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What do you & the user above have in common?

We both adjusted our name and avatar to SV characters
Both of our current avatars are illustrations from the TCG (and Umbreon is one of our favorite Pokémon)!
we're arven fans!!! also i like blue now thank you for your guidance
We're both from the region of the US where people stereotypically say "ope"
download (11).png

Also we're fans of Kirby
we like 100% orange juice and are arospec
another one on the arospec train
AND team star pfps
Apparently we both like 100% Orange Juice too! ...And we think Eri is cool :bulbaLol:
we have a shared appreciation for clefable and sailor moon, if my assumptions are correct
We both know the Cheap Trick song that is similar to Ken's Theme from Street Fighter 2.

we're both passionate about our music tastes
We both like Steven Universe and our favorite Gen 8 mon is Appletun!
we, at some point or another, had pfps by orchid, and also use it/its pronouns (and are bi? presumably?)
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