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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Was too displaced to write yesterday, even though there was one short point where I was normal enough. Anyway, calling it at 68 words today because I need to do the "world building" to be able to continue writing.
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Nothing yesterday because I was too ill. Was going to do the "world building", but ended up just writing narration that describes the musical... Had to rewrite some of the previously-written stuff to get it to fit together, so about 337 words together with the rewrite. Probably going to continue on with the strategy and then later take from it when needed for Uncoloured and possibly Aerosteel... Trying to keep the narration concise while detailed enough so it's not horribly long (if about 5 minutes' worth is about 350 words, then I might end up at 2100 for 30 minutes D: )... Been contemplating a bit to skip over it entirely, but I feel like it'd be a cheap move after it being talked about 700 some odd words beforehand. Also been thinking of cutting other stuff out that I've written, but it could just be that I've been working on Electrowood for a while... There's still a lot to get through before I get to the end of the second act, and I want to get there before I go back to work on Aerosteel and Uncoloured, so that I can feel more comfortable about putting it on the immediate backburner (though I guess by that, it's what's going on with Aerosteel and Uncoloured anyway). Anyway, rant because I'm not 100% yet, but much more functional than yesterday.
Did some wordbuilding on a pokemon playing in a playground. It's obvious that small pokemon and baby pokemon can get on bucket/toddler swings and play on the jungle gym, but they do have some playground equipment for only pokemon big and small. The humanoid and bipedal pokemon (eg: Gardevoir, Jynx and Mr. Mime/Mr. Rime) get on belt swings. Monkey based pokemon will have a blast at the monkey bars. The ground or rock types playing in a sandbox (Sandygast/Palossand will have a field day with this). It's kinda entertaining to watch pokemon play around and act like wild young human children you see on the playground.

There are some drawbacks to this. Snorlax or any heavy pokemon shouldn't be near a playground ever for obvious reasons. The Goomy line will get slime everywhere, Lickitung/Lickilicky will attempt to lick the entire playground and Slugma will melt the equipment due to its extreme heat (unless its fire resistant. The equipment also could be very hot if its very sunny outside) and some electric pokemon causes electric shocks (I've dealt with electrical shocks a few times as a kid when I was on a slide).

There will be some playground designs such as the spring rider (bouncy horsey things with a spring on the bottom) resembling Pontya, Mudbray, Spoink or even Bounsweet. The Merry Go Round could resemble Spinda, Hitmontop (due to its spinning) or Sinstea (maybe). Disk swings resemble Lotad and belt swings resemble Sizzlipede and Caterpie.

By the way, they do have some playground equipment in a beach in real life (I just looked it up on Google).
258 words to finish off the first scene and get into the second one a bit... I think I just have to accept the largeness of the text, though I think the second scene I can be a little more vague, along with it being not nearly as long. Would've done more, but motivation for watching, rewinding, rewatching, etc dropped like a rock.
Last night wrote a date of Ash's in Cerulean Cave being interrupted by a legendary but not the one you think.

Today I wrote Misty fighting Tad in a Whirl Cup Qualifier
Haven't been able to write anything besides notes because I'm trying to not set off an ocular migraine. I was able to fill in some gaps and play a bit of stuff out to figure things out and/or get a basis of the scene, however, so I don't feel too bad about not being able to look at a screen or a piece of paper for very long.
I have been planning to name some of thier pokemon in SWSH.

Alcremie's name is Angelia: She is going to be white with a pink heart sweet due to her personality is a 'self-proclaimed angel in angel cake form.' This name might change later.

Hatterene is Beatrix. I was originally going to name her Bellatrix, but I don't want to make it too similar to Harry Potter, which they had a character named Bellatrix. I haven't seen the movie nor read any of the books so it won't make any sense to name after something I'm not familiar with or not interested in.

Female Jellicent is Carina or Princess Carina

Female Cherrim is Cerise.
Managed to write daily par for NaNoWriMo yesterday. Mostly material for the new chapter 2 of Different Eyes.
Correction: to not set off an ocular migraine or make it worse. Finally feeling normal enough to get all the notes I slapped into Discord into my actual notes and expand on some of them, but wanted to take it easy instead of trying to continue ploughing through the second scene of the musical thingy...
Currently attempting to get back into the flow of writing trope examples for the Entity NEO tropes page. So far, I’m not sure where to continue, because the three tropes I have planned out all focus on the same guy, and finding out how to not make the Not Too Dead to Save The Day example sound the exact same as the Back From The Dead one might be a bit tough.

I might just go trope-finding later today and see where that gets me, otherwise I’m hoping to at least finish up these three by the end of today.
Okay, I severely underestimated how difficult it would be to write those examples. I’ve decided to cut the amount of work I’ve to do by leaving out Not Too Dead to Save The Day this time round, with the justification that it’ll literally sound like my example for Back From The Dead.

So I’m left with Posthumous Character and The Apocalypse Brings Out The Best In People’s two examples to scribble down, made some progress yesterday by starting the former. Depending on whether executive dysfunction kicks in, I should be able to finish at least Posthumous Character by today.

Update: The Posthumous Character example looks a little odd (I’m going to play the pronoun game here to hopefully not spoil anything too much. While I do think he leaves a lasting impact on the plot with his death, it’s only because his cousin’s literally the main protagonist and the other character who’s affected by his passing’s also in a prominent role, so the extent of this impact is somewhat debatable.), but I’ll take it.
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I'll probably have to upload my swsh story next year, due to busy life and have other interests beside pokemon. I'm planning to do some non pokemon related stories in the future, but I won't put them in this site.

All the main characters main hometown is Motostoke. Only Gwen and Wyane were only born in Monostoke while the rest came from different cities and met each other in a foster home and only moved to Motostoke with thier foster parents. Lottie is from Wyndon, Lenny is from Circhester and Rory is from Hammerlocke.

Lottie is not only goth, she is pastel goth, which her outfits are usually black mixed with cutesy pastel colors like light purple, pale pink, baby blue I rarely see them in forms of media (most goths are regular, emos, punks and lolitas, but no pastel).

The characters will dye thier hair (such as Lenny dyed his original caramel-blonde into green-tea blonde) and stay that way for at least three or four chapters.
Wrote a couple paragraphs for an OC-related thing just now, and scribbled down some character development on two other OCs yesterday. I also wrote down a hypothesis/theory/baseless prediction I have for my current hyperfixation that’ll probably last until the end of the year, if not longer. (Which is more of a bet, honestly. The only context I’ll talk about is that I might end up drunk on green tea sooner or later.)

Today’s to-do list: write those two examples for The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People (god, is that a mouthful), then maybe update the EN tropes page once that’s finished. I might cross-wick the thing, starting with the examples I’m more sure of, but that’s the least of my priorities today.
Been writing some unusual Different Eyes content in that it's mostly trainerfic of all things.

Also a hell of a lot of RP.
Currently, my brain doesn’t want to formalize the two examples I wrote yesterday for the long apocalypse trope, so I think I’ll just yeet Posthumous Character onto the damn tropes page during lunch and call it a day.

  • (Okay, so basically Mettaton convinces Alphys to carry out the evacuation plan instead of waiting for imminent doom, and Project NEO was to stall the human’s advance in order to buy time for the evacuation. I’d say that’s a pretty solid show of courage for ‘im.)
  • (Alphys’s entire character development arc centers around her rising to the occasion to evacuate everyone and eventually lead the Underground as its Queen, forcing her to confront her fears to do so. That’s also pretty noteworthy.)
Trust me, my comments can go even stupider. Why am I even allowed to edit this comic’s TV tropes page.

In other news, I wrote down some more OC-related stuff today. Might continue on that after today’s exam.
Because you have a TV Tropes account. Don't worry, usually somebody pops up and fixes things. Or just completely deletes them.

Meant that jokingly, but thanks.

Wrote a really, really long thing/review yesterday about stuff I like, to put it very vaguely, and did what I meant to do with the Posthumous Character trope. Not sure about what I want to write today, maybe I’ll jot some more OC-related things down before going back to drawing.
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Tried to get back into writing, but ended up making a couple tweaks before getting distracted with something else... At least that problem's fixed now and I won't have to deal with it any longer...
In my pokemon fanfics, there are plenty ways to get cash. Some trainers rather pay or receive money to battle, some use ATM by using credit cards (like in MarJour) some perfer trading rare mushrooms or nuggets (like you do in the games) to get money. There will be a bank with a ATM.

Also, since Galar is based on UK, everyone will use more British terms such as Nappy (diaper), biscuit (cookie) and scrummy (delicious) when they pay money, they use pound and other British coins.
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