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What Do You Do When the Game is Done?

Use the GTS to fill the dex.
Beat Colress everyday for money
Participate in PWT/Battle Subways/Black Tower
Film movies
Dream World
Funfest missions
Join Avenue
Date with Curtis
Collect Medals based on the hints
Online battles

Y version
Looker Mission (completed)
Online battles

Currently, I'm taking a break from the online battles and just put the game in my drawer. Hopefully, something new comes up like an event or something.
I tend to just raise my teams, or team if it's a third version game, until they're at level one hundred, battle at some facilities if they're available, catch the other Legendary Pokemon available, and battle a friend of mine, as well as a few other people. After I get all of that done, I usually take a break for other games and I don't play the games too often, aside from when I get new event Pokemon. I'm not really into completing the Pokedex since in most generations, the reward hasn't been really worth all the effort, especially when there will be more Pokemon in just a couple of years or so. I am a bit tempted to try doing that in X or Y just for the fun of it and a Shiny Charm is a good reward, but I'm not sure about that. I also don't raise more than one team per game since it already takes me awhile to get six Pokemon to level one hundred. Besides that, I like keeping one main team with me in each game. I don't have the patience for IV breeding and not battling competitively would make all of that time spend on it not worthwhile.
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I always fill the dex then get real upset over the pokemon i'm still missing, Damn u Genesect,Meloetta, and Victini!!!!!!!

I don't battle online so i'm just waiting for event pokemon and hopefully Pokemon Z. But in the mean time i just bought Mega man zero collection on ebay!
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I usually just catch Pokémon I like, train them up with a moveset I like and an ability I like, and verse my brother and my friend. I don't bother to IV train or EV train but if I would, I would destroy them lol. To bad my friends uses legendaries, but hey it makes it more challenging.
Pokemon Y is actually the most productive that I've been post-game. I collected all the TMs, clothing, and mega stones(minus X only stones). I've messed around in the Battle Maison and Chateau. I also filled up as much of the Pokedex as I could without trading or using the bank. I even bred my dream team that I'll never actually use competitively while pretending otherwise.

After all that, I played Pokemon X using a water-type only team. I got lazy at some point and stopped playing so I think I'm at the 7th gym currently.
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Normally I breed Pokemon for a competitive battling team or I start the game over but I guess since there are finally 721 Pokemon I'll complete the Pokedex now. Only took me about 15 years of playing.
Oh yeah, here's a thing I found to do.

Wonder Trading pokemons that I don't need. Who knows? Maybe I'll be able to get a 6 iv pokemon :D
I usually tend to abandone the games once I finish the main story (I didn't even bother to find all the sages or redo the league in Black, and still didn't try to rebattle Red in HeartGold since I lost to him long ago)
It really just gets boring for me when the plot is done... but this time with X, after transferring a lot from past games and getting relatively close to finishing the dex, I got a little motivated to try doing it for the first time ever - but it'll take some time (after I'll finish breeding and evolving everything I currently have, I'll be able to easily own all the gen 1-3 and gen 6 pkmn except for Jirachi and Yveltal... gens 4-5 will take a bit more effort though)
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Generally speaking for any game, I might check out some post-game stuff, go adventuring, and breed and train more Pokemon.

For my Pokemon Ruby game, (300+ hours on it) I just caught, breed, and train more Pokemon for the Pokedex.

For Pokemon HeartGold, I went on to venture to Kanto, battled Red, did more Pokeathlon, and did a little bit of the Battle Frontier.

For Pokemon Black, I caught and breed more Pokemon.

I have not really touched my Pokemon Y game since I beat it because I want to attempt to draw the Wonderlocke I did on it before taking out the dead Pokemon and give them the attention that they deserve (now that the Wonderlocke is done).
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I just fool around and catch post-game mons until I get the other legendaries.

After that, the game mostly just sits until I can empty it out. Then I reset.
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I tend to do the post game stuff.

Finish up the Dex, grind and train up my team, play the Elite Four some more, etc. I must say, Gen VI has kept me coming back more than most of the games in the past did.
Go through post game quests. Complete the pokedex. Train pokemon to kill time until the next game. Transfer pokemon to the next game. Replay as a girl.
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Well, now that I have Pokémon Bank, I'll just move all my X 'mon into it, then transfer them into my Y and breeze right through the storyline.
I look at the post game content a few times and then I put the game down and it quietly collects dust until I have the urge to play it again.
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I work towards completing the foreign Pokédexes. 1,863 out of 4,308 entries collected (excluding the 18 entries connected to currently unobtainable events), so almost halfway through at around 875 hours :p ...though like half of it has come from generous people who have sent a lot of first stages to me in their native languages so the other half will be far more focused on Italian Pokémon and thus be like four times as difficult.

I might be a little crazy.
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The best part of Pokémon! Breeding for shinies, IVs, egg moves and Hidden Abilities, then create teams and battle. Oh and Wonder Trade and see if I can get a good deal on the GTS.