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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Finished up a Misty versus Burgundy battle last night. Why that battle....

Well it's complicated and it does involve Burgundy comparing her and Psyduck to chocolate curry in a good way.
Yesterday I wrote 5000 words, a mix of worldbuilding, outlining, and prose. Today I'm gonna try and do that again... twice.
129 words getting things moving along and detailing some things a bit. Tossed some in-story notes into the document that I thought of last night before falling asleep that should fit quite well.
Made some author's notes on the end of the chapter and the beginning of the chapter to address some things. I just need to give it a last read through before putting it out there... It's been 5 weeks since the pilot dammit.
More wordbuilding.
Since Rory is in a wheelchair, I imagine that Corviknight will have a special taxi that holds handicapped people just like they do in real life. His friends will still get on if they want to.
If a person brings thier entire family or a group of trainers, thier pokemon has to stay in thier pokeballs unless it's just one person bringing a few pokemon who is big enough to fit in the taxi.
Wanted to put the final touches on my chapter but the client I use to put my stuff completely collapsed on me for today so I was not really in the position to be able to do so, sadly.

I also worked on a character for another project and that's now gone due to the client collapsing. (Luckily it wasn't much but it's still annoying since I saved multiple times prior.)

I just want to bury myself 6 feet underground right now.
423 words getting the (in-story) day done, and nothing yesterday because I couldn't tolerate looking at a screen. :/
Wrote about 245 words over the last 3 days. Not a whole lot, but at least I’m writing again.
More wordbuilding on some of the cities and towns.

Motostoke will have factories, sporting goods, industrial park.

Turffield will have a golf course, soccer field and baseball field. I could just imagine Milo participating these sports in his spare time.

In Hulbury, the rock group will be called the Hulbury Boys based on past band groups who used to be popular a couple of years ago like The Beatles. Since Hulbury is based on Liverpool, The Beatles' hometown), and there will be a museum of past popular bands, rock concert hall, public swimming pool, and a waterpark/regular park with splash pads.

Stow On Side will have an art studio with pottery, ceramics and paintings everywhere, cemetery (where , traditional inns and pubs and some decaying abandoned houses that ghost type pokemon resides in. They also have football and wrestling stadiums.

Ballonlea will have a ballet/dance studio due its Japanese name is based on ballet positions, a fairy tale themed restaurant and bookstore selling fantasy novels and fairy tale themed (Brother's Grimm and nursey rhymes) whether it be dark or lighthearted. Since it's a small forest town with trees and mushrooms, it will have few shopping stores that sells everything.

Hammerlocke will have a Renaissance fair where people LARP and a historic museum decidated to medieval stuff.

Circhester will have a Christmas themed park, holiday themed hotels, ski resort and an ice rink for ice hockey and ice skating.

Wyndon will have an amusement park.
157 words, slight tweaking because I remembered a word yesterday morning that I wanted Tuesday while writing. 253 today getting one thing out of the way, and a tad bit of tweaking of the stuff from yesterday.
259 words to get another view of some of the stuff I wrote Thursday and covering Christmas. Also been shoving articles in my notes for other stories the past few days or so that I forgot to mention. Also took a break yesterday because I was just exhausted.
I have a chapter outline for the first third of DE, with titles for each chapter, and I've been putting my unsorted scenes in the appropriate places in my Scrivener doc.

I also wrote a massive, sapient dragon explaining his terms of service to a human girl.
72 words and then got stuck with trying to figure stuff out, which I ended up with a sort of lead not long ago that I added to the in-story notes. Probably would've been able to write more had I a clear head, but there were other things bogging me down.
Since I've been stuck at home doing online classes this fall instead of living where I go to school, I can confirm something about myself that I had hoped was not true. Hot weather and my creative brain do not mix. The heat rolled in around August, and from then until like, early November I was in a state of "I have writing ideas but I am way too uncomfortable to write them". Finally, the extreme heat is gone and I can literally just go outside, breathe in the cold air, and get the urge to write.

Anywho, I've been writing more now so hopefully, I'll be more active here lol.

Over the past 3 weeks, I've probably written near 10000 words. Most of it is probably pretty poor though since I'm still getting back into it. Today I wrote maybe 500 or so words on a one-sho from a novel idea I have. When exploring new ideas for fics, I like to write out singular scenes with the characters just so I can explore the character a bit and see how the idea works on paper.
136 words to get the thing written out and get the dialogue started. Maybe I'll be able to get the dialogue going tomorrow.
Finally churned out a bit of my 3rd chapter of Rudolph The Red Nosed Deerling after putting it off for months. I really ought to get back to that, especially since I've had writer's block for it.
What is a good point to make multiple parts within a chapter?
The reason I ask is beacuase I am working on a fanfic based around Breath of the Wild. I plan on having Link visit all four shrines on the Great Plateau. Problem is, if I have it all in one chapter, it would be way too long.
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