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POPULAR: What Did You Write Today?

Modified notes of previously-stated plot bunny. Had other stuff to take care of and some anxiety to try to reduce, so couldn't try to go through Electrowood from the beginning.
Wrote out the remainder of the scene in rising star, falling star yesterday night, and apparently I left a note for myself that can basically be summed up as “don’t simp too hard on wings when you’re doing second draft”.

Tonight I’ll probably work on either a different chapter of adventures in grief and discovery or on another oneshot with the working title of “the boy who ran”, depending on whether I want to work on angst later on or not...oh who am I kidding, they’re both angsty. I’ll decide what I want to write at random.
Opted to write the latter half of adv. in grief & disc. chapter 1, would’ve finished the entire scene had I not decided my gut was killing me and some sleep would do me good.

Note to self: finish that part up before you write anything else today
The canon player characters (eg. Serena, Lucas, Sun) will have different roles. Gloria will still be champion, but I'm not going to make all canon player characters be champions in future pokemon fics. As for Victor, I'll think of something.
...Apparently decided to go against my note here and didn’t finish up that scene of aigad. Maybe someday, hah.

Accidentally thought up a plot idea for the boy who ran while sitting in front of my notebook, turning that into a two, maybe three-shot. Wrote five pages of that, following the girlfriend’s reaction to her boyfriend not returning from the mountain trip, which will hopefully set up the premise of I’m gonna make sure your loved ones never find you well enough without requiring me to write out poor Alyssa’s next few weeks of angst.

...ironically enough, I haven’t even started writing the main plot of boy who ran. Fun.
Since I've been stuck at home doing online classes this fall instead of living where I go to school, I can confirm something about myself that I had hoped was not true. Hot weather and my creative brain do not mix. The heat rolled in around August, and from then until like, early November I was in a state of "I have writing ideas but I am way too uncomfortable to write them".
That's basically me during college football season. This was the first time I've managed to do any writing between August and January. (perhaps not coincidentally, my favorite team was pretty bad this year)

Anyway, I'm stuck on the opening scene I wrote earlier. I may have to completely overhaul it.
...realized that I accidentally named one of the minor characters a more masculine name, because I completely forgot the comic drew them as a girl instead of a guy like I thought they were. Ended up writing several headcanons about them shortly afterwards, since I’m too lazy to go back and change this gal’s name to something more mainstream. Ended up headcanoning Trey, the character in question, as a non-binary AFAB who uses she/they pronouns, and then proceeded to headcanon everyone in Alyssa and Marvel’s large friend group as queer, in one way or another.

Between now and the end of the year I kinda want to work on and finish up the boy who ran, and just kinda publish it as a neat end-of-year surprise or something. Y’know, to end the year on a high note or something like that.
Finally started writing out the boy who ran, at least the first chapter of it. While I did skip over one scene that happens in-comic due to dialogue (and my terribly poor memory of it), I still managed to write out five pages of it on my notebook, currently stopping shortly after Marvel falls down the hole.

Wrote down some summaries for each chapter on my google docs, too.

Goal for today: continue. Maybe write the scene I skipped beforehand. I don’t think I’ll get the entirety of chapter 1 finished by today, but I can dream, right?
I just got started on writing the first chapter of SWSH fanfiction but I have no idea what to name it. The first chapter is about how Lottie, Lenny and Rory met each other in a foster home and meeting thier foster parents.
Got myself...well, I think it’s decently far into the chapter. Wrote out around 6-7 pages of Marvel meeting Flowey and then being guided through the Ruins, and stopped at him leaving that damn place. Made me realize that I actually enjoy writing dialogue for this bastard weed, which I think is a good thing?...

Okay. Notes for myself: after Ruins + Flowey meeting, the only other tremendously wordy part I’ll have to deal with is the Hotlands + Core part. Writing out the Snowdin section shouldn’t be too much of a hassle I say, before making that section ten times longer than it needs to be, so really, once I’m done with that, the big part, and writing that skipped scene from a few pages back, I’ll be able to move everything onto a google doc. This shouldn’t take too long.
...wrote myself an extremely self-indulgent nearly 2.9k oneshot, featuring angst, hurt/comfort, a character meeting what’s technically an alternate universe version of herself who’s dead, and hugs.

Wrote the whole Snowdin section of boy who ran, too, ended up with about four pages of that and managed to end the scene before I decided to call it a day. At this rate, I think chapter 1 of boy who ran will end up longer than its already-written “sequel”, which terrifies me a bit because in-comic, the boy who ran takes place over the course of two way shorter chapters than its sequel, so where are all the extra descriptions coming from?

Okay, Hotland/Core’s next, time to kill off poor Marvel for good. Surely this won’t have psychological, emotional implications on the people directly affected by this!...

...I say, immediately planning to write an extra chapter based on his killer’s perspective...
Finished first draft of boy who ran last night, leaving me with...25 pages drafted on my notebook for chapter 1, and 30 if I count the additional 5 I wrote for chapter 2. Holy shit, chapter 1 alone is already way longer than its “sequel”, which was 18 pages in total at time of first draft...how much extra description did I add into this thing?

I think I want to start second draft of at least chapter 1 today, then maybe write that unofficial third chapter of boy who ran at night just to see how much this can blow out of proportion. Finishing second draft by today though?...*stares at entire scene in the early parts which I haven’t added for dialogue reasons* ...haha, no.

Guess I’ll die write, then.
Made some more tweaks and edits while continuing though Electrowood. Nothing really to write home about, but it's more progress than not touching it.
Made decent progress on the second draft, getting myself to the end of the Ruins section in addition to writing that scene I skipped in the first draft.

I think it’s possible for me to second draft the remaining three sections/twelve pages of chapter 1 draft 1 by today, and then maybe second draft chapter 2/write chapter 3 between today and tomorrow, so I can at least finish this up before 2021 strikes (my time).

Time to kill off Marvel! Haha...

Status update, almost 12 hours later: ...chapter 1 alone is already nearly 5.4k words long. This is the longest fanfic-related chapter I’ve ever written. Just how did I manage to second draft this behemoth within two days?

Depending on whether my writing juices are already squeezed dry or not, I might attempt to scribble chapter 3 of boy who ran onto my notebook later, but that one’s not too urgent. I really only need chapters 1 and 2 to be published by tomorrow night, and then I can add chapter 3 whenever to complete the saga of a lot of pain on both mine and the characters’ parts. I’ll second draft chapter 2 tomorrow, thankfully that one’s only 5 pages of angst compared to the 25 I had to transfer over the past two days.
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Chapter 3 has physically hurt me. It’s just slightly longer than chapter 2, at about 7 pages, so I’ll probably be able to second draft both and publish the entirety of boy who ran before tonight.

In a way, I’m glad - while writing has put me through several nights of sleeping really late, and the pain of writing chapter 3 last night was enough to inflict upon me mild insomnia, I’ve also enjoyed stepping into these characters’ minds, if only for a couple hours, and had immense fun envisioning their thought processes and making myself, at least, feel more empathetic towards them. (By putting them through hell and then watching them get killed off entirely, but that’s a topic for another time.)

I’m also really happy that at least, I’m going to be able to complete the boy who ran, unlike all my other eternally unfinished wips. And maybe bring a few people some joy that there was someone out there who was just really, extremely invested in their fancomic, enough to start writing again out of love and sleep deprivation haha.

Goal for today: second draft chapters 2 and 3 of boy who ran, make final edits on chapter 1, and publish the entire thing on Ao3 before 2021 hits so I can at least end this shitty year on a better note. Happy New Year’s Eve, y’all.
This technically might not count as actual "writing", but I did a planning document on all of Celtic's "known" Shroud abilities in Chaos Rising up to this point. That is, all the Shroud abilities that have either been acquired on-screen or outright named in-series, as he has multiple others that are not named or have been acquired off-screen and not used yet. This is so I can keep each Shroud ability organized and have the exact abilities mapped out. It does contain some Shrouds that have been "acquired" but not outright named because they had the needed "material" to unlock the form obtained on-screen (such as the Mega Manticore's stinger tail and Sylph's fang), thus they were included. I've mostly listed them in order of appearance or when the material used to unlock said form was obtained. I'm hoping that doing these planning documents will loosen up my writing groove again and get back to where I left off, as the elections stressed me out to the point that I just had absolutely no drive for pretty much anything, hence why I haven't written anything since then. I can only hope it works, and at least it'll keep my thoughts organized.
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