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SPOILERS: What do you like about USUM?

Sell a Flareon
Feb 22, 2018
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That's pretty quite heavy, but I gotta summarize, since I only played Ultra Moon (even tho I did read both SM and USUM's storylines):

USUM refined and fixed what SM did, like:

* Hau battling for the title defense (much like Blue in old games). Professor Kukui arranged this, instead of letting himself battling the player.
* Lusamine's character development become much tamer. And better. Without getting toxicated by Nihilego, she isn't very abusive to her two children, even though she's trying to stop Necrozma, much to taxing Ultra Recon Squad's reactions.
* Guzma. Yes, it's ya boi, Guzma. He's one of the guys assisting you in stopping Rainbow Rocket, in a fashion similar to 90's American anti heroes. Much better now.
* Lillie and Gladion are much better now. The former one wanted to be a trainer for real this time, and the latter being mellowed down to be less jerky. Both siblings even discussed about each other. How heartwarming!
* Ultra Recon Squad. Yeah. They're quite polite and they told everything about Necrozma's past. Their ancestors were greedy and this caused Necrozma's loss on everything. I could not feel anything but sad and sympathetic about this.
* And YES, Colress. (The NEW Looker since B2W2.) He's one doing interview with URS, and also one trying to stop Rainbow Rocket. By sending them to their own worlds with his machine. And HE HATES GHETSIS with passion, and that would give Shadow Triad a run for money. (I actually played B2W2 post game before USUM, knowing him not being a bad guy at all, and him disbanded Team Plasma for good reasons. Stupid Ghetsis hiring wrong people without knowing everyone, including Colress, HATES him. :D)
* Team Rainbow Rocket arc. Yes. I brought not one, but BOTH fused Necrozma (with Pokémon Bank and trades, anyway) to slap Rainbow Rocket peeps out. (Ultra Necrozma can go one-shot slap on Zubats, Mankeys, most things) Even Giovanni sees a worthy rival and a worthy duel coming again. In short, Ultra Necrozma VS Team Rainbow Rocket.
* Ultra Wormhole Ride. Plus repeatable UBs to be found.
* Also, everything post-game making me want to explore more.
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