Dragon Strike, to his surprise. After briefly checking to see if the Demon King Ring was accidentally set too high (which it wasn't, as it was set to Lesser Devil Mode, it's lowest setting), allowing Nova to truly see just how powerful the Demon King Ring has become after General Crimzon upgraded it. The party has advanced to Round 2. Before leaving with the rest of the party to get lunch Nova notices a rather tough-looking Fire-element lizardman as the opponent for the next team in the Trial by Fire Hall, which the other team seems to be afraid of. Nova worries that the lizardman will be a tough opponent and could potentially shut down the party's attempt to win the Goddess Key. The next chapter, "Null Magic Hall", features the party fighting in the titular arena.
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