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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

i've been working on an original thing i have to do for a class, it's a story based on a poem from my favourite poet. i didn't intend for it to, but it's ended up rather personal to me. it's due tomorrow and i don't have the option to turn it in late so i'm writing my heart out... i've gotten somewhat close to finishing. i think i've written almost 2000 words so far today? it'll probably end up being quite a bit more by the time i'm done though.
Did some last touches to finish up the current case. Man, that was an undertaking. Four parts with a lot going on in both the battles and in camp time. Now I'm off to write something smaller in scale but no less important.

Beach episode!!! :LOL:. I'm aware of the typical pitfalls of such things so I'll do my own spin on it and have it feature character moments for both the main humans and their Pokemon. I'll also set up the next case with small interlude scenes on the side to also keep things interesting. Something important this way comes and it'll come from an innocuous day off.
Battery on my Bluetooth headphones died during my flight from NOLA to NC, so I wrote about 140 words on my phone.
I was going to write last night but I lost my earbuds and the search for them ended up turning into a 4 hour rearranging my room session. Today I drabbled down a couple of ideas I had for a one-shot I might want to write with some of my really old characters and briefly worked on my Pokemon fic.
Just finished the first scene to the other side of the beach episode. To my surprise it came out shorter than I expected but it still checked off every detail I was intending to. It's a welcome change of pace compared to the usual inflation that my ideas tend to undergo.
For the first time in too long I wrote something. This time I wrote the next chapter in Shooting Star Rider ("Lovelorn Lyn").

Anyway, the newly formed gang are heading to the arcade to practice combos. Julia's still less-than-thrilled about Obsidian dethroning her from the leadership position but goes along with it. Knightmare refers to Pride by her name instead of "Lady Pride", to her surprise. He explains that he's overridden the programming that her father installed into him, where he was supposed to keep her on a leash and be respectful to her, and now is more of his own individual, largely thanks to how both Pride and Obsidian treat him. Pride is elated and reveals she considers Knightmare like a brother. At the time the Cyber Agents are at Sci-Tech Labs. Necromancer has detected the incoming visitor from space, revealing it to be a female Constellaton, to the relief of everyone, though she finds certain things about this Constellaton different, like having an element different from Obsidian and possessing some sort of shield as part of her combat form. Later that day the gang just left the arcade and are going to eat when the unknown Constellaton appears before them and starts snuggling with Obsidian, calling him "darling" and such, to Pride's fury. She reveals herself to be Lyn Burst, his self-proclaimed lover and that she spent a lot of time tracking him down after "that fateful teracycle" when he saved her from Virons several solarcycles ago. Pride and the others correctly label her as a stalker, especially since Obsidian doesn't even know who Lyn is nor can remember this "fateful teracycle" since he's saved countless Constellatons from Virons, thus she could be literally anyone he's rescued in the past. Before Lyn can accidentally cause problems, Pride (literally) drags her off to fill her in on what's been going on, the current crisis, and the whole Obsidian VS Star Rider thing. After the conversation Lyn agrees to play along with the lie until either the rest of the gang figures it out or it gets forcefully revealed, whichever happens first, along with agreeing to help defend Earth, mainly so she can be near Obsidian. Shortly afterward some Sci-Tech Lab scientists arrive in one of their vans and escorts Obsidian and Lyn to Sci-Tech Labs to go over some of the other details and get Lyn on the same page as everyone else, while the rest of the gang goes have lunch. The next chapter, "No Stopping the Leaf Gale Girl", features Lyn taking on her own allis to help fight off the Virons (and get closer to Obsidian).
Forgive the double post but I managed to get some more work done today. Wrote the next chapter of Shooting Star Rider ("No Stopping the Leaf Gale Girl"). Feels good to get back to writing, as I've been building up stress for a while now.

Anyway, Lyn has integrated herself into Obsidian's group (largely so she can get closer to Obsidian), but has also been helping Sci-Tech Labs with information they lack because of Obsidian's memory damage. Obsidian is out on patrol when he runs into Lyn in her combat form, which is vastly different compared to his. Knightmare soon approaches them, along with Pride appearing on a screen, and asks why Lyn's combat form is so different. Lyn explains the coming-of-age ritual that Constellatons go through at 16 to gain their Combat Style forms, which is their greatest power, where their basic Null element combat forms evolve into one of four different forms: Grappler, Defender, Comrade, and Caster, each with their own pros and cons and are obtained depending on the Constellaton's fighting style. Lyn explains that her form is called a Wood Defender form, which consists of a regenerating one-hit barrier, a built-in shield that repels most attacks, and, in her case, a Wood element cyber fan that produces an attack similar to Squall, albeit weaker. When Pride asks if Obsidian went through the ritual, as he seems to be constantly in his default Null element form, Lyn explains that Obsidian is special: he can access all four forms and change the elements at will, something that only one other Constellaton named Chaos can do. As a result he tends to stay in his normal Null form until needed. But he's forgotten how to access his Combat Style forms, thus he's even weaker than he can be. Soon the conversation turns to Pride and Lyn wanting to compete for Obsidian's hearts, only for it to change when Dr. Arthur contacts Obsidian and says the Plasma Energy Plant is under attack by Virons. Obsidian, Knightmare, and Lyn make their way to the energy plant and fight a huge horde of Virons. It's here that it's revealed Lyn is actually rather cowardly, as she's fearful of fighting Virons, much less this many. However, thanks to Pride and Knightmare protecting her she gains enough nerve to fight back at full force. After the battle (and after Obsidian and Lyn eat the Virons' remains) they decide to check on the power plant to ensure the damage can be fixed without impacting the city. Lyn decides to turn her combat form into an alter ego like Obsidian, and upon Knightmare's suggestion gains the allis of Leaf Gale. After checking on the workers at the power plant and learning the damage can be fixed and won't impact the city the group heads out, with Lyn feeling proud of herself for taking the first step in overcoming her cowardice. The next chapter, "Something Fishy", features the gang and Mack... and them running afoul with his temper.
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