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What do you do for a living?

I work at a giant supermarket. I love it, but from time to time I'll have to put up with a not so friendly customer. x_x

Like I'm an empath, so I love helping people. But a few weeks ago a customer legit thought I was stupid because I couldn't find an item that was moved to a different isle... It was really unfair and but I shrugged it off and realized maybe the guy was having a bad day and wasn't in a rational mood?? I dunno but if I was a child I would have felt really hurt by that. Why be mean to someone who's just trying to help you? :/

I've also worked as a waitress and made great tips from that! Like as a kid I never used to think I could work as a waitress because of the social anxiety I used to have, especially as a younger teenager who migrated from another country. But I realized overthinking is the worst thing you can do when interacting with people and it's best to just be confident and treat people how you want to be treated.
I work as a logistic employee for a hearing-aid packaging company. I'm on a lot of roles whenever needed. Receiving delivery packagings of products we sell, picking of said products, doing the packaging ourselves and send the orders out to different companies in France, you name it. And recently, I've trained a bit about "validating the orders", which is basically checking if every product for each order is correct before sending them to the people in charge of making the packaging.

It can be hard at times, especially since the Summer Holidays are about to end. But I like it there, and the team is nice. That's all I need :)
Currently, I'm a Front End Software Engineer at a large tech company in Silicon Valley. Basically, what I do is basically translate what you see on the screen on you computer and write it to code and make sure it does all the right things in front of your eyes.

Also, at this current job, I'm also in charge of supporting a couple of more junior software engineers who are early in their careers, which is a scary thing to be doing. That being said, I'm getting used to it and it's not as scary as I thought it would be.
I work at the local government's history/art museum as a paid intern. I do whatever the director asks me to do, but I mostly work at the office, keeping track of the books at the library, sending e-mails, translating documents, dealing with non-visitors, etc. I also get to help organizing events in-person sometimes (we had an awards ceremony last week and already got schools scheduled to visit in October).

It's a pretty cool place and my co-workers are nice, but some days can be incredibly boring. The museum isn't well promoted either, so we get fewer visitors than we could... which is a real shame as we have so many cool things for show here ;w;

I was previously getting by doing art commissions... but thankfully I'm not doing that anymore.
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