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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

This is it, I have finally reached the biggest part of this fic, the moment I started writing this entire story for. Usually, when I have these really cool scene ideas for my stories I will write them earlier, but I have found whenever I do that I never end up finishing the fic. I wanted everything this time though, the scene, and everything around it, and now I am finally here. I wrote 2 pages to finish the chapter this evening, and have left myself off on a little cliffhanger while I decide exactly how I want this to play out.
Finally managed to put down F-Zero 99 for one day to focus on my story draft. I even had to look at previous parts just to make this next paragraph accurate enough.

But hey, progress !
I started the first scene after the big one today and while I expected this one to be difficult to write, I didn't think it would be this difficult. It was really hard to keep MC's personality relatively the same after she just went through something so drastic. (basically MC had been in a coma for 1000 years, didn't have her memories for the first year of being awake again, and has now just relived her entire life in order to get those memories back). I knew I could deviate from it a little bit, as we all go through a bit of a personality change when going through a hardship, but since I'm in the last quarter of this fic, I still want to keep her personality relatively the same as it was in the first 3 quarters.
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