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SPOILERS: What do you NOT like about LGPE?


SpongeBob Fanatic
Jun 20, 2016
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I personally feel the motion controls are a little bit inconsistent. Especially since they're just fine in handheld mode. I know this has been said to death already I'm just sharing my thoughts.


New Member
Jan 1, 2019
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The fact that Kanto lacks diversity. I know it’s a remake of a gen 1 game, but Pokémon can be found everywhere and anywhere!! Seeing just plain grass on each part of the region makes it not feel like the Pokémon world.


Based Leaker Affleck wants to battle!
Oct 18, 2012
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Much as I like the graphical style of these games, I do have some complaints. Route 17 would obviously be the big one - looking at the Town Map, I get the sense that there is meant to be an elevated bridge from Celadon to Fuchsia that the S.S. Anne could sail under, but for the sake of fidelity to the scale of the original games we just sort of... don't see it? The Pokémon Road that we can traverse seems to correspond to the segment on the Town Map that connects Celadon to the ocean, not all the way to Fuchsia. The bridge's existence is left entirely up to implication which... okay, sure, the in-game worlds have always been impressionistic (Pallet Town isn't literally meant to have only three buildings, for instance), but there was really nothing stopping them from designing the route as a proper bridge like they did in HGSS.

Meanwhile, they finally get around to actually including Cinnabar's volcano rather than just implying that it's there and... they don't even let us see it. :confused_emoji: I mean, ideally I would have wanted it to be a full dungeon, but we couldn't even get a cool camera shot of it at the very least? In fact, I think I'd extend that complaint to the whole game thus far - the camera is agonizingly static, which is unfortunate after all of the advancements that the series had made in that area since Gen 5. Where's all that pride that they once put into the Skyarrow Bridge's camerawork? Similarly, why don't the binoculars in the gatehouses show us anything? Describing everything through text is so boring when you have the Switch's capacity for more vibrant visuals.

On a more gameplay-related note, I really, really wish that there were still a Bike. My team just happens to have no ride-able Pokémon on it, so I still have to walk everywhere, and it's not like you can just register that free Persian to the - button.

I also hate the fact that Pokémon in GO Park can run away from you. They're already my Pokémon, goddammit - the rigmarole I had to go through just to catch my own Drowzee the other day was absurd. Nobody even liked that aspect of the original Safari Zone, which they were clearly aware of when making ORAS, so why bring it back here?

Hidden Mew

Jun 17, 2006
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I've been playing the games for a few months and I do really like them, but I still have a few complaints.

Removing so many key features like breeding, abilities and held items really wasn't a good idea. I know that they were trying to make these games as close to the original Yellow as possible in terms of the gameplay to appeal to both new and long time fans, but I don't think that really works. Those features have been important to the franchise for years and removing them because they think that they make Pokemon too complicated for new fans seems like backwards logic. I never thought those made it more difficult for new fans to get into the games. Granted, at least part of that does come from how long I've been a fan, but I can't really see how removing those features is going to help that much.

There are some advantages to removing abilities, mainly how the Gastly and Koffing lines can be hit with Ground type moves when there are few Psychic Pokemon around, but I don't think it was worthwhile to remove them. Plus, the logic of how they weren't featured in the original games doesn't really work when Mega Evolution and Alolan Pokemon weren't in the original Yellow game and they still made it into these games.

Limiting everything to just the first generation felt a bit too confining for my tastes. I can kind of understand this decision more so than removing features like breeding, abilities and held items. There are a lot of Pokemon already and we're going to get more of them soon, so I can definitely see how the prospect of catching hundreds of Pokemon could be overwhelming for new fans. I just think it still felt too limited. Admittedly, part of this is also due to now indecisive I was with making my teams, especially when there aren't a lot of first generation Pokemon that I wasn't interested in training. The lack of Johto evolutions also made me lose interest in a few Pokemon that I might have tried out if their evolved forms were available. I just had a harder time planning out my teams due to how I kept going back and forth on what first generation Pokemon I wanted to try out. That was more due to my own personal feelings, but the limited options didn't really help.

The movepool feels extremely shallow for these games. I think that was another detail from the original Yellow that they were trying to cover and some moves I can understand why they wouldn't be in the games, but the movepool for so many Pokemon is so weak and not having a move tutor to make up for that was disappointing.

I don't mind the emphasis on catching, but I don't like that the experience from battling is so minimum by comparison. Fortunately, the lack of wild battles didn't mean that there were hardly any battles in the games, but I kind of wish that the experience was more even or at least that there wasn't such a huge difference compared to the experience you get from trainer battles. Similarly, I wish that the Exp. Share wasn't always on. I like that you get it right away and it does make it much more manageable to level up your team members, but it also makes it much too easy to overlevel your Pokemon, especially if you are trying to go for a long catch combo. I can see why they wouldn't include an on/off function for that feature in a way, but I also wish that it was still something that I can turn off so I wouldn't risk overlevel my team in the middle of the game.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole candy method of training Pokemon. I kind of like you can boost up more than two stats, especially if you go for Pokemon specific candies, but it also can be a bit tedious when trying to capture enough Pokemon and have enough berries to increase the odds of getting more candies. It might have been better if they made Pinab Berries and the like much easier to farm in the games than just going up and down Route 17 a few times. I've only done it a couple of times so far, so I can't tell just yet if it is more tedious than regular EV training or not. While it wasn't a huge issue, I agree that the Pokemon Box should have been more organized. I like having access to my Pokemon whenever I want, but there definitely needed to be something more like the regular PC Box instead of the Pokemon Go style of listing everything you've caught under one box.

While I understand that Red, Blue and Green are in the game for fanservice and I like that Green finally got some attention after all these years, it did confuse me a bit. The game starts out pretty similar to the original in that Professor Oak wants you to complete the Pokedex, but that just makes me wonder why Red and Blue didn't do that earlier and how they're still more well regarded trainers, or at least Red and Blue are, in-universe when they didn't defeat Team Rocket. I don't know if they mentioned that they were already Champions from previous Pokemon League since I haven't battle Red yet.

The lack of post-storyline content is disappointing. I'm not too surprised that the Sevii Islands weren't featured. While that would be a cool way to expand upon the Kanto region, the main purpose behind that area was to connect FR/LG to R/S, as well as allow players to capture second and third generation Pokemon. Since these games only have the first generation Pokemon available, there wouldn't be much to those areas beyond capturing the same Pokemon that you can capture throughout the rest of Kanto. That being said, I really wish that there was more reason to explore this Kanto since I really liked exploring it. Having more reason to travel around besides the Master Trainers would have been nice. I've only battled a couple of the Master Trainers. It is a neat thing to do, but I think it should have been just one of the things players could do post-storyline instead of the main thing to do.

The trainer customization is really weak. This is pretty minimal all things considered, but I am still amazed that X/Y still has the best trainer customization options out of all of the main series games thus far and it wasn't even that great in those games either. I also wish that the Flying option was easier to get to. You have to go to the playing with your partner Pokemon in order to use it. I love playing with Pikachu and Eevee. It is adorable and because I am far too sentimental, trying to just go straight to the Special Techniques without playing with my partner Pokemon is too sad for me to do.

The Gym requirements were also mostly pretty weak. I think that I was more indifference towards them more so than anything else. They didn't enhance the game or really bring it down for me. It was just there and didn't seem to add any extra challenges, especially when it was easy to capture multiple Pokemon and get my Pokemon to certain levels. I don't think it was nearly as bad as a lot of people made it out to be when it was first revealed though.

Despite all of the issues I have with the games, they are still fun and I wouldn't be against more Let's Go games in the future. I just hope that they can made some adjustments and improvements if they do make more Let's Go games.

Moon Shadow

The Fallen
May 30, 2011
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My biggest grievance with these games is the GO inspired wild encounter design.
Though I understand GF's desire to take advantage of the Switch's unique capabilities, the simple, minimalist format while appropriate for GO due to its requirement of constant movement around the real world, doesn't translate with as much substance to console.

First of all, it invalidates the entire series prior in which as a new trainer there is some form of enforcement that one needs a Pokemon to travel for safety (i.e in RBY and GSC you're stopped from leaving town sans Pokemon because it's dangerous, by Oak in RBY and a random woman in GSC) because here Pokemon don't attack.
The real frustrating bit though is that it's a severe handicap on power grinding to limit the interactions with wild Pokemon to either throwing something (a Pokeball or a berry) or leaving and that less experience is earned from battles than capturing Pokemon not to mention the absence of a rematch feature, really? There is NO give here which is bullshit!
Not only is capturing Pokemon you don't want or are at least chaining a waste of resources but that the method for removing them from your possession is essentially a drug trade is kinda messed up not to mention hypocritical when you consider how much the partner bond is pushed.

Nostalgia aside, the very few alterations to a plot and maps we've done not once but THRICE including depriving us of at least cross-generation evolutions if not a full national dex is a bit of a yawnfest. Even the partner concept isn't anything earth-shatteringly new as we had the Yellow Pikachu and the following Pokemon concept in HGSS.

The hyper training concept sounds promising but what the hell good does it do only available post-game and to level 100 Pokemon?

I hate that you can’t play ANYTHING at the Celadon Game Corner. Not even simple minigames ala Pokemon-amie. I honestly hate the fact that we can’t even have a Game Corner anymore. In ORAS they made it so it was closed, but here they just made it so you couldn’t play anything since it is still the location of the Team Rocket hideout. The excuse was they were out of game tokens.
Wow. I still have to beat Giovanni at the Game Corner and the counter nerd had that excuse before I even opened the secret door but I thought this just meant that it was unlocked post-Giovanni. I've never been really into the game corner so personally won't miss it but just the same don't condone such horrible laziness.

I'm pretty sure that the point of these games was the relationship with GO but that is no excuse to sacrifice an interesting concept or to even tip the scales so much in GO's favor because GO now has 5 generations while LG is limited to just the original Kanto Pokedex and its Alolan counterparts but even the latter is exclusively via GO.
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Poké Boss

The Best Gym Leader
May 9, 2015
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My biggest, number one issue with LGPE, is the lack of a postgame battle facility. Not even a simple "vanilla" Battle Tower. A game without even the most simple and basic of battle facilities, is an instant no-buy for me. It's a matter of principle.

Aside of that, these are my other complaints:

- the way the experience system works, is awful. I don't want to be forced to have to catch Pokémon constantly in order for my team members to gain experience. I want to be able to get that experience through battles, if I so prefer, but the way LGPE experience works, you simply get less experience by battling a trainer, than through catching wild Pokémon. Which is stupid and not very flexible.

- Alola Regional variants of Gen I Pokémon are in the game, but evos and pre evos of Kanto Pokémon (like Kingdra, Elekid, Rhyperior) aren't. That's ridiculous.

- being forced to catch a certain number of Pokémon in order to battle a Gym Leader, is ridiculous. And unnecessary.

- there is more, but those are the main issues I have with LGPE. I honestly like almost everything about this game. But the few things I dislike are too major for me to even consider buying the game.

That's pretty much it.


Active Member
Apr 20, 2017
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I got to play abit of it over a few days and gosh, my biggest gripe with it is that catching mechanism. It made everything so boring. It made me not want to catch pokemon cause it's so damn tedious. And then because I don't, I can't get bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle and can't battle the gyms. Meh.


New Member
Apr 29, 2018
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After playing through the game and giving myself some time to think back properly on my experience I personally feel like the entire game suffers from being too shallow for its own good. Battles are made incredibly tedious and almost annoying by the removal of abilities, catching pokemon is a chore that in spite of needing you to actively participate in it now is somehow just as uninteresting after the fourth or fifth encounter, and gaining experience is just annoying now in no small part due to trainers no longer giving you enough exp to matter. I can understand why the devs did all this, LGPE was clearly meant for people who either loved GO or loved RBY but hadn't gotten into more current pokemon games but I'm not sure the game really accomplishes that goal of easing them into the newer mechanics. Its battle system is trimmed down to the point that they'd really only learn about new type match-ups, capturing pokemon is so far removed from the main series that it'd only confuse people if they picked up USUM, and the lack of post-gen-1-pokemon Alolan variants aside makes it hard to recommend to anyone who enjoys anything from gen 2 and onwards since the lack of non-Kanto 'mons hampers the variety imho. I don't think the game is bad really, just held back by some of its design choices.


Mar 28, 2019
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The limited two-player ability.
What's the point of introducing the second player when they can literally do nothing except join in some battles?

The second player should also have the ability to trigger battles and encounter Pokemon. People who are playing together can work together and discuss whether or not they want to do something together. If battles/encounters are triggered at the same time, maybe they could introduce a split-screen or make the players choose which one they want to do.


Darth Ignis
Jul 19, 2015
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Looking back, I may have been more open to these games if Kanto weren't being shoved down our throats / or the fact they are based on Pokemon Yellow. If I really wanted to travel through Kanto, I have Pokemon Yellow both for the virtual console on the 3DS, and the original game boy system cartridge I got some 20 years ago. I think there was such a rush to get some sort of game out, that instead of developing a region exclusively for LGPE, they chose Kanto. And that is why these games will always be a cash grab and why I won't buy them. That said, I constantly have the urge to get one of the two games just so I can use the mystery box to capture more Meltan in Go.

So what I dislike about these games: they are essentially an unneeded Gen 1 remake.


Setting shell traps
Aug 13, 2019
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I think my biggest issue with LGPE outside of the exp system is that it is too faithful to the original in certain regards, to the point where I feel it's too stale and unambitious. I mean, imagine if LGPE had all pre-evolutions and evolutions of Kanto Pokémon (plus maybe a few extra 'mons from other generations) as well as a revamped Kanto that doesn't look like a gen 6 game with extra visual polish (Pallet Town has more than three buildings, etc) , and most or all post gen 1 mechanics. While it wouldn't have had quite the nostalgic pull, I feel it would've been a more refreshing take on a region we've been to four other times.

ocelotlrama jaguar

Fluffy with 80% more spots!
Sep 26, 2011
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These are good games. I love the new mechanic of catching Pokemon since I can get a team of level 100s in just a few days, as opposed to weeks in previous games.

What I don't like is that the sensor or whatever the hell makes me miss throws, especially on Pokemon with erratic movements. I know they were trying to bring the mechanics of GO with these games, but it really blows when there's a Pokemon that doesn't even move that much and I end up missing because my Switch decides to register me as throwing a ball so far off to the left or right, whereas with 'mons that move erratically I cannot make left or right throws at all.

That, and when I'm riding a Pokemon, it disappears when I'm near a trainer or a ledge. It happens so frequently that it irks me.